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Android PET Version 16.01 [07/17/2021]
  • Handling the preference “Traceability Uniqueness Verification Period” value:
    • Empty or 0 No uniqueness checks are required
    • 1 Check the uniqueness of the current day barcodes only
    • The default values are in days. If the period is of hours an “H” is added at the end like 4H
    • When using hours. Check exact hours duration including the minutes.
    • For example, consider a period of 2H (2 hours) and the employee used the code at 12:55 PM. Before the change the 55 minutes were ignored and the code was available after 2:00 PM. After the change the code is available only after 2:55 PM
  • Correction of Kiosk check for duplicate barcode during continuous duplicate scans like Badge scanning on Zebra Kiosks (Regression from 16.00).
  • End Lunch
    • Correction of finding the last time-in that is not a break or a meal (Lunch).
    • Using the correct error message. (Duplicate Time-in error was used shown as missing meal).
  • Handling Main Equipment/Implement Equipment in the Time-in Screen
    • Facilitating the use of more than one Equipment Type by considering the preferences “Main Equipment Type” and “Implement Equipment Type” as strings that are the prefix of multiple equipment types, for example the Main Equipment Type “Tractor” will facilitate using equipment types “Tractor-Light” and “Tractor-Heavy”.
    • Clarified the error message when an Implement equipment was selected before the Main Equipment.
  • Iris ID:
    • Delete only templates that will not be added back (Fix timing bug when importing templates).
    • Add a support option to open Android Settings. (Need system restart if opened in this mode)
Android PET Version 16.00 [06/07/2021]
  • New Bio Identification version Face Iris using IrisID model IT100:
    • Create Iris ID template columns in database.
    • Export templates to Windows PET.
    • Make PET the launcher app on the device.
    • Set Time zone and NTP according to data sent from the server.
    • Implement Restart device (used also with Finger Scanner devices).
    • Added a menu option to Launch device settings: 3 dots menu > Support > Device Settings
    • App Updates from Support menu not browser.
    • Activate the support menu option of showing employees with templates.
    • View logs menu item is removed from Iris ID device (does not work)
  • Kiosk screen
    • About button can only be closed by clicking on OK button.
    • Prevent null exceptions when exiting pin-screen mode.
    • Fix asking for Admin password twice when exiting Kiosk screen if “Kiosk” is the “Default Scan Menu”.
    • Time-In from Kiosk mode validate missing items before asking to identify employee.
    • Prevent null exceptions when exiting pin-screen mode.
    • Add PET Tiger logo in the center of the screen.
    • Use thumbs-up icon as success icon for all device-types.
    • If Sync time is not define, 1:00 AM is used.
    • New icons for failed to identify employee/template and employee rejected (cannot work, cannot return from break, etc.)
    • Do not close the Time-In screen after each scan on Biometric devices.
    • Add system command barcodes works only when barcode scanning is an option:
      • Sync Data: -BCSYNC
      • Import Data: -BCMPRT
      • Export Data: -BCXPRT
      • Send Logs: -BCLOGS
      • Restart device: -BCEXT1 scanned 7 times in a row
    • Corrected app crash at saving Time-In when the preference “Time-In Input Time” is “Screen-open”.
  • Replaced 'Finger Print' in user messages with 'template'.
  • Changes in Support > Export Data.
    • Enabled export data as Json.
  • Finger-Scanner:
    • Limit response parsing for only the broadcasted action.
    • Allow user to enter Command codes and bio-admin password in Kiosk Mode in the Employee Barcode and ID popup (It does not work when barcode does not accept alphabet entry).
    • Do not allow empty code as a valid identification event. (First employee in database is being recorded when empty code is returned)
    • If Employee with the returned ID from scanner is not found in database, give a clearer error message.
  • Facilitating an option for scanning multiple piece Traceability-codes with a single Piece-out screen.
  • Top Left Menu
    • Remove Send logs menu item (Only Send data).
    • Add menu option to Update to beta version.
    • FingerScanner/Iris ID: Ask to install Team Viewer if not installed.
    • Include backup files in exported logs to Orange.
    • View logs menu item is removed from Iris ID device
    • Add menu option to Update to beta version
  • Fix crash when checking for duplicate stickers in piece-out (invalid query was being built).
  • Keep all exported file backup on device for 3 weeks.
  • Do not delete old records using the preference 'DeletePreviousDataFrequency' during real-time.
  • Fix crash in Crew Piece-out when saving if Lock Pieces preference is set to Yes.
  • Export pending records as Real-time instead of Manual Export file before Sync.
  • Export pending records as Real-time during Auto Sync also.
  • Version updated from 15.86
  • Facilitating 2 Equipment Items in Time-in Screen.
    • It is available when the Pocket Alias “Implement Equipment” is not “None”.
    • When defined, the Time-in Screen includes two Equipment items, one for main and the other for implement.
    • The following preferences should be defined also
      • Main Equipment Type: The equipment type of the main equipment pieces like tractors.
      • Implement Equipment Type: The equipment type of the Implement pieces of equipment like trailers.
  • Show clearer error message when employee not selected or employee missing barcode during biometric enrollment
  • Time Out: Fix populate crew from Time-In when using Time-out questions.
  • Always save files downloaded before importing, to prevent loss if a crash occurs during import
  • Piece-out:
    • Play only failure sound when saving a duplicate record (Do not play both success and failure). Causes success sound to be a little lagged as it is played only on successful save (instead of on validation like before).
    • Fix updating pallet-count when scanning a duplicate record.
    • Check pallet reached limit when creating pieces with scanning stickers.
    • Pallet-tracking: Do not show confirmation dialog twice when scanning employee codes
  • Open the App at the screen defined in the Pocket Preference “Default Scan mode”.
PET Android Version 15.86
  • Fix the default values of aliases for 'before pallet reach limit' and 'after pallet reach limit'
  • Fix crash when camera thread is closed in some cases.
  • Time-In Screen: Fix crash when clicking on Save button without selecting Employee.
  • Finger Scanner:
    1. Ignore preference 'Barcode Scanner Type = Camera' to prevent error toasts that Play Services is not supported.
    2. Show screen color Blue when unidentified employee using Standard time-in.
  • Allow saving End Lunch record without Traceability code.
  • Change screen color to RED for 6 seconds when an employee that cannot work uses a time-in, time-out, or piece-out screens.
  • Change screen color to BLUE for 3 seconds when an invalid barcode is scanned.
  • Kiosk Mode: Show Admin button on About screen to exit the kiosk mode with password.
  • Piece out Pallet Tracking:
    1. Ask user to start a new pallet as soon as the limit is reached.
    2. Confirmation when the previous pallet is allowed to be above maximum.
    3. Fix the default values of aliases for 'before pallet reach limit' and 'after pallet reach limit'
    4. When using preference 'Piece Out display after Save' is 'Count' show the total-pieces of the bin not since screen loaded.
    5. Do not reset piece-count when changing job before finishing pallet
    6. Cancelling the new pallet confirmation behaves like clicking on No
    7. Increase the font of Done Pallet button. Remove the running count of pieces on the button.
    8. Show the last used job when using carry over in piece-out screen
    9. Fix piece-count display when an existing record is updated.
  • Piece-out screen: Show toast about duplicate traceability code for Short period only to avoid confusion
PET Android Version 15.85
  • Start Lunch screen color is determined by the Preference: Colors >> Time Card Colors >> Break
  • Piece-out screen:
    1. Color is determined by the preference: Colors >> Time Card Colors >> Break.
    2. Confirm pallet count reaching maximum only once with the user and play sound when reaching capacity and the first time asking confirmation.
    3. When pallet count is reached set the label on the button to save the pallet.
  • Time-in screen:
    1. Allow creation without Traceability Code even with preference 'Require Traceability-code in Time-in' when employee always uses default job and default job is not a piece-job (Requires Windows PET 72.08).
    2. When employee cannot work play only failure sound.
    3. Display 'Cannot Work' toast for short duration only.
  • Time-out Screen:
    1. Fix crash when employee does not answer Time-in questions on kiosk
    2. Do not show cannot work when user gives negative response to Time-out question
  • Kiosk Mode: Use blue background when a scanned barcode or finger template or Iris Id are not found.
  • Hide Memo in Time-out, Crew-out, and Crew-in screens when alias is None
  • Save memo in Crew-out and Crew-in
  • Employees that Cannot work
    1. Exclude Cannot work employees from At Work List
    2. Exclude Cannot work employees from Crew-in and crew-out
  • Zebra device: Fix crash when not using the Kiosk mode.
Android Version Version 15.84
  • Fix crash of program when opening a piece-out or time-out with preference 'At Work Employees only' set to Yes, and Can not work jobs are not set.
Android Version Version 15.83
  • Fix crash of program after executing remote command to gather logs.
Android Version 15.82.06 [02/03/21]
  • Finger Scanner Version
    • Add additional success state when updating OS (Update state changed in OS version 2.14).
    • Do not allow running non Fingers Scanner build on Finger Scanner device.
    • Update Finger Scanner OS, Time Zone at sync time, and in real-time.
    • Finger Scanner Auto Update, Auto Set Time Zone, and Auto Update OS when importing manually.
    • Finger Scanner Update OS, Program, and Time Zone menus moved under the Support item
    • Set the background color when finger-print is not identified to Blue
  • Auto Sync
    • Schedule auto sync time at program start. (Regression from 15.76.13)
    • Update auto sync schedule when a file is imported from file-system (Auto Sync time) and not just from real-time.
  • About Screen
    • Set as first item in Menu.
    • Include the next scheduled auto-sync time.
    • Include App name.
    • Correcting loading public IP for About screen
    • Add device model.
    • Add OS Version for Zebra devices
  • Time In Questions
    • Prevent an Employee that cannot work based only on Questions Module and not on the presence of time-in questions.
    • A device can be set to not ask questions but should still block employees that cannot work.
    • Limit the check of can-not work jobs to 24 hours.
    • Check for cannot work job even if only one of the two preferences 'Can Not Work Job' or 'Did Not Answer Job' is set.
    • Correcting an error that set Incorrect Identification as Cannot work employee.
  • Log files sent to Orange Support are compressed.
  • Gather logs and data on command from Windows PET in real-time
  • Include preferences when exporting data to Orange Support.
  • Preventing app crash on end-lunch when there is no crew, ranch, field, or job on previous time-in for the employee
  • Preventing Time-Screen on Kiosk devices exits soon after saving a time-in
  • Show a long and large toast when an employee is not allowed to be saved.
  • Add a menu option to View Logs on the device.
  • Save/Export memo entered in the Time-out record
  • Fix crash in Piece-out when Job is not shown and Carryover of Job in Piece-out is NO.
  • Time-In: Do not show Equipment in the selection list when none of the equipment belongs to allowed equipment-types.
  • Add a preference 'Carry Over Equipment' - Carry over equipment while the screen is open, and when multiple employees are selected.
  • Do not allow running finger scanner build on non-Finger-Scanner device
  • Zebra devices: Show Cannot work message when an employee does not answer the Time-in questions correctly.
  • Piece-out screen: Preventing a crash when a fractional number of pieces are entered.
Android PET Version 15.81 [01/08/2021]
  • Piece-out screen: Correction of an error that when the number of pieces is entered as decimal the app was crashing.
  • Measurement Screen: Correcting the response of the program to the scanning of the barcode “Delete Last” (Scanned code: ACTION_DELETE). After the correction when scanning the barcode the program deletes the last measurement
  • Updating Copyright message to 2021.
  • Correction of database update error of version 15.80.09.
Android PET Version 15.80 [12/14/2020]
  • Piece-out screen:
    • Correction of then number of pieces displayed at the bottom of the screen when the value of the preference “Piece-out Display after Save” is Count.
    • Added code to consider preference “Use Carry-over of Job in Piece-out” when saving.
  • Correction of the code that verifies that an employee does not return from lunch earlier than required.
  • Finger Scanner Version
    • Importing finger templates only on Finger Scanner devices.
    • Changed the import lock procedure
    • Added confirmation before starting update of Operating System
  • Sending logs as attachment
  • Added a menu option to send database to Orange.
  • Improved the procedure to handle the preference of “Delete Previous Data by Frequency”.
  • Individual time-card screens
    • Employee Selection: Improved the code and database to include the last Work Crew to the employee selection
    • Crew Selection: Improved the code and database to include the last Job.
Android PET Version 15.79 [11/30/2020]
  • Piece-out screen: Preventing app crash when the previous Piece-out record’s Job is null.
  • Correction of lookup keyboard selection of employee or crew.
  • Start Crew Break button: Correction of crash when its alias is not set.
  • Improving the code that checks for duplicate records.
Android Version 15.78 [11/20/2020]
  • Time-card questions:
    • Added Yes or No checkbox.
    • Moved the checkboxes to left of screen.
    • The checkbox of the required response is checked.
    • Modified the code to ask Time-in questions when preference Is “Picture Verification in Time-card” is Yes.
  • Added version to the about information.
  • Time-in screen: Show Employee list ordered by Name.
  • Correction of an Infinite loop error when syncing data when at “Auto Init time”.
  • Updated target SDK version to 29 for Play store release.
Android Version 15.77 [10/22/2020]
  • Correction of Start Lunch and End Lunch alias.
  • Created new alias for Start Crew Break.
  • Added a menu option to set time-zone and NTP server on Finger-scanner devices.
  • Added a menu option to send logs to Orange Support.
  • Created a new menu option of Support with submenu options of About, Send Logs, Clear Logs and Send Data.
  • Added code to Check for Duplicate Time-in records.
  • Modified the code not to consider the jobs of Can Not Work Or Did Not Answer in Carry-over.
  • Added a menu option to Update Finger scanner OS.
  • Use the same About message on Main-menu and Kiosk Screens.
  • Correction of Missing time-out responses when exporting Time-cards to the server.
  • Added code that exports all the new Time-cards when clicking returning to the Main-menu screen.
Version 15.76
  • Adding Time In Questions.
  • Adding interpretation ISO Format Dates in import files.
  • Fix – Auto sync is setup even on first start of the application. Setup of Auto sync is moved to be after every import.
  • Crew-In and Crew-out Screens: Implement the preference 'Crew Card Use Employee Selection' (Default: Yes)
  • The preference is used only when the selection is by Work Crew.
    • Yes: the app opens a second screen with the included employees to facilitate exclusion of some employees.
    • No: the app skips the second screen and creates Time-ins for all the employees.
Version 15.75
  • Add to the about message:
    • Database version.
    • Server address.
  • Open camera in Kiosk screen when preference Barcode Scanner Type = “Camera” .
  • Added new preference "Piece Traceability Only" to require traceability code in Piece-out and Crew Piece-out screens.
Version 15.74 [08/12/2020]
  • Added new alias field "Total Number Of Pieces" in CrewPieceOut and PieceOut screen.
  • Modified the Finger Scanner Kiosk code to work with Barcode scanner.
  • Added scroll to timeout questions.
  • Added new alias field "Total Number Of Pieces".
  • Added Ranch and Field in Crew Piece-out screen.
  • Play scan sound on scanning badge.
  • Display all top level button when clicked on TimeIn from Main menu
  • When the device is a kiosk device all the input screen should be landscape.
  • Show message on Kiosk screen when data is being imported.
  • Show message on Kiosk screen when internet connection is lost.
  • Added new buttons Start Lunch, End Lunch and Start Crew Break.
  • Show error retrieving a template, when in the list, when showing a list of templates.
  • Fix error opening horizontal-Kiosk screen (Preference Finger-scanner Button-configuration: Bottom)
  • Remove empty space when load buttons are not shown on Main Menu
  • Auto restart after update
Version 15.73 [05/12/2020]
  • Sticker codes: Allow sticker with
    • Specific prefix and any length (when length is 0) or
    • With length only when prefix is empty, or
    • With both specific length and prefix when both are defined.
  • Sticker codes: Removes spaces before processing.
  • Fix: Display message "No records to export" only on button press events.
  • Do not let finger-scanner device go to sleep even when in Main menu
  • Do not let finger-scanner device go to sleep in any of the input screens.
  • Check for Label-Traceability module and not Traceability module when using stickers
Version 15.72 [05/06/2020]
  • Fix import of Time of last meal-start from other devices when the time-format of the device can be other than en-us
  • Fix Always load the last start-meal record to check if employee can return from meal.
  • [FingerScanner] Fix Show error about early return from meal for employees using Password instead of fingerprints
Version 15.71.01
  • When Time out is created by Crew Out/Crew In the part prefix should be CO/CI not TO/TI.
  • When exporting the Sync file(by clicking on button or Auto initialize) creating a separate file for real time of all the records that were not exported earlier.
  • Fix: Restricting of sending duplicate files when exporting of a large data from device.
Version 15.70.01
  • OD Disabled developer option and added code to set screen awake from code.
Version 15.69.09
  • Don't include picture verification node when Picture verification module is not available.
  • When importing preferences if Pocket Export Interval is less than 0 then update it to 1380 minutes.
  • When field is set as optional in preference then Ranch is also made optional.
  • Ask Time-Out question on Time-Out records insertion.
  • When a new barcode for employee is imported then update/inset the record based on employee name if already exists.
  • Modify finger scanner Timeout to use new API (GetIdentifyEvent\TimeOut) Set finger scanner finger timeout based on preference Finger Scanner Time-out.
  • Updated the minSDKVersion from 16 to 21 build.gradle.
  • Included ats-camera-api.aar file to capture image from finger scanner.
  • Fix: Deleting of records based on Code for Field and Variety table when purpose is set to Delete while importing records.
  • Added Start Break and End Break buttons and functionality.
  • Fix: Auto populate Meal length from preference for Timesheet screen.
Version 15.68.04 [10/07/2019]
  • Remove checks made for Caching connections to web-server to test if this caused the failures in 15.67.
  • Increment Minimum SDK version to 16 to match the minimum version required for AppCenter SDKs (Minimum supported version is now 4.1 instead of 4.0)
Version 15.67.14 [09/17/2019]
  1. Load module
  2. Load Print Module
  3. PieceOut/Time out - fix of employee presentation after Require TI for Piece Out or PO/TO employee after TI
  4. Time-In - Set one choice selection for employee after scan
  5. Remove PktUseEmployeeBadgesOnly Use Employee Badges Only
  6. Modified preference name from "Use Carry Over in Piece-out from Time In" to "Use Carry Over from Time-In in Piece-out"
  7. Fix: Ranch/Field/Crew are not updated for load for first piece out during Piece Transfer.
  8. Error message when Job not selected for time in for F1 box
  9. Time-In/Signature screen, Time In is defined based on preferences "Time-in: Input Time" and "Signature: Input Time".
    1. Actual: Same as earlier.
    2. FirstSave: Uses the first saved DateTime as Time-In values for the next records.
    3. ScreenOpen: Uses the screen open DateTime values as Time-In for all records.
  10. Time-In Fix: when traceability code is scanned, only one employee is selected and saved.
  11. Displayed datetime based on the preference "Time-in: Input Time" for TimeIn screen and "Signature: Input Time" for Signature screen.
  12. Disable caching when connecting to Web-server on FingerScanner devices if needed.
Version 15.66.07 [07/26/2019]
  1. Use preference TraceabilityCodeAlias instead of TraceabilityAlias for traceability code
  2. Standard Time In for kiosk
  3. Reset reference to 1 when RefId reaches 9 999 999
  4. Set targetSdkVersion to 28
  5. Standard Time In for Kiosk bug fix: add Kiosk Back button, Stay in TimeIn screen if wrong save condition, UI improvement
  6. Kiosk Bug fix: lunch break time for end lunch and time in, lunch job
  7. Add alias for Error Meal Limit Title - Not used because errors in Android do not have titles
Version 15.65.02 [06/07/2019]
  1. Add an option for an employee enrollment/identification based on export identifier
  2. Fix template list presentation after export identifier + scroll
Version 15.64.08
  1. Fix of dead lock for individual enrollment
  2. Unpaid break fixes for Time In
  3. Fix - last time out for regular time in use time from screen text box but not current one
  4. Short Lunch Error Message - Alias not resources
  5. Wonderful fix - empty employees doesn't allow to save for timesheet/second meal field fix
  6. new version is a part of Non supervisor can delete time cards
  7. Join to meeting menu
  8. Alias formatting translated from c# to Android -> {0} to %s
  9. Autoupdate in real-time service
  10. Fix: Lock number of pieces to lock barcode pieces
  11. Reset seconds for Last time Out and Default break interval
  12. Fix - buttons on Kiosk shown/hidden after kiosk screen block based on alias rules
  13. Join meeting to Share the Screen and fix for TeamViewer for finger scanner
  14. Password for Kiosk mode exit (F8)
Version 15.63.10
  1. Allow scanning sticker codes with hyphens in them [built on Version 15.53.09]
Version 15.63.09
  1. Use version 15.62.10 and recompile as 15.63.09 to rollback the change causing hangup during enrollment on Finger scanner devices
Version 15.63.08 [These changes will move to version 15.64]
  1. Add CurrentTime, Time-zone, Device-Information to requests sent to the web-mail server
  2. Display error message when updating finger scanner
  3. Fix: Export of number of pieces when piece-count is 0
  4. Unify date-time processing to a single class to use a standard formatting for UI, Database, and export
  5. 2PH: distributed team is not allowed twice for different bins
  6. 2PH: for empty bin employee from distributed team taken latest time in
  7. 2PH: if New-inspection has 0 or Empty Pieces, use default or 1
  8. If inspection has 0 or Empty for num of pieces show error
  9. Parse import date and time as both iso formats and local format with AM/PM specifier
  10. Check crew for piece out from inspection module from Traceability code
  11. OI Autosync endless loop because of wrong datetime format
  12. Fix null exception when reading Employee and crew information from previous time-in of a Bin [2PH]
  13. Bin Traceability Piece-out: If Time-In not found when a bin is scanned move to Time-In immediately without trying to save the piece-out
  14. Unpaid Break Length for regular and kiosk
Version 15.62.10[3/12/2019]
  1. Always try connecting with TLS1.2 first, then 1.1 and then 1.0
  2. Add a pocket preference “Include Employee Item in Piece-out”
  3. Add a Pocket preference “Traceability Code Required in Time-in”
  4. When deleting Setup data delete also Input Data. Android.
  5. Correctness Android Aliases - Main Menu, Load, Display, Save
  6. Add Start Day and End Day to preferences
  7. Pin Kiosk screen - prevent employees from Kiosk Mode exit
  8. Training module and TrainingPartial
  9. Populate Equipment thru barcode scanning
  10. Quality score for Finger Scanner capture
  11. Empty traceability code for distributed crews
Version 15.61.10[1/16/2019]
  1. Add an option of finding out who are the employees that are present on a Finger Scanner
  2. Sporadic template disappear from device (Find out why only Shlomo and Udi can log on in Oakland)
  3. Error handling for PullTemplate
  4. Use new Aliases for Start Day and End Day Android
  5. Use duplicate range in Kiosk
  6. Yes is Left and Green, No is Right and Red
  7. In enrollment always have selection of employee and by barcode
  8. No timeout for Time In, Start Lunch, End Lunch and Time Out
  9. When the finger scanner does not identify and employee 3 times the scanner stays on and cannot identify known employee.
  10. Fix - Always send password to webservice
  11. Create different flavors of PET Tiger - (Cloud PET, FingerScanner, GooglePlay, Amazon, and No-play-store)
  12. Add separate icons for Cloud PET
  13. Add check for Cloud PET when connecting to Azure to use TLS 1.2
  14. Show Progress Bar for Finger Scanner kiosk timeout
  15. Fix kiosk crash between switches from End Lunch to Day End
  16. Finger scanner timeout - set 5 seconds as minimal default value
  17. Messages from previous event hidden after next event start
  18. Fix: crash after install new application. Urls from not-Cloud configuration counted incorrectly and causes null exception exception for v10 configuration
Version 15.60.03[11/26/2018]
  1. Landscape for all the Forms for FingerScanner
  2. At Work button to input screens
  3. Determine cause of "Barcode Scanning not available because this device doesn't support google play services"
  4. Fix: Sync does not clean device
  5. Fix: Number of Seconds for Previous Piece Display is empty
  6. Fix: Cannot add a field, job or Project that does not exists on device
Version 15.52.04[10/29/2018]
  1. Change error email address from to
Version 15.52.03[10/04/2018]
  1. Piece Out for Inspection - show only piece jobs and no tracking jobs - fix
  2. Import to enter enroll screen - no sync process [including export] only fingerprints. Otherwise, a fingerprint sent every entrance to the screen that cause document flood on server and during bulk import send
  3. Overwrite jobs using carry over in job from piece out - Android Add a new preference: Use Carryover of Job in Piece out
  4. Update Android Sdk to 26 version
Version 15.51.08[09/18/2018]
  1. Update employee for enrollment (initialize an import that doesn't presented message boxes)
  2. Duplicate range has no influence for Job Inspections
  3. Fix of install Version bug - autoinstall necer happen because time goes to +24 hours in time when install should start for ex. autosync in Monday 2 AM. At 2 AM autosync swith to Tuesday 2AM
Version 15.50 [08/30/2018]
  1. Small fixes - to add sounds, close camera after scan where needed
  2. Only one piece out for Traceability
  3. No Inspection after piece out
  4. return back from Kiosk by F8
  5. back button hides for Kiosk
  6. Kiosk mode immediately directs to Kiosk form
  7. Fix issue - to save empty job for inspection (that become piece out)
  8. Fix Time Sheet issues - Project value never saved, no more restriction for maximum working hours, save button presented on Line all the time
  9. Spanish translation
  10. Piece out can be saved only if time in exists for inspections [when inspection configured]
  11. Make Time In, Time Out, Start Lunch, End Lunch as aliases not hardcoded
  12. Update Net Time to Net Time / Value
  13. Add Finger print not identified scenario
  14. Employee for PieceOut (after Show PieceOut includes only Time In Employees ) and TimeOut shown if TimeIn record exists
  15. Fix issue as empty inspection alias handles like as existing inspection alias
  16. Automatic selection of element in search when the only element left in search
  17. Add Finger print is not identified for incorrect barcode or password.
  18. Fix Piece Out for Inspections should show jobs without tracking jobs
  19. Error sounds when Finger Print Not Identified
  20. Alias added for Finger Print Not Identified
  21. Export of DeviceType - added for FIngerScanner and PocketPDA.
  22. Fix - Kiosk shows kiosk barcode when pocketpda profile exported and kiosk fingerprint when fingerscanner is
  23. Save in Enrollment exported just captured fingerprint back to server
  24. Finger Scanner always presented in landscape mode
  25. Get new Version menu for FingerScanner
  26. Fix slowness of kiosk after intense 20-30 clicks
  27. Sticker has only numeric except prefix
  28. Crew from Employee for Finger Scanner Kiosk
  29. RealTime export fingerprints to server
  30. Autoupdate application on device
  31. Import when start Enroll Employment screen
  32. Reset autosync time after import
  33. Question order
Version 15.49 [06/18/2018]
  1. Thread utilization / fingerprint scanner fix / biometric callback utilization
  2. Preference Maximum Number of Field Inspections
  3. Save button for Inspection Measurements
  4. Hide Scan buttons for Inspection measurements
Version 15.48 [06/05/2018]
  1. Reconciled Kiosk activity with message after F1 or finger scanner
  2. Download menu for ATS - it works now in portrait mode
Version 15.47.03 [06/01/2018]
  1. Input barcode through keyboard
  2. Changes in Finger Print screen - Password is numeric
  3. Dialog Code/Password input / Show Finger image only for successful enrollment/identification
  4. Inspection Screen New Design
  5. Implement search in item selection by Name
  6. Fix database updates between 15.43 and 15.46
Version 15.46.14 [05/22/2018]
  1. AT Use preference 'Populate Crew from Employee' in Time-In and Time-Out screens
  2. Add preference for Meal Job
  3. When using Carry-over on Time-In and Crew-In screens, the last time-card loaded on screen load is a Non-Idle-time, and Non-Meal-or-break record
  4. Non-Labor screen: Do not use the preference 'Use Employee Badges Only'. Employee selection is always available.
  5. Check Web service URLs from V1 to V10 during registration
  6. Add Preference Default number of pieces in Job Card
  7. Scan Number barcodes to set Number of Pieces (when less than Maximum Number of Pieces) in Piece-out and Crew-piece-out screens
  8. AF Create table and screen for Employee Fingerprint Enrollment
  9. Change name of fingerprint enrollment column
  10. Piece-out screen: Carry over from Time-In uses only Jobs of Payment-type Piece
  11. Crew In & Crew Out: If 'Use Employee Home Crew' alias is not visible - Always look for Employees by Work-crew, and only look by Home-crew if the preference 'Use Employee Home Crew default value' is set to Yes.
  12. Fix Crash in real-time because of EmployeeEnrollment screen
  13. Fix Database update issue with AgRows
  14. Job Card screen: Gross hours are always rounded to 2 digits
  15. Change Minimum Supported Version to API 15 (Ice Cream Sandwich Version 4.0.3)
  16. Add Microsoft App Center crash logging
  17. Hide Agrow in Piece-out if Alias is set to None
  18. Linea device, first try connect via USB, and then via localhost
  19. Add inspection jobs
  20. Add kiosk screens - Barcode and Fingerprint ones
  21. Update Enrollment Employee
  22. add proguard rules for retrofit, gson, okhttp
  23. Added code to default a background Image for Main screen
  24. Fingerprint enrollment
  25. Fingerprint Kiosk
  26. Do not rely on Label Traceability Module to import in Real-time
  27. Auto Init Sync
  28. Filter Jobs based on Field's Crop
  29. Data tracking jobs are not included in the Piece Out counts
  30. Fix Job-selection when filtering jobs by fields.
  31. Keypad barcode input for biometric kiosk
  32. Don't allow assignment of the same code twice in the Time in
  33. Separation - Piece Out and Inspection
  34. Piece out total shows Zero
Version 15.45 [01/25/2018]
  1. Change toll free number to Support number
  2. Fixed crash issue when scanner type is Linea and there is no device and connection to Linea
  3. Add in missing alias in main menu for signature and non-labor
  4. Multiple scanner preference. Default 'Camera position is Back' is empty/null.
  5. Extend color configurable of time card to PET Pocket (from desktop set)
  6. Handle 0/1 as an input to be false/true
  7. Add preference UseCarryOverForCrewInCrewIn
  8. Fixed crash relating to camera position back.
  9. Linea pro keep the scanner ON when pressed a scan button once and pressed a button again to turn off. Need to set preference to LineaX for barcodeScannerType inorder to use this feature.
Version 15.44 [01/05/2018]
  1. Fixed logic for Use Employee Home Crew based on alias set value.
  2. Show Job Groups in main page
  3. Exclude jobs of payment type signature based on the preference "Signature Job Group"
  4. Add preference "Signature Job Group"
  5. Add preference 'Use Carry Over in Piece Out from Time In'
  6. Add Toll Free number in About box
Version 15.43 - 1/2/2018
  1. Update copyright.
  2. In piece out when more than 1 ranch included show the ranch
  3. Fixed bug crew timein doesn't find time cards of selected crew.
  4. Show Bonus Jobs in Non Labor Screen
  5. Show Payroll Concept Jobs in Non Labor Screen
Version 15.37
  1. Changed the preference "Barcode Scanner Type" to accept "BuiltIn" instead of "Built-In"
Version 15.36 (10/13/2017)
  1. Added preference "Use Employee Home Crew" and showed values based on the alias set. If Alias set is set to None, the item is hidden.
  2. Code formatting and refactoring.
Version 15.32,15.33,15.34, 15.35 (10/11/2017)
  1. Added preference "Include job groups in main menu" and added job card buttons to show/hide based on this preference.
  2. Added Alternate label traceability code.
  3. Changed message box to toast for duplicate sticker code for piece out and crew piece out.
  4. Increased the duration of the toast to long and made the font bigger for piece out and crew piece out
  5. Changed the Run to use the Alias value.
  6. Added "Use Employee Home Crew Alias" in Crew time in screen.
Version 15.31 09/21/2017
  1. Fixed bug : Crew in When using Employee home crew the program assigns the crew only to the first employee. PET-653
Version 15.30
  1. Show all jobs in Measurement Screen
Version 15.29
  1. "Measurement By Employee" Clean-ups
Version 15.28
  1. If "Measurement By Employee" Yes, Show message "Cannot add another record during the duplicate range" and do not update the record and show employee at the bottom of the screen.
  2. If "Measurement By Employee" No, No message and update the record and show measurement at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Added preference "Measurement By Employee"
  4. Fixed filtering by Ranch,Field and Agrow
  5. Restricting AgRows by Ranch and Field.
  6. Show popup message for "Measurement Screen" while in duplicate range.
Version 15.25 (6/1/2017)
  1. Fixed setup selection dialog to show selected item correctly
  2. Fixed location permission request
  3. Remove dependency to Goolge play location services (we are using location manager)
  4. Signature screen: save image and export it
  5. Signature screen: added preference for pet thickness, added frame and changed font size
  6. Finished signature tasks
  7. Use aliases for Import, Export and Sync
  8. Fixed signature populating equipment button with carry over
  9. Fixed bug when saving piece out and preference "lock number of pieces" is Yes
  10. Add Non-Labor Screen
  11. Fixed scanning job in signature screen
  12. Stop sending email when webserver is not using HTTPS
  13. Show error message for camera permission.
  14. Add Picture Verification.
  15. Align Picture on the List.
  16. User can edit the other data when picture verification is enabled.
  17. Implement Duplicate Range in the Measurement
  18. User will not be able to save the record if an employee is not selected.
  19. Add Alias for Application.
  20. Carryover fixed for TimeIn, CrewTimeIn, JobCard, CrewJobCard.
  21. Can edit employee in time in when there is no picture
Version 14.20
  1. Log-in screen check new web service if no records on the old one
  2. Replace org.apache.http with
  3. Updated project target from API 19 to API 25
  4. Fixed email message sent about http, increase socket time out period from 3 to 10 sec
  5. Added Signature record, Added table to database, updated database functions
  6. Updated Job record and update table in database (Add job group and comment)
  7. Added signature screen
  8. Signature draw screen
  9. Added Cancel option for setup single selection (Job, Crew, ...)
  10. Fixed Empty option in setup single selection (Job, Crew, ...) to remove the radio button on empty
  11. Field selection (also Variety), keep selected value once a field button is selected (used to clear the value when button clicked)
  12. After record saved and no carry over, in addition of removing the setup value from the screen and the record, also remove it from the Single item selection list (radio button)
  13. Adding radio button to the Field selection
Version 13.06 [2/27/2017]
  1. Time sheet header, employee can have only one header in the same crew
  2. Time sheet header, employee can have multiple headers with different crews
  3. Time sheet header, use rounding time to set date-in for employees within the same crew
Version 12.12 [2/16/2017]
  1. Added job repair equipment
  2. Time sheet line duplicate range includes application
  3. Fixed Job repair equipment
  4. Added Validation of Time-in and Time-out
  5. Added camera to screens: PO, JC, Measurement, TS, TSL, CTI, CTO, CJC
  6. Moved camera location to top
  7. Fixed camera size to fit better different devices size
  8. Updated Spanish translation
  9. Fixed sound issues
  10. Updated algorithm of assigning equipment when job is repair or requires equipment
  11. Added preference "Required Field in PO"
Version 11.24 [10/24/2016]
  1. Crew screen: prevent saving record without employee selected
  2. Close keyboard on back press
  3. Enable camera for scanning bar-codes
  4. Enable search in item selection using keyboard
  5. New design to the time sheet screens
  6. Moved equipment to the scroll view with the same design as multi employee selection
  7. Improved code history algorithm
  8. Force sync to start immediately
  9. In Field selection show also the ranch name, In Variety selection show also the crop name
  10. Improved auto populated if one exists
  11. Play sound after each scan that doesn't save the record
  12. Shorten error and success sounds
  13. Import file can delete specific setup record
  14. Time in screen shows previous employee in the bottom
  15. Consider pieces as time job to be piece job
  16. Import preferences with empty value
  17. Enable recording location
  18. Don't send error email if import file updates records
  19. General improvements and Added additional preferences
Version 10.98 [2/17/2016]
  1. Support Spanish
  2. Added Colors to the main menu buttons
  3. Added sound: Delete and select job in piece out
  4. Added require equipment to Job record
  5. Changed Piece out duplicate range algorithm
  6. Use aliases in all screens
  7. If one ranch exists, don't show it in the time-in screen
  8. Added Time sheet header and Time sheet line screens
  9. Changed Main menu screen to be scroll view
  10. Changed screens view (Text size, buttons size) depend on the device size
  11. Added Ag-Row to piece out screen
  12. Improved screens load time
  13. Improved processing bar-code time
  14. Sync: backup database only if number of backup to keep is more than 0
  15. Added List to the crew time-in and crew time-out screens
  16. After record saved show message "Record saved" or "Record updated"
  17. If ranch is selected, populated the field based on the selected ranch
  18. Increased font of number of piece in Piece-out screen
  19. Piece out screen support jobs of data tracking types
  20. Added Code history - roll assignment
  21. Added import in real time preference
  22. Added excused absence job with validation on sync
  23. If preference use employee badge only is yes, clicking on the employee show employee list without selection option
  24. Add date time to the error log file
  25. Improved Larid scale 6200 communication
  26. Added measurement module
  27. General improvements and Added additional preferences
Version 9.42 [12/19/2014]
  1. Added preference: Include only working employees in Time-out and Piece-out
  2. Show "Crew all employees on Job" only in Crew time-in and Crew Time-out
  3. Piece out screens: Moved previous employee and pieces to the bottom of the screen
  4. Show preferences by alphabetical order
  5. Allow 0 pieces in Crew piece out screen
  6. After using the pieces keyboard show the number in blue in the center of the screen
  7. Use Aliases in warning messages
Version 9.39 [11/12/2014]
  1. Added preference: built-in scanner
  2. Import: clear records if Clear = True, also when there is no new records
  3. Fixed Piece-out screens and break screens to work with scanner (Galaxy devices)
  4. Fixed count display for scanning employees (Galaxy devices)
Version 9.38 [10/17/2014]
  1. Added display screen to Crew piece-out
  2. Piece display screen: allow to scan employee in all employee display screens
  3. Piece display screen: Use the job and field from the first time in which is not idle
  4. List: change the text size of the time and ranch rows to be larger
  5. Added "Use home crew" to the crew time in and crew time out
  6. Piece out and Crew piece out: mention if the record was saved or updated
  7. New preference: "use carry over in piece out"
  8. Crew piece out - set crew as mandatory field
  9. Updated the duplicate range algorithm
  10. Time in, Time out, Piece out screens: enable save button after save
  11. Updated Crew time-in algorithm when crew is mix
  12. Added Aliases for import, export and sync buttons
  13. Added preference: "Number of Seconds Previous Pieces displays"
  14. Allow screen orientation Portrait by sensor
  15. Updated Crew time in algorithm (No need to crew time in after break)
Version 9.35 [7/29/2014]
  1. Fixed break length to default after saving a break record
  2. Fixed Piece out display to show Field and Job
  3. Fixed bug in loading Piece out screen when preference Create Piece out from Time-in is opposite
  4. Improved algorithm to receive employees in Crew time in and Crew time out
  5. Added preference: Crew Employees Current On Job
  6. Fixed the keyboard populate when preference: allow edit is No
  7. Piece out screen: Fixed bug in populating crew from time in
  8. Fixed bug in Crew piece out when only one crew exist
  9. Added the option to scan employee using the alternate code
  10. Added in display selection screen and display screen the option to scan employee and get is totals by job
  11. Added in piece out screen the total for employee after scan
Version 9.33 [6/19/2014]
  1. Application is compatible with devices without camera


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