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Version 11.01 [09/13/2011]
1. Remove Autoscroll on Application screen for Higher resolution screens.
2. Remove Autoscroll on Measurement screen for Higher resolution screens.
3. Rearrange items on Application and Measurement screens for better layout.
4. Add About screen.

Version 11.00 [6/16/2011]
1. Updated to .Net 2.0
2. Updated version number from 3.28 to 11 to match Tiger Jill
3. Updated connectivity locations for Applicat, ApplMate, and Material tables

Version 3.28 (6/11/2010)
1. Added preference 'MeasureScreenAutoPopulateBlock' to control if the item is auto selected when only one Item in lookup.
2. Fixed: Database creation error.

Version 3.27 (2/15/2010)
1. Measurement Screen (Owner lookup): Lookup Data is fetched from Site table instead of Block table.

Version 3.26 (2/11/2010)
1. Updated the minimum Tigerjill version to 10.00

Version 3.25 (2/4/2010)
1. Changing the structure of the import file to handle changes in the block Season table to handle Sagemoor (2/4/2010)
2. Changed blocktableversion to 7

Version 3.24 [2/4/2009]
1. Import all files with time-stamps.
2. Exports files with Time-stamps.

Version 3.23 [12/22/2008]
1. Changed ApMethod [Application Method] table's Version from 1 to 2 [12/22/2008]
2. Changed the Import Minimum to 9.60

Version 3.22 [11/21/2008]
1. Fixed: Causing null reference exception when importing a file exported from a version of Tiger Jill that is less than the import-minimum
2. Reads ProgramControl preferences before importing at start of the program.

Version 3.21 [6/17/2008]
1. Added the preference of using Key-down instead of Key-up event to work with some wedge programs which only raise the key-down event.
2. ProramControl.oeDirectory is automatically populated from current installed folder.

Version 3.20 [4/1/2008]
1. Incremented Location table's version to 4.
a. Column added in Tiger-jill. No new items are being sent to Pocket.
2. Split Connect>Export Data>All into two menu items.
a.. Export Data > All: Exports all records.
b Export Data > Changed Records: Exports all changed records.
c The Export Data> All is also split similarly in "Connect>Remote Transfer>Export Data" menu

Version 3.19 [3/18/2008]
1. Database Updated. Added Column Requires-Fixed-Grid to Measurement-type table.
2. Ticket #90 [http://netserver:81/cgi-bin/PocketJill.cgi/ticket/90]
3. Ticket #91 [http://netserver:81/cgi-bin/PocketJill.cgi/ticket/91]

Version 3.18
1. Changes in oePComponent
a. Handling oePTextBox oeLength
b. Not showing the support expired screen
2. Fixed: Could not fill Crew in Application Overview.
3. Grid button labels drop 'Row' when more than 3 buttons are displayed.
4. Default for Owner A;ias Changed from "Operation" to "Owner". Refer to Ticket#89 [http://netserver:81/cgi-bin/PocketJill.cgi/ticket/89]

Version 3.17
1.On Application Screen, In New Record: Initial focus on Owner input.
2. On Measurement Screen, In New Record: Initial focus on Location input

Version 3.16 (1/9/2008)
1. Incremented Database version to 32
2. Changed Location table from version 2 to version 3.
3. Added Scan module.
4. Added scan commands

Version 3.15 (9/13/2007)
1. Fixed Error in 'Duplicate-Record' call from FormControl.FindButton_Click procedure.
2 Fixed: FormatException when clicked on a second time.
3. Fixed error that does not import BlockSeas table because of the change in Table Structure.Structure for surrounding crops changed.

Version 3.14 (9/12/2007)
1. In Change Next Reference Number: Check if the next reference available in the preference table is less than the next available, if so set the preference to the next available, and let the user set it to something higher if needed.
2. Reference is regenerated if preference is set to not-allow-user-to-modify the reference, and reference already exists in the table.
3. Fixed BlockSeas not found Exception in Harvest screen.

Version 3.13 (8/23/2007)
1. Changed the procedure, which looks up the next minimum reference number, the progress bar calculates the number of records before incrementing it to show progress.

Version 3.12 (8/14/2007)
1. Changed the Preference AutoGenerate Reference to Allow Modify Reference - If NO, reference fields in Application, Harvest and Measurement screens are read only.
2. Changed Tiger Jill minimum import version from 9.00 to 9.25

Version 3.11 (5/30/07)
1. Owner Lookup in Measurement screen is changed from 'Name in Operatio' table to 'OwnerName in Block' Table.

Version 3.09 (4/10/2007)
1. Fixed export-append causing null reference exception error.
2. Reference prefix or Copy number [If reference prefix is empty] is used as the username in the remote-transfer credentials
3. SSL is disabled in remote-transfer.
4. Export File, if existing always deleted for email or webservice transfer (export).
5. Remove transfer supports Network credentials. Do not enter username, and password if anonymous access is granted in TigerTransfer site.

Version 3.08 (3/1/2007)
1. Fixed the issue of Low-memory crash when the user uses the Find/Duplicate button multiple times (about 20) with a large number of records (about 4000)
1. The Garbage collector is called after each Find/Duplicate call to force memory restore.

Version 3.07 (1/25/2007)
1. Fixed the issue where export's append to existing file is replacing the file.
2. Changed Pad-Reference-number Preference from Yes/No to Pad-Length
3. Added Export and Import from Remote location (IP-Direct). Requires TigerTransfer program on the server.

Version 3.06 (1/15/2007)
1. Fixed an error in database update procedure, causing failure when updating from a version prior to 3.03 to Version 3.05

Version 3.05 (1/9/2007)
1. Changed the default values for reentry units in Application screen from [Days, Hours] to [Day, Hour]

Version 3.04 (1/3/07)
1. Added CDMS (Y/N) field to Material and Crop table.
2. Increased the Crop table version to 4.
3. Increased the database version to 29.
4. If material is CDMS material, it is marked read-only.
5. Fixed an issue with the database-update from version 3.01 that has empty database.

Version 3.03 (12/7/2006)
1. Fixed harverst record. It was crashing when a block was selected. [It was trying and failing to get the crop of Block record]
2. Fixed an issue in XML Import where a xmlnode without a corresponding field in the database causes a crash.
3. Modified the progressbar update when importing xml. The progressbar is now frequently updated.
4. (12/12/2006) Updated Material table to revision 18 (DB-Version 27). The length of name column is increased from 30 to 31.
5. Updating database vesion to 27, to update the material table.
6. (12/19/2006) Removed title-bar for preference CDMS screen.
7. When saving a block record, the crop from the latest season is set as the crop for the block.
8. Crop field in block is read-only.
9. Fixed the problem with Permit number in Operation screen, where permit number is not being saved.
10. Increased seed table version number to 18.
1. Seed Table and Material table use the same version number.
11. Changed the name of 'Default Records' menu item to 'Standard Records'
12. (12/22/2006) Added GUID to Applicat, Operatio, Site and Block records.
1. Will generate a GUID for new records when the UseGUID in mainform is true.
2. The UseGUID in mainform is currently depends on ExportFormat == XML
3. The program needs to be restarted after changing export format, if the GUID needs to be exported, or stopped from being exported.

Version 3.02 (12/4/06)
1. Fixed Null Reference Error occuring when the program creates a new database.
2. When importing, the max length of the field is taken into account and the data is truncated to fit into the max length.
3. Modifled error message displayed when a node fails to import while importing as XML

Version 3.01 (11/20/06)
1. Changed the casing of Startdate in ApplBloc definition to StartDate
2. Changing Area column in Block and BlocSeas from nvarchar(10) to Float
3. Option to Automatically delete history files over 45 days.
4. Fixed the problem of importing blocks twice when importing txt file
5. Fixed the problem of missing area in application when importing file as xml.
6. Moving imported files automatically to history folder.

Version 3.00 (10/23/2006)
1. Bumping the version to 3.00 from 2.76
2. Incrementing database version to 24, 25, 26.
3. Fixing-up CDMS module, for general use.
4. Removed the limit of entering max of 1 season for a block.
5. Added Application History screen.
6. Added History buttons to Operation, Site, and block screens, and the blockgrid in application screen.
1. Added History button to the find form on application screen.
7. Added View to main-menu.
1. Moved person-phone, and oper-phone to View menu.
8. Renamed Form to Input, and Connectivity to Connect on main-menu.
9. Increased Minimum import version to 9.00 of Tiger Jill.
10. Added MaterialForm(MateForm) and UnitType tables. (DBVersion 25)
11. Added matetoxi, MateComm and MateFami tables (DBVersion 26)

Version 2.76 (10/12/2006)
1. Adding extra-columns needed for CDMS webservice.
2. Incrementing database version to 23.
3. Adding CDMS module.
4. Version for display in CAPCA

Version 2.75 (9/25/2006)
1. Removing menu items instead of disabling them, when the relevant module is missing (for CDMS demo)
2. Disable Seed when no planting module.
3. Disable locations when no measurements module.
4. Fixed an error in date-parsing procedure datescreentodatabase, which gives wrong date, when the input date is already in database format.
5. Fixed changed records export for xml.
6. Fixed export selected export (from with in the form) for xml
7. While closing the application and export on exit is true, and exportfile exists, the filename is appended with the last write timestamp.

Version 2.74 (8/28/2006)
1. The Amount field in Charges Tab of Application screen is restricted to an accuracy of 2 decimal digits.

Version 2.73
1. Update database version to 22. Added support for authorcounter and modified time controls.
2. Added support for XML import.
3. Added export of file structure in XML and text formats.
4. User can choose between XML/text import or export formats.

Version 2.72 (5/15/2006)
1. Version 2.71 has a bug where a user cannot save any new record. It is caused by addition of AuthorCOunter and Updatetime columns. These columns are in test and were not supposed to be included in that version.

Version 2.71 (5/11/2006)
1. In Application Screen,
1. If there are no blocks defined or the total treated area is 0, material grid cannot be entered.
2. If the dilutionvolume is empty, dilution/100Gal cannot be entered.
3. Cleared the bug where dilutionvolume was empty and rate was being calculated when entering material.

Version 2.70 (5/10/2006)
1. When adding a new block in the block-grid of application screen, the start date is filled in with the start date of the application.
2. Pests screen added.
3. Added Pest, dilution, dilution unit to Material grid on Application screen.

Version 2.69 (5/9/2006)
1. When duplicate in Application, only set entrydate to current date.

Version 2.68 (04/20/2006)
1. Corrected the bug where time in 12 Hr format is not displayed correctly.
2. Update material screen, to allow editing of purchase and application units.
3. Fixed find, where oeControl of a formcontrol is same as the oenamecontrol1.
4. Code.dll in the program folder is a renamed image (bmp,jpg,gif) file that will be used as background image if exists.
1. To see the full image, set the image size to 244 x 250 (width x height) pixels

Version 2.67 (04/10/2006)
1. Corrected the background color of textbox and combobox.

Version 2.66 (04/06/2006)
1. Updated the version of County table to 7

Version 2.65 (03/02/2006) SP
1. Restoring the Exit Menu procedure
2. Adding Copyright message

Version 2.64 01/20/2006
1.Corrected the Total calculations in Measurement and Block grids of Application based on their respective units.
2.Connected the Units and the Value fields, so when Units change the corresponding values change, in the following screens: Measurement, Block, Site, Harvest

Version 2.63 12/15/2005
1. Area-Unit in block-screen >> season-grid is changed from read-only to editable. Its default value is the area unit-preference.

Version 2.62 12/15/2005
1. Updated the Plural procedure of oePGlobal to check for a vowel in the last-but-one character of the text.

Version 2.60 12/13/2005
1. Fixed the Operation Look-up in Sites and Blocks. (The filter is changed from 'Owner' to "Owner or Owner Alias."

Version 2.59 12/07/2005
1.Fixed an error that occurs when Creating new database.

Version 2.58 12/06/2005
1. Updated the field-size of some of the quantity-fields in Application screen
2. Updated the Caption of Rate/Acre Field in MaterialGrid of Application to Rate
3. Updated the Max. text size of Rate Field in MaterialGrid of Application from 9 to 20
4. Updated the lookup table of Operation in Site Screen from Block table to Operation table. The filter of the lookup is operationtype='Owner'
5. Updated the lookup table of Operation in Block Screen from Block table to Operation table. The filter of the lookup is operationtype='Owner'

Version 2.57 12/05/2005
1.Updated the tab-order in Application Screen.

Version 2.56 11/07/2005
1. Added Area-Unit to Site Table.
2. Added Area-Unit to Block Table.
3. Changed the fixed areaunit Application to variable.
4..Modified the changed records export procedure, to sort the export by tableOrderNumber rather than table-name
5. Added an exception handler to catch if some of the dll files are missing.
Version 2.55 11/03/2005
1. Removed duplicate fields (County and State) in Site Form.
2. Fixed a bug that causes the program to crash when changing database directories.

Version 2.54 9/21/2005
1 .When the version of the database is larger than the one listed in the program,
2. A dialog box is shown to update the program.
3. The block screen was readonly. It is not changed so that the information can now be edited.
4. The site screen is also changed to be editable.
5. Preferences are added in General preferences to make the site and block forms readonly or editable. By default the forms are read-only.
6. In Application screen, When a block is tried to be modified, it gives a Block already exists in grid error. This is fixed.
7. Added a new preference Delete Records After Export. Default Value is No.When the preference is Yes, the program deletes the records with are tracked by references (Applications & Measurements) after the records are exported to the file.
8. Added StartDate and StartTime to the block grid in Application.
9. The user is not allowed to add more than one season in the block form.
10. In Person-Phone and Operation-Phone forms, the forms could not be closed. Added code to return to mainform.


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