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Over 1,000,000,000 payroll computations.
The BEST app to keep agriculture payroll with Accuracy, Transparency, Efficiency, Accountability, Motivation, and Compliance.
PET Tiger versatility allows for customization and localization to any crop, geography, payroll system, wage order, legal compliance,
operational policy, piece-rate, and bonus calculations, as well as providing complete control on Labor contractors.

Some of our customers using the PET Tiger System:

Some of the PET Tiger users

The most trusted labor force management

PET Tiger Labor Management provides real-time attendance and productivity tracking for:
field, packing, cultivation, transportation, administration and all other agriculture activities.
From a labor force of individuals to thousands of employees you can manage all activities in real-time in the most well-organized way.
Via a deployment of personal and crew apps and biometrics you will receive instant updates on a work-order completion and production progress.

Nothing like it to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Piece-rate wages are an employer’s pledge for more productivity – PET Tiger makes that happen

PET Tiger will keep in compliance with all labor laws and wage orders!

If you trim, cultivate, harvest or pack – we have a solution for your unique environment and crop

PET Tiger - The most comprehensive and friendly Labor and Productivity Tracking system.
Collects T&A and harvesting data for payroll, HR, logistics, packing, costaccounting
and marketing departments - all in real-time

Real-Time data from the field and the packing

Accuracy, Transparency, Efficiency, Accountability, Motivation, and Compliance with labor laws

Strawberries, Grapes as well as over 100 other crops using the PET Tiger system Worldwide

Real-time productivity streaming from the field for Marketing, Sales, Payroll and Management.

Automatic Broadcast to office computers, big screen TV, Smart phones and tablets

Real-Time data from the field

Complete transparency with incentive pay, motivation and real time broadcasting to employees, managers, receiving, office and business partners.
Nothing like it, shave 3% - 6% off your payroll

Real-Time data from the field

Management & Logistics & Compliance

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Real time production data presented on your smart device, desktop or large screen display gives you the power to make more intelligent business decisions

Real-Time data from the field

Bio identification in the field! Clock-in with a snap of a face. Our versatile mobile PET Tiger app tracks hours, pieces, equipment, locations and activities. Just snap a photo at clock-time to approve identity.

Real-Time data from the field . Real-Time data from the field . Real-Time data from the field

One sure way to optimize your operation:

PMA 2016

Real-Time labor and productivity of all your departments

Real-Time management of all your departments

Real-Time management of all your departments

Manage with a Click.. Real-Time transparency..


We will tailor the PET TIGER SYSTEM to your unique operation.
And assist your employees in using the system in the field and the office.
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PET Tiger incorporates the newest mobile technology into todays payroll accounting software giving its users a seamless, paperless and wireless labor tracking solution with GPS, NFC, RFID and Barcodes.

When you connect your fields to your marketing in real-time you know you are on the right path! Imagine having advanced notice that production levels are on track to meet todays contract commitments!


You can record all Labor, Equipment and input activities


We can assist you in planing, train your staff and review your business processes. This is followed with telephone and online real-time support or on-site visits by our staff.

PET Tiger - Automated weighing system - Pay By Weight or Volume or Both

Only if you measure you can manage

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