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Current Version is 73.06

Changes in the PET handles the Social Security Number (SSN) in the Employee Screen:
  1. The Full Social Security Number is masked to secure the privacy of the employees.
  2. Only Users that have the permission of "View Complete SSN" can see it fully and modify it.
  3. On the employee screen only the last 4 digits appear in the format XXX-XX-1234
  4. A button next to the SSN allows user with the permission to view it in full and to modify it.
  5. The SSN In the database it is scrambled.
  6. The user can select employees by their last 4 digits., It is possible that there will be more than one employee with the same last 4 digits.
PET Windows Version 73.06 06/07/2021
  1. Added Yard load Module.
  2. The “Employee Export Identifier” sent to Finger Scanner devices is based on the global preference after removing the preference of the scan device record.
  3. Resetting the included modules before reading a new serial number.
  4. Moved the options of measurement-type, unit-type, and unit to the menu of File >> Administration >> Setup.
  5. The menu options of Unit, and Unit-type are always available.
  6. Meal Penalty job-cards are created without links to Time-out so their deletion does set the Time-out transferred to No.
  7. Export Default Job's Alias when Use Job Alias is set to Yes.
  8. Added Help context ids for Time Card Preferences - Show Field in Crew Piece-Out, Meal Check Interval [Hours].
  9. Real-time: Do not create progress panel that shows background process's progress. (Prevent crash in some scenarios).
  10. Crew Screen: Fix internal exception when loading predefined color "NoColor".
  11. Handling accruals of Sick Pay and vacation pay
    • Importing Accruals: Fix computing year start based on hire-date (Sometimes, the date is in future after week-start)
    • Rebuild Accruals: Do not use a rule with Compute Accrued Hours set to No
  12. Handling Salaried Employees in Job Cards:
    • Job-Cards: Do not reset user-shift overwrite and user-rate overwrite options for salaried employees.
    • Fix computing overtime as follows
      • Total Amount to be paid is distributed to all the hours employee worked.
      • Premium-rate for Daily Salary is Total-Amount / Daily-Regular-Hours-from-Overtime-Rules.
      • Premium-rate for Weekly Salary or Total-Amount / Weekly-Regular-Hours-from-Overtime-Rules.
      • Overtime rate: Premium-rate * 50%
      • Double-time rate Premium-rate * 100%
    • Fix incorrect message in log file when recalculating salaried employees
PET Windows Version 73.05 [05/20/2021]
  1. Added a Preference “Meal Check Interval [Hours]” It is used to determine what notifications of employees starting meal (lunch) are sent to other devices where the employees may use to record the return from lunch and should prevent them from returning too soon. The default is 1 hour. But it should be set to 24 if there is a scan device of model MK 500 or MK 3000.
PET Windows Version 73.04 [05/18/2021]
  1. Changes in the Real Time Service
    • Additional logs of start and completion of assignments.
    • Assignments are started in parallel threads a blocked assignment does not prevent the next assignments.
    • Additional locks while writing to log files from multiple threads.
PET Windows Version 73.03 [05/17/2021]
  1. Payroll Export Format ADP 12: if the Job-card Hourly Rate source is Job then set “Rate Code” column to 3.
  2. About screen changes
    • Indicate if running in a Terminal Server session.
    • Include the version: 32 bit or 64-bit.
  3. Export to Orange Support the Audit log of the included records.
  4. Payroll Export Formats DataTech 2,4,7: Export Time+Piece job-cards without pieces as Time Jobs (Reverse change made in 73.00), The Earning Code should be the same for Hours and Piece and taken from the jobs.
PET Windows 73.02 [05/11/2021]
  1. Scan Device screen: When the Device-type is “Finger Scanner”, hiding the 'Item in Keyboard Selection' prevent confusion. For those devices the option is always barcode.
  2. Facilitating 2 Equipment Items in Android Time-in Screen.
    • In the screen the first equipment item is the main, usually tractor and the second usually implement.
    • Add Pocket Alias for “Implement Equipment”. When None, the Time-in screen has a single equipment item. When it is not “None”, two equipment items appear.
    • Add Pocket Preference of “Main Equipment Type”.
    • Add Pocket Preference of “Implement Equipment Type”.
  3. Payroll Export Formats
    • Paychex 4 Payroll Export Format: Job Export ID is not required.
    • CompuPlants 1 Payroll Export Format: Item 5 Work Code - Export Field ID.
  4. Map: When more than one crew work in the same field, place the label pointer at the fields polygon corners to prevent overlap.
PET Windows 73.01 [05/06/2021]
  1. New Bonus: Supervisor pay as Crew Average Hourly rate.
  2. New Transfer to Job Cards Exception: verifying than number of pieces in Piece out is less than or equal the preference “Maximum Number of Pieces in Piece-out”.
  3. Rename the preference “Finger Scanner password” to “Kiosk Exit password” since it is being used to exit the Kiosk in all platforms.
  4. Payroll Export Formats DataTech 2,4,7: Fix export of Non-labor units (Hours).
  5. Correcting assigning pieces to OT Shifts for Job-cards without regular shift.
  6. Map: Sort package-sizes by name.
PET Version 73.00 [4/30/2021]
  1. Add help context number for Rate History grid on Job screen.
  2. Show help for grid when user presses F1 on a grid.
  3. Irid ID Devices
    • Scan Device Screen: Added the “Manage Scan-devices Menu for a Scan Device Type of “Iris ID IT100”.
    • Include Iris ID device in the export to biometric devices menu of employee screen.
  4. Payroll Export Format AgStar:
    • Show the preference 'Group by Field'
    • Use the newer summary method to keep the total hours. (Use parameter /UseOldSummaryExport to use the old method.)
  5. Payroll Export Format Paychex4: Correction of Error Messages.
  6. Update the caption for preference Import / Export pictures from FingerTec Face ID devices
  7. Payroll Export Formats Datatech Export:
    • Piece-only job-cards without pieces will have piece-earning code when preference Verify Minimum wage in Datatech is Yes
    • When exporting minimum wage, do not export hours a second time
  8. Payroll Export Formats Datatech 2, 4, 7:
    • Handling export of lines with 0 hourly-rate, and 0 pieces.
    • Do not export hourly rate in minimum wage line.
  9. New Payroll Export Format: CompuPlants1.
  10. Crystal Reports: Allow exporting main report filter to sub reports.
  11. Include Iris templates in Employee screen filter.
  12. Use Orange icons for Iris Templates
  13. When the server notifies the devices about employees that started lunch, it sends only the devices that include the employee. Not to all the devices
PET Windows Version 72.18 [04/12/2021]
  1. Change target email for sending logs to support. Can be Overridden with program parameter /UseDebugEmailAlways
  2. Verify Traceability Code Uniqueness period can be expressed in hours (10h), or days (5d or 5)
  3. Real-time service also Imports from the Internet when only Personal devices exist.
  4. Add help context numbers for Department Employee Defaults tab
  5. Include Iris ID templates in Employee screen.
  6. New Export format: Paychex 4
  7. Employee Screen: When Hire-date is updated.
    • Clear Furloughed Date.
    • Set last-work-date to be Hire-date.
    • Clear Release Date.
    • Set Active to Yes,
  8. When Importing Employee from Onboarding:
    • Clear Release-date.
    • Clear Furloughed-date.
    • Set last-work-date to be Hire-date.
    • Set Active to Yes
  9. Correction of the way PET handles Overtime shifts defined by the Holiday rule of an Overtime Rules record of Jobs of Payment-type Time & Piece.
PET Windows Version 72.17
  1. Scheduled real-time task to correct the crew assignment of time-cards from finger-scanner devices. This task is needed to handle delay of real-time exporting of Time cards from Scan Devices that are not Finger-scanners.
    • The task is only run when preference 'Populate Missing Crew during import' is "Finger Scanner Time Cards".
    • It is run at 1:00 AM.
    • It includes only time-cards of the last two days that were not transferred to Job-cards.
  2. New Export format: AgStar/2.1 it differs from format AgStarty 2 by
    • Job Name is exported in the Task column.
    • Job Export Identifier is exported in the Phase column.
  3. Correction of computing Minimum wage for Overtime shifts of Time+Piece payment-type records on Holidays that are paid the entire day overtime.
PET Windows Version 72.16
  1. Correction of computing total hours when transferring Crew pieces.
  2. Inclusion of Audit Log in the Exports to Orange support.
PET Windows Version 72.15
  1. Android Inspection Screen.
    • Add Inspection Job Alias.
    • Add Inspection Number of Pieces Alias.
    • Do not check for duplicate traceability-codes for Inspection records (Piece-outs with Jobs with Payment-type of Data-tracking)
  2. Correction of Import of Piece-out with Traceability code when alternate traceability-code prefix is empty.
  3. Do not include Jobs of Payment-type Data-tracking jobs in duplicate range check of Traceability codes.
  4. During import allow Time-card records without both Crew and Employee for Jobs of Payment-type Data-tracking.
  5. Add an alias for the “At Work” button
  6. Correction of export of empty Default Job in Employee piece-out to scan devices.
PET Windows Version 72.14
  1. New Preference: “Piece Out Allow Multiple Piece Barcodes”, facilitates scanning Piece-out screen that accepts multiple scans of piece barcodes of a single employee.
  2. New Preference: “Packing House Inspection”, facilitates having inspections of pieces when delivered to a packing house. When the server imports a packing house inspection record without employee, copy the employee from last piece-out with the traceability-code
  3. Job Screen: Increase size of Job-name and alias to 70 characters.
PET Windows Version 72.13
  1. Job Record: Added and input field of Breakeven Cost: This is the maximum cost per piece where the grower can have a profit picking it.
PET Windows Version 72.12
  1. Fix crash when running real-time as program and using certain command-line args like 'SkipBackupDuringUpdate'
  2. AgStar/2 export: Export ids of first two equipment records (up from one). Show error when using more than 2 equipment records.
  3. Speeding up the Transfer to Job Cards and Export to accounting by limiting the dates of the Time-cards included. The number is determined by the preference 'Maximum days included-in-Transfer-to-Job-Cards & Export-to-Accounting' (Default prior 21 days) within the End-date entered in the filter. To include any cards, the preference is set to 0.
  4. A job-card with a Job of Payment-type Time can only have an hourly rate no less than the Minimum-rate. If the rate in the Job is below the current Minimum-rate, the Minimum-rate is used.
  5. The computation of the average hourly rate of Jobs of Payment-type Idle-time excludes Job-cards of Payment-type Idle time.
PET Windows Version 72.11
  1. Fix crash when an invalid value is passed on command line for background-color parameter.
  2. Meal Penalty: Including two types: Missing Meal and Short Meal.
  3. Rename preferences 'Meal Penalty Premium Job', and 'Meal Penalty Premium Hours' to 'Missing Meal Penalty Premium Job' and Missing Meal Penalty Premium Hours'.
  4. Moved the preference ‘Pay Meal Penalty as average’ to the Job tab.
  5. Added preferences for Short Meal Penalty - Create a penalty job for Shorter meal than default job-length.
  6. Preference for missing meal penalty should not be the same as short meal penalty.
  7. Add new pocket preference 'Piece out: On exit reset Pallet count'.
  8. Export first job in Time-Card default grid of job-card to scan devices.
PET Windows Version 72.10
  1. Correct spelling Palette to Pallet.
  2. Correct crash when loading report from Job-card grid in some cases.
  3. Correct loading private reports from folder defined in preferences [Regression since 72.04].
  4. Add /BackgroundColor=ColorName command line argument to differentiate program when restored from a backup. Can be set to /BackgroundColor=R,G,B value also.
  5. Added ADP-14 Data-verification to Update.exe.
  6. Correct Pallet aliases in database update.
  7. Correct paid-piece distribution to overtime shifts
PET Windows Version 72.09
  1. Clarify a Transfer to Job-cards exception message when daily overtime hours are missing for daily-salary employee eligible for overtime pay. Example of the message: “Overtime rule: 'XYZ' needs Daily Regular Hours set when Daily Salaried and paying overtime”
  2. Scan Device management Screen - Get Logs and Data set to default
  3. About screen: fix closing the screen when the OK button is pressed.
  4. Famous Export: According the presence “Export Summary” value, all shift lines of the employee have the same date. For example if the “Export Summary” is Weekly the date of all the shift lines totals is the Week Start date.
PET Windows Version 72.08
  1. In View Job Cards Screen: Increased the size of the Label to prevent overlap.
  2. Orange Menu: Added Manage Scan devices menu. Includes gather logs.
  3. In Export to Scan Devices: Exporting employee's default Job (with alias when needed) to Scan devices. It facilitates ignoring Traceability Code requirement for Supervisors paid by time that are timed in together with harvesters paid by pieces and using traceability stickers.
  4. Export to Personal Devices - send data to be imported in real-time always. (User doesn't have to click on import)
PET Windows Version 72.07
  1. Additional SSN validation based on the rules defined at:
    • Cannot begin with 9
    • Cannot begin with 666
    • Cannot begin with 000
    • Cannot end with 0000
    • Cannot have 00 at positions 4-5
  2. New option for the Preference “Earning Code Location”: “Job, Employee, and Ranch”.
  3. Export employee's Always Use default Job setting to Scan devices. Allows ignoring Traceability Code required for Supervisors.
  4. New Orange Menu option to export database in JSON format file.
PET Windows Version 72.06
  1. Add link in Help Menu to upload large files via Dropbox to Orange Support.
  2. New Manage Finger Scanner Orange Menu
    • Retrieve error logs
    • Initiate OS update
    • Initiate App Update
    • Initiate Time Zone update
  3. Overtime Pay for Salary Employee: When set to Yes Salaried employees are paid overtime and only regular hours are included in computing the average hourly rate.
    • When set to No Salaried employees are not paid overtime and all the work hours are included in computing the average hourly rate.
    • Example: An employee has a salary of $1000 a week and worked 50 hours where the Overtime rule is that after 40 hours overtime is paid.
    • If “Overtime Pay for Salary Employee” is Yes the average hourly rate is 1000/40 or $25 an hour, the 40 regular hours are paid at this rate and the other 10 are paid at 25*1.5 or 37.5.
    • If the preference is No, the average hourly rate is 1000/50 or $20 an hour and all the 50 hours are paid at $20 an hour.
    • The preference is found in the employee record and in the preferences where it replaces the preference “Consider regular hours only for computing hourly rate of Period-rate Employees”. to “Overtime pay for Salary Employee”.
    • If the preference is defined in Employee record it is used, else the main preference is use.
  4. Employee Record: add more details to the message when there is an error creating the documents folder.
  5. Added logs when reading primary table is causing an error from loading scripts. - Can happen when scripts are loaded from customer database into a different database.
  6. Corrected help context id for Holiday Bonus pay.
  7. Correct the help of Overtime rules: For Weekly Overtime by Regular Hours Doubletime (2.0) starts after (Overtime Hours)
  8. User screen added help to- Alias Set and Onboarding device
  9. Add new pocket preference “Carry Over Equipment” for Pocket devices
PET Windows Version 72.05
  1. Famous Export:
    1. Use the preference 'Repeat hours on Underpayment line'
      • Yes: The hours are repeated on Underpayment line
      • No: The hours are exported on Piece-lines and not exported on time-line.
    2. When rounding hours, and a line with only overtime shift changes, change the hours in the OT column in addition to hours in the Total hours column.
    3. Export lines of Job of Piece Payment type even when the Job-card shift does not have pieces.
    4. Split overtime, double-time hours if splitting regular hours per job
  2. Real-time: Some configuration errors are emailed to IT user daily
    • When backup times are not set.
    • Import and Export not scheduled after Support end (30 day grace period).
PET Windows Version 72.04
  1. Hide Onboarding device (Windows Signature device) on the user screen when Onboarding module is not included.
  2. Archive screen: Change caption 'Archive Transferred/Exported Input records' to 'Delete Transferred/Exported Input records'
  3. Employee screen: Change caption 'Need Translator/Preparer' to 'Needs Translator/Preparer'
  4. Job-card screen: Ignore the Job-card’s Department when grouping for recalculation.
  5. New preference: Maximum work-day gap[Hours] - Used in Transfer-to-Job-cards to determine if a Job-card after a Time-out belong to a new work-day for employees that work day shift and night shifts during the same week and the program cannot rely on the Employee Record's "Day Start Time" when leaving for lunch is done by timing out using Face ID devices.
  6. Correction access to reverse of export, transfer, etc. for user with the permission ‘Access to Revers’ is ‘User’
  7. Add command line parameter to set the Employee picture resolution. The command is /EmployeePictureResolution=WxH where W is the width and H is the height in pixels the default Width is 192 and Height is 148.
  8. Modified the command line parameter by expecting a slash /DbCommandTimeOut=. It defines the SQL execution time-out.
  9. Changes in the Real-time service
    • When starting the new daily cycle
      1. Stop timers when (to fix more than one last work day check).
      2. Reload New reports.
      3. Update the support expiration date.
      4. Update License information
      5. Reload command line arguments when the file changes
      6. Create a new log file when the month changes.
    • When support year ends, email expiration notice and add the message to the log file ( expiring export to scan devices and personal devices, import from scan-devices).
PET Windows Version 72.03
  1. When importing customer data, allow import of barcode without clearing if the barcode does not conflict with another record in the same table. (Useful when the lookup item is barcode).
  2. Fix crash loading job screen with Oracle module.
  3. New preference 'Use Employee rate history' when Yes
    • Show Employee Rate History grid in Job record.
    • Show Department and Use Employee Rate in Job rate History.
    • Allow Consider Employee rate to be nullable.
    • Use the corresponding Employee rate in
      • Export to Payroll: in the formats of Famous, DataTech , Trion , AgStar.
      • Bonus Screens: Holiday Bonus pay, Daily Bonus by Job, Daily Bonus by Employee.
  4. Employee Screen: Correcting error that when accessing I9 date after changing I9 document numbers.
  5. 'Item In Keyboard selection' changes to prevent making the Finger Scanner templates invalid
    • Export to Finger scanner device: Preference taken only from Preferences.
    • Scan Device screen: 'Item in Keyboard selection' is read only for Finger Scanner devices.
  6. Employee Screen:
    • Added a new item 'Need Translator Or Preparer'.
    • Added a new item 'Salary Overtime Exempt' for salaried employees.
      1. Empty: Use the preference ‘Salary Overtime Exempt’
      2. Yes: Consider regular hours only for computing hourly rate of Period-rate employees
      3. No: Do not consider regular hours only for computing hourly rate of Period-rate employees.
PET Windows Version 72.02
  1. Export to Accounting - Load Job Rate history when the preference 'Use Job Rate history' is Yes.
PET Windows Version 72.01
  1. Update copyright year to 2021.
  2. Add AG CA 2021 Overtime rules.
  3. Job adding Job rate history grid.
    • It includes the following columns
      1. Start Date
      2. Hourly Rate
      3. Piece Rate
      4. Tier Schedule
      5. Default Length
      6. Guaranteed Rate
      7. Overtime Rules
      8. Minimum per Hour
      9. Minimum Pieces per hour
    • The grid facilitates
      1. Changing any one of column in the middle of the work week or the season.
    • If any item is empty in a line, its value is taken from the Job record.
    • Added a preference 'Use Job Rate History', only when it is set to Yes, the grid is displayed in the Job screen and considered in the Transfer to Job Cards.
  4. Use Allowed equipment in job only when equipment module is included
  5. The Previous version was 71.05
PET Windows Version 71.05
  1. In View Time Card and Job Card grids and Transfer to Job Cards, right click on a line and selecting delete affect only deleting that line.
  2. Personal Devices:
    • Update the setup data daily considering the "Auto Initialize Day Time" according to the Personal Scan Device Template.
    • When exporting always export to the Web ignoring the connectivity method.
  3. When modifying Time-in records do not allow to modify time within the duplicate range.
  4. Improving the usage of a Tablet for signing form
    • Adding missing items for Windows Signature: Rate, QualifyingChildrenUnderAge17, Other Dependents, Claim Dependents Amount, Other Income, Deductions, Additional Amount of State Withholding.
    • Employee Get Signature button procedure: Fix error about missing SSN for an existing employee record.
    • Remove trailing 0's on W4 form generated from Employee record. [Regression since 70.83]
    • Change color of Get Signature text to White for higher contrast
  5. Adding an error message when user enters an invalid text into an empty drop down.
  6. When finger scanner fingerprint template exists in Employee record,
    • Do not allow change of Export ID or Barcode based on 'Item in Keyboard selection' preference.
    • Hide Regenerate barcode button if Barcode is read-only.
    • Import: Do not allow change of Barcode and Export Identifier (based on Item in Keyboard selection) for a record with fingerprint template
  7. Add full version number and full path of loaded dlls to About screen
  8. Allow parsing Json exported by Android Cloud PET
  9. Allow import of compressed json files
  10. Fix exception when a report-name, caption to replace an alias is empty
PET Windows Version 71.04
  1. Accepting Json files when importing from internet.
  2. Correction of the Invalid cast exception when break is set automatically to 0 on the job-card screen. [Regression from 70.83]
  3. Famous Export: Considering the preference 'Regular on Separate line' for Piece-only job-cards.
  4. Adding the notation -NET to the item of 'Interval of Auto Breaks & Meal [Hours]' of the Crew Record. It is used in the Transfer to Job break intervals. When it is included the interval and minimum-gross hours are treated as net-time when for auto-breaks created after meal-break-cards, and meal-time-ins.
  5. In the Audit trail records, removing trailing zeros for decimal values.
PET Windows 71.03
  1. Export to Paylocity 2 - Separate lines for Time and Pieces
PET Windows Version 71.02
  1. Facilitating using a tablet to sign new or returning employee forms.
  2. In the procedure the data of the employee is entered in a desktop and the signature of the employee is made a tablet that runs the Onboarding application.
    • User Record: Added a new column 'Onboarding Device', It defines the Onboarding device that is used when the user is entering the employee data.
    • Employee Record: Added a new button 'Get Signature', It is clicked after all the data of the employee is entered. It sends the employee data to the tablet where the employee signs all the forms.
  3. Removing options of the Preference “Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime”. The preferences that are removed are “Daily Average (All Jobs)” and “Weekly Average (All Jobs)”. If they are used, they are replaced by “Daily Average (No Idle-Time)” and “Weekly (No Idle-Time)”
    • Added command line parameter /AllowOvertimeAverageIncludingIdleTime to allow using 'All Jobs' preferences
  4. Corrected deletion of compressed daily backup files when the database is MSSQL Standard.
    • Changing the command line parameter /DoNotCompressBackup to /DoNotAutoCompressBackup. It ignores skip-compress commands that may have been added as work-around to failed deletion of backups
  5. Removing trailing zeros of decimal notations in the export log file.
  6. Export to Accounting: Always use department's Summary option when department exists. (Previously the option was ignored when the department’s “Payroll Export Format” is “From Preferences”)
  7. Updated export format Paylocity 2 output.
  8. User Record: Increased the length for Email Address column to 150 to facilitate a larger number of multiple email addresses when the user is used for notifications sent to multiple addressees
PET Windows Version 71.01
  1. In the Field record, when there is only one active Overtime rule do not auto populate Overtime Rule item
  2. In Transfer to Job Cards of multiple days, combine crew pieces only to the job-cards of the same day of the Crew Piece out record.
  3. In Export to accounting ADP 14 format exporting Non-labor Job-cards
    • Use Regular time earning code
    • Export the units instead of unit amount
    • Export the unit-rate as Temp-rate
PET Windows Version 71.00
  1. Corrected the 150% overtime rule.
  2. Added conversion between JSON and XML.
  3. Added an option to Import JSON files.
  4. Modal windows open on the same screen as Main PET Tiger window.
  5. Added Preference details to be included in the export file.
  6. Corrected the Database update for backups of versions 10.63 and earlier.
  7. Modified the alias display name of CrewPaidBreakAlias from 'Menu: Crew Break' to 'Menu: Crew Break Card'.
  8. Added a filter by Ranch's Department in Job-Card, Time-Card, and Verification screens. This option facilitate limiting the input cards that a user can see.
    • The filtering requires Report version 71.00 or newer.
    • If the user has Departments included in his User record, he can only view Job-cards or Time-cards that were done in the ranches of the department or that their ranches do not have a department.
    • The Department of the Fields are not considered.
  9. Do not check Employee barcode has at least 4 digits, and preference 'Allow Digits only in barcode' when importing Customer Data for tests.
  10. Overtime premium (50%) average rate is computed after rounding the Average-rate (Can cause a cent difference in rate).
  11. When Overtime is paid at average rate, the Idle-time (Rest & Recovery) overtime is also paid at average rate like time jobs instead of at 1.5 or 2 times.
  12. Add command line parameter /UseMultiplierForIdleTimeOvertime to use older method of computing Idle-time overtime.
  13. Job-card screen: Rounding computed Gross-time, net-time, and break-time
  14. Corrected the Report filter caching when running Job-card combined reports.
  15. Edit Pieces Screen: Set proper decimal accuracy to all items.
  16. Job Card grid screen: Refresh records when values change.
  17. Corrected exception when transferring only Non-labor job-cards with preference 'Match Daily Hours to Minutes' set to 'At Transfer'
  18. New Export Format Paylocity 2.
PET Windows Version 70.94
  1. Update of Database to version 70.83 is made more robust
  2. Increase scale of Piece-Amount, Unit-Amount, and Amount columns of JobCard and JobCardTime
PET Windows Version 70.93
  1. Added the Meal Penalty Parameters to the Department Screen. In Transfer to Job Cards, if those items are defined they override the Parameters from the Preferences when the Employee belongs to the Department.
  2. Modified Meal Penalty Computation so it is not assigned when the meal starts at exactly the hour when the penalty record is to be created.
  3. Added the field “Delete Previous Data Frequency” to the Scan Device record. It defines after how many days the time cards are deleted from a scan and can be used to automate the deletion of devices that their users do not use properly the Sync option.
  4. Fix unhandled error when the user chooses to open the exported file, and Windows cannot run the application to view the file format (Json/XML/csv).
  5. Use ISO data format in all export files.
  6. Remove trailing zeros from decimal number in Export files.
  7. Fix exception opening Transfer to Job Cards screen when the preference 'Field Required in Input screens' is set to No.
  8. Modified the Export to Accounting formats of Datatech 1, 3, 5 than include two lines for export of Jobs of “Payment Type” “Time and Pieces”.
    • Added a New preference: “Repeat Hours in Piece Line for Time and Piece” [Default: Yes]. When it is set to no the hours are only included in the Time Line.
  9. Corrected the handling of the export of the Scan-device preference “Crew Card Use Employee Selection” when it is empty.
  10. Change the captions of items in Help menu: Reports Help, What’s New in Windows, iPhone & Android Versions.
  11. Correction of Database update from version 70.82 to Version 70.83.
  12. In Export to devices including the Pocket preferences of Maximum Pieces and Job Card Default Number of Pieces.
PET Windows Version 70.92
  1. Hourly rate decimal accuracy: Added Validation, allowed values are in the range of 2 to 5.
  2. Corrected the database update to 70.83 to handle customer added indexes. The indexes are dropped and the update log includes a notification to the user to recreate them.
  3. Modified the Job-Card Description to drop trailing zeros of Overtime as Average, and Pieces as Hours values.
PET Windows Version 70.91
  1. Added new pocket alias “Greater than or Equal to Palette Count Question”, used when in Piece out the number of pieces on the palette is counted.
  2. Add Export to Accounting preference ADP14 Time decimal accuracy [Default 2].
PET Windows Version 70.90
  1. Orange menu option to convert XML to Json exports using camel Casing and formatted text.
  2. Add JSON as an export format.
  3. Corrected Import of decimal items.
  4. Corrected computing of Idle-time average rate when multiple Package-sizes have different guaranteed-rates and job-cards have underpayment.
  5. Handling Comma-separated default idle-time/break lengths defined in Crew record when transferring multiple days in a single session.
  6. Corrected Invalid-cast exception when adding a Job to a Time-In that did not have a Job.
  7. ADP14: Use the preference 'Match Daily Hours to minutes'.
PET Windows 70.89
  1. Correcting the saving meals in Time Sheet.
  2. Added code to add Meal Penalty Job Cards when transferring Time Sheets to Job-Cards.
  3. Added a command line argument to adjust SQL command execution time-out [/DbCommandTimeOut=x] x is in seconds.
  4. Adding to Update program an Orange user option to disable user-login audit.
  5. Finger scanner options:
    • Grouping them under Finger Scanner menu option.
    • Added a menu option to send Update Finger Scanner OS command.
  6. Updated the alias "Case Load" to "Menu: Case Load".
Version 70.88
  1. Add [C] as suffix to compressed backup's file-names.
  2. Support Crew Bonus Screen: Fix tab order
  3. Datatech Export formats: When the Preference 'Export Piece rate only' is set to Yes, export rate only in lines of pieces not in lines of hours
Version 70.87
  1. Time-Card grid screen: Correct the exception when right-clicking on a record that was added after the screen is opened.
  2. Correct report errors when using filter of a number range.
  3. In Transfer to Job Cards and View Job Cards Screen:
    • Correct divide-by zero error when using Distribute whole pieces and error-time cards during analysis.
    • Correct divide-by zero error when distributing crew pieces without job to invalid job-cards.
Version 70.86
  1. Adding an option to the preference “Export to Payroll - Each Job separately” “Time Proportional to Piece-Amount”.
    • The option is used when the Job of Job-Card is of Payment-type of “Determined by Job End”. When the preference is set to the new option, the program distribute the hours of the Job Cards in proportion to the piece rate of the different packing types.
  2. Transfer Grid: Remove error-forecolor when the exception is fixed. Show both background and foreground color during analysis of time-cards.
  3. In Update program 2.06 correct the options of updating the Reports and Help.
  4. In the Department screen, show Cost Accounting tab, when the Export to Accounting is set to 'Famous 120'
PET Windows Version 70.85
  1. Added pocket alias Start Crew Break.
  2. Added new pocket preference "Crew Card: Use Employee Selection" Default Yes. Added the column in Exporting to Scan Device.
  3. When exporting to accounting each job separately, Job Cards of Payment Type 'Determined by Job End', the program assigns the difference of time due to rounding to the first package-size instead of the job-card job
PET Windows Version 70.84
  1. Added pocket alias for Missing Lunch and Missing Time-In Before Lunch.
  2. Adding an error message for database update when the float columns value is too big to be converted.
  3. In View screens changing the grid right-click delete to include only the delete of the current record
  4. In Transfer to Job Card and Export to Accounting screens, modifying the color presentation of lines with exceptions. Before the change the background color of those lines was red. After the change the background color stays the same as the type of line (Time-in, Time-out, Piece-out, etc.) but the letter color is set to red and bold. The color of the letters is controlled by the preference “Records with Missing Values”
PET Windows Version 70.83
  1. Changed numeric data storage to decimals for better accuracy.
  2. Changed Minute Duplicate range preference from float to Int.
  3. Increased the size of the Item Traceability screen
  4. Corrected the Auto Return from Break with Rounding Job-change, and multiple pieces during break period
  5. Using caching to improve import speed.
  6. Introduced using the preference 'Distribute Crew Pieces all Day' for Crew Pieces with matching jobs.
  7. Modified ADP 14: Temp-rate (Piece-amount) is rounded to 4 decimal places.
  8. Modified the Support Crew Bonus: Added new column Support Job applying the incentive pay rate only to the hours performing the Support Job.
  9. Piece-outs after Time-out also use the preference 'Distribute Whole Pieces'
  10. In the preferences, fill Gmail details when user clicks on 'Fill SMTP details' button.
  11. Always show 32-bit or 64-bit in the status bar. [Previously showing only if 64-bit]
  12. Allow entering only Version number when sending an update command to Finger Scanner devices.
  13. Famous: Add procedure to round hours during export based on the preference 'Match Hours to Minutes'
  14. Match Hours to Minutes - During export: Do not modify minutes that can be converted properly to hours (e.g.: 0.5, 0.25, 0.1 etc.)
  15. Validate decimal value range before saving from screen.
  16. Fix database update for databases of versions before 70.00
  17. Move OeError files to monthly log folders for deletion along with other logs after the file size becomes large
  18. Clear sync folders of Scan Devices along with other folders at the same interval as Archived import folder (default 60 days)
PET Windows Version 70.82
  1. In Transfer to Job Cards, correcting the procedure of using Crew-In with the “All Employees” crew to set the last Time-in crew and not the “All Employees” Crew.
  2. In Export to Orange for records of JobType table name the records OvertimeRule.
  3. In CSV export format correct the Lookup record header-lines.
  4. Add a preference 'Match Daily Hours to Minutes'
    • Remove the command line parameter /MatchDailyTotalGrossTimeInJobCards and create a new preference.
    • Default value is based on the current usage of parameter.
    • If /MatchDailyTotalGrossTimeInJobCards is being used, the default is set to At Transfer
    • If /MatchDailyTotalGrossTimeInJobCards is not being used, the default is set to At Export
    • Do not try to match total hours again during export when the preference 'Match Daily Hours to Minutes' is set to 'At Transfer'.
    • Correct matching daily hours during export when the preference 'Match Daily Hours to Minutes' is set to 'At Export'.
  5. Added new scan device preference "Crew Card: Use Employee Selection". Default Yes. It determines in Crew-in and Crew-out whether an Employee Selection screen is displayed after the user clicks on the Save button.
    • Yes: The app displays a second screen where the user can exclude members of the crew.
    • No: The app creates the corresponding time cards without an option to exclude employees.
  6. Changes in the method of handling the preference “Exporting Underpay Job-Cards as Time Job-Cards”.
  7. Add Support for Datatech
  8. Check for matching overtime-average-rate period and minimum-wage period only if overtime exists
  9. Correcting export to Datatech of- Minimum wage amount when Export Underpay job-cards as Time is No
  10. Correcting exporting Time and Piece payment-types
  11. Datatech Export: Piece Job-cards without pieces are exported as Time lines
  12. Datatech Export: When preference 'Export Underpay Job-Cards as Time Job-Cards' is set 'Verify Minimum wage in Data-Tech' is ignored
  13. Creating data for Time In Piece Productivity by Field report
  14. Export of 'Cannot Work' time-cards to Pocket devices: Use MM/dd/yyyy format instead of ISO format due to a bug in Android 15.76.07
Version 70.81
  1. Holiday Pay Bonus
    • Do not check for if the Employee was changed to Full-time employee during the Holiday bonus date. Do not check the Audit records for employment-type changes.
    • Add rate Multiplier to allow paying the employee at overtime or double-time rates on the holiday
    • Add Ranch and Field Selection to be added to the Holiday bonus Job-cards
    • Improve the check for Employee work-days before and after holiday
      • Check All days before the cut-off date and after the holiday-date. If Holiday falls on Friday, include employee if worked any day from Saturday to Monday - not just Monday
      • Check All days after the cut-off date and before the holiday-date. If Holiday falls on Monday, include employee if worked any day from Friday to Sunday - not just Friday
    • Speed up processing of holiday-bonus
PET Windows Version 70.80
  1. Removing check for Job when creating multi-time-outs
  2. Fix for pieces assigned in Shift line for Crew Piece-outs with job when preference 'Distribute whole pieces' is set to Yes
  3. Export to accounting - Update the progress bar dialog text during save to show message to choose the save file.
  4. Adding a scenario of a day that is only overtime for computing hourly rate of salaried employees. It occurs when the preference 'Consider Regular Hours only for computing hourly-rate' is Yes.
  5. Show an error message in the scenario of a day that is only overtime for computing hourly rate of salaried employees. It occurs when the preference 'Consider Regular Hours only for computing hourly-rate' is Yes and the preference ‘Overtime rules Daily Overtime hours starts at [Hours]' does not have a value.
PET Windows Version 70.79
  1. Replace 'Piece Discrepancy' in View Job-Cards filter with ‘Underpayment’
  2. When backup fails, In the log file, provide the underlying reason instead of generic message.
  3. Correct XML file import error of job-group
  4. When distributing the pieces of picking Cases and Juice consider a scenario where there is Time -in that its job is Juice.
  5. Assigning pieces to overtime shift when using Job of Payment Types ‘Determined By End job’ with preferences 'Distribute Pieces whole day’ is No and 'Distribute pieces in Shifts by Average’ is No.
PET Windows Version 70.78
  1. Work Order Screen: Ranch and Job fields are required only if the preference "Allow Empty Work Order" is No
  2. Fix check during Transfer to Job Cards when preference 'Count Pieces during Idle-time' is set to No.
PET Windows Version 70.77
  1. Export to Accounting Datatech formats: Piece jobs without pieces can be exported as Time lines. In cases where it is an overtime without pieces and Datatech is verifying minimum wage the hours can be 0 and the Datatech ini file should include the line of command “AllowZeroUnits=TRUE”.
PET Windows Version 70.76
  1. Added new preference "Allow Empty Work Order" in Work-Order preferences tab. Default is No. When set the Yes, the user can leave the Ranch, Field and Job empty so only the Work order Reference, Assigned Date and Crew are required. It facilitates tracking by a Work Order Reference, Time Cards and Job Cards in multiple fields and of multiple jobs.
PET Windows Version 70.75
  1. In a Job Screen that its Payment Type is either “Determined by Job End” or “Time and Determined by Job End” where the Piece rate is not empty, a warning message “Piece Rate set here has precedence over Package-size rates”
  2. In the screen of Multi New Cards, when creating multiple Time-out cards, do not check that Ranch and Field are defined
  3. Add preference 'Distribute Overtime pieces by average'.
    • When set to Yes, the total Pieces for the Job Cards is computed and then distributed to the shifts in proportion to the length of each shift.
    • When set to No, the pieces are assigned to the shift according to the time when the Piece-out was recorded.
PET Windows Version 70.74 [08/31/2020]
  1. Handling scenarios of Multiple package-size Piece when treating Piece jobs as Determined by End Jobs and Distribute Pieces all day set to No.
    • Correcting the distribution to the different shifts.
    • Correcting the Export to Accounting formats
  2. When the preference “Export to Accounting Each Job Separately” is set to “All Time to First Job”, the first Job is the one whose name is first Alphabetically. For this to work the Job names should be set before Transfer to Job Cards.
Version 70.73 [08/28/2020]
  1. Added new preference "Piece Traceability Only" in Trackability - Stickers tab: default is no. When set to yes traceability barcodes can be used in Piece-out and Crew-piece-out that do not identify the employee or the crew. When used, it is required to select or scan the employee in addition to scanning the Piece Traceability barcode.
PET Windows Version 70.72 [08/27/2020]
  1. Fix Export to Orange when Jobs include Job-groups [Regression since 70.68]
  2. Always Export ‘Can Not Work’, and ‘Did Not Answer Questions’ Jobs to scan devices even when not selected in the scan device Job grid.
  3. For Employees that have the item 'Always Use Default Job' set to Yes, when importing Time-in records that have the jobs of ‘Can Not Work’ or ‘Did Not Answer Questions’, do not assign the default job
  4. Improve the algorithm to distribute pieces proportionally when assigning whole pieces.
Version 70.71 [08/25/2020]
  • Added new pocket alias for Palette Button and Expected Palette Count used for tracking number of cases on a palette when using the Piece-out screen.
  • In the User record Increased the size of the Email Address so when the User is a Crew Notification User multiple email addresses separated by commas can be entered.
  • Limited the items defined by the FillSMTP details button the Connectivity tab of the preferences.
  • File backup folder is changed to C:\Emptrack\Restore instead of c:\Emptrack\Backup to facilitate separation of Database and File backup folders and having the option of only placing the database backup in a folder that is synced with external locations like DropBox.
  • File backups are cleared along with skipped sync files. (Twice the number of days of Import.old folders).
  • Show Time-in Question Set, and Time-out Question Set only if Time Card question module is part of the program configuration.
  • Fix: Exception when transferring Time-Cards with job-cards in week and Transfer screen is initially opened without any time-cards (with Bulk Save).
  • Question Set screen: Sort grid by Line number not Alphabetically.
  • Send a single email per crew to notification-user for Time-In Questions and Time-out questions
  • Fix Assigning Pieces to correct job-card when Distribute Pieces All Day is No, and Distribute Individual Pieces as Whole is Yes (for assigning whole pieces in Shifts)
Version 70.70 [08/20/2020]
  • Call Log files moved from the log folder to the monthly log folders to enable clean-up.
  • Export to Accounting Data Tech 7: Export overtime hourly rate is computed from the shift rate instead of base-rate from job-card.
  • In the View Time Cards and Transfer to Job Cards screens when the focus is on a line of a Crew-piece-out, Adding a Time-out will duplicate the contents of the Crew-piece-out in the new Time-out record.
  • Correcting the crash error In the Transfer to job cards screen, when starting with an empty grid, after adding time cards and clicking on the Transfer button.
  • Correcting the Invalid restore file resulting from the crash in item 4.
  • Correct the error message when the value of the preference “Finger Scanner time-out” is out of valid range
  • Use the preference “idle-time average rate decimal accuracy” in shifts, changing from ignoring the preference and using the “Hourly Rate Decimal Accuracy”
  • Export to Famous, uses the preference “idle-time average rate decimal accuracy”, changing from ignoring the preference and using the “Hourly Rate Decimal Accuracy”
Version 70.69 [08/14/2020]
  • Correct Famous: Cost Accounting format 120.3
  • Use Famous 120.3 instead of Famous 123.1 for Cost accounting export definition.
  • Export Line numbers along with Question set to Pocket PET
  • Increase web-mail send time-out to 10 minutes (up from 2 minutes)
  • Remove duplicate pocket alias StartCrewBreakAlias (Start Crew Break). Will use CrewPaidBreakAlias (Menu: Crew Break) instead.
Version 70.68 [08/12/2020]
  • Added new pocket alias field "PaletteCountReachedQuestionAlias".
  • Added a new column "PaletteCount" in Job screen and table.
  • Show Cost Accounting preferences when selecting Famous 123 format.
  • Time-in screen: Add to memo the user name when CannotWork or DonotAnswer job is updated with new job.
  • Duplicate grid on Job Group screen
  • Export Job Groups' job-grid when exporting job-groups
  • Import Job Groups' job-grid along with Job-group
  • Add color preference for Cannot-work jobs
  • Allow only non-labor jobs selection for Cannotwork job preferences
  • Fix modifying time-in from time-in screen
  • Supervisor Piece incentive screen: Employee dropdown uses the Employee lookup contents preference
Version 70.67 [08/07/2020]
  • Added new pocket alias field "pktCannotWorkMessage".
  • Include UpdateTime when exporting cannotwork time-ins to scan devices, add TimeCard_Records node with lookup-contents attribute, add Ranch,Field, and Crew.
  • Set employees last work date with real-time service (Starts 5 minutes after service restarts)
  • Fix deleting the current time-card from Input screens (Regression from 70.21)
  • Send delete command to scan devices when a Can-not-work time-in is deleted.
  • Fix null exception when preferences Meal break is not set, Use break-cards is Yes, and Job is missing in the Time-In
  • Mapping: Add grouping by Crew-supervisor and separate data points per supervisor.
  • Export to Scan device, when a Time-In job is changed from Cannotwork job
  • Export to scan devices, when multi-deleting, multi-editing cannot work time-ins
  • Mark Time-cards with Cannot work jobs as transferred
  • Export CannotWork timeins to devices only where the Employees are available
  • Do not send CannotWork timeins of undefined employees
  • Export the time-in with answered questions to other scan devices to skip asking questions on other devices
Version 70.66 [08/04/2020]
  • Employee screen: Always create the document folder when export id is changed.
  • Employee screen: Allow user to combine folders with existing documents
  • Add Require Signature item to Question Set. [Default Yes]
  • Add Time-In Question to Scan device table. Rename Question to Time-out question
  • Export Question Set preferences, and question-sets to scan devices.
  • Show Time-in Questions on Time-In screen
  • Send notification for Time-in when time-card questions' answers are different from expected answers
  • Add DidNotAnswerQuestionsJob, and CannotWorkJob preferences
  • Questions: Export required response to devices
  • New Cost Accounting Format Famous 120.03
     Column        Data Type/Size   Start Pos   End Pos      Notes                               Comments
     ------        -------------    --------    -------      ------                              ---------
     Record Type      Alpha 1          1           1        H H=Header                               H
     Description      Alpha 41         2          42        Optional.                             Export from PET Tiger
     Journal Group    Alpha 39        43          81        Required. Must be from master.        READ From Preference (2 Preferences 1 for Jobcards and 1 for Equipment)
     Access Group     Alpha 40        82         121        Optional.                             LEAVE EMPTY
     Accrual Flag     Alpha 1        122         122        Required. Y/N make accrual postings   Preference
     Cash Flag        Alpha 1        123         123        Required. Y/N make cash postings.     Preference
  • New Contract Labor Cost Accounting Format Famous 120.03
     Column        Data Type/Size   Start Pos   End Pos      Notes                                Comments
     ------        -------------    --------    -------      ------                               ---------
     Record Type     Alpha 1           1           1        H H=Header                                H
     Description     Alpha 41          2          42        Optional.                              Export from PET Tiger
     Journal Group   Alpha 39         43          81        Required. Must be from master.         READ From Preference (2 Preferences 1 for Jobcards and 1 for Equipment)
     Access Group    Alpha 40         82         121        Optional.                              LEAVE EMPTY
     Accrual Flag    Alpha 1         122         122        Required. Y/N make accrual postings.   Preference
     Cash Flag       Alpha 1         123         123        Required. Y/N make cash postings.      Preference
  • Time In screen: Show Questions above Equipment grid
  • Export Can Not Work, Did not answer questions time-ins to other scan-devices during import. (Limited to 24 hours after start of work)
Version 70.65 [08/04/2020]
  • Fix: Import of Time-Ins without Job (Eg: Time-ins from Finger-scanner) [Regression from 70.57]
Version 70.64 [07/29/2020]
  • When clearing customer mail settings set connectivity method in Scan Devices to File, and to inactive if device address is not cleared.
  • Match total hours in DataTech4 export
  • Match total Hours in DataTech7 export
  • Improve matching hours logic during export.
  • Employee screen: Fix error when original documents folder does not exist on file-system when changing export id
  • Match total hours in DataTech1 export
  • Match total Hours in DataTech5 export
  • Match total Hours in DataTech6 export
  • Add a new command line parameter /TransmissionSize=7 to increase the maximum web-mail file transmission-size to 7MB
  • Employee Screen: Rename the old documents folder when changing Export Identifier even if the folder is empty.
Version 70.63 [07/28/2020]
  • Fix: Export to Great Plains 2: Round Net hours for each employee not for the whole export selection [Regression since 70.52]
  • Match total hours in DataTech2 export
  • Match total Hours in DataTech3 export
  • Import data for setup data without Barcodes when importing customer data.
  • Correcting how fractional hours are computed for exporting proportional hours with each package-size
  • Fix hours being assigned to second package size when Export Each Job Separately is set to 'All time to First Job'
Version 70.62 [07/28/2020]
  • Crew is an optional field in CaseLoad screen.
Version 70.61 [07/27/2020]
  • Fix: Load report "Current" record selection. Load Ready report part name changed to Load.
  • Fix: Creating New Employee when HR module exists [Regression from 70.56]
Version 70.60 [07/26/2020]
  • Fix: Support Crew Bonus - Include all Piece-job hours not just those that are paid incentive-pay
  • During multi edit when pieces are set to null, set the rate source to job, that will allow the rate and paid-pieces to computed again. This is a work-around for computing paid-pieces when a crew-piece-out is transferred again without having to re-transfer all the job-cards.
Version 70.59 [07/24/2020]
  • PS ExportToDataTech: If AlienNumber is Not null export List A Document Expiration Date for AlienExpirationDate. Breaking change. Employee-Expiration date is no longer exported.
  • Populate Supervisor Home Crew for Bonus Job card crew record in Supervisor Piece Incentive Bonus.
  • Office Attendance: Fix check for return from meal [Regression from 70.57]
Version 70.58 [07/23/2020]
  • Send only notification email when the load is printed.
Version 70.57 [07/22/2020]
  • Added new column in Employee screen "AlwaysUseDefaultJob" and added logic to define the JOB when importing TimeIn records when set to true.
  • Accumulate daily and weekly hours in minutes instead of hours.
  • Fix Saving breaks when using break-cards, and meal-time-ins [Regression since 70.56]
  • Office Attendance: Fix Meal-Start when employee has a default job
Version 70.56 [07/21/2020]
  • Added code to recalculate Job Cards after adding bonus records for Supervisor Piece Incentive.
  • Added new pocket alias field "Start Crew Break".
  • Office Attendance: Redirect to get after Post. This resolves the issue of refreshing the browser tab.
  • Office Attendance: Allow user to see the time-cards without having to enter the password with refresh.
  • Office Attendance: Add more details to About screen
  • Do not send emails to support if trial version expired, or if support expired for more than a month.
  • Office Attendance: Add Version number next to copyright
  • Fix: Employee screen: Change Documents folder when changing Export-id without opening the Documents tab
  • Fix: Employee screen: When user changes export ID, move the existing documents to the folder based on new-export ID
    1. If folder exists with new ID and is not empty show error.
    2. Copy data new folder. If any failure happens during copy show error and do not save.
    3. Delete old folder. If any failure happens during delete show error but allow save.
  • Add new preference "Distribute Crew Pieces all Day" (Default: Yes) - No: Crew pieces are counted multiple times in the day and pieces are distributed only to employees working.
  • Fix: Incorrect rounding of meal break-card causes a minute of break to appear in overtime
  • Fix recalculate when loading job-cards created with version earlier than 70.33 when department module exists
  • Fix saving shift records when using bulk save
  • Use the hourly rate decimal accuracy when computing overtime rate [Breaking Change. Adjust Rate accuracy after update as needed]
  • ADP-14 Always export hourly-rate using the rate accuracy preferences
  • Fix: Recalculate Jobcards after adding Supervisor Piece Incentive bonus
  • Do not remove the Department, Code, and Export ID from tables. (Change database update from 6550 to 7000)
  • Add barcode column back to customer table. Regression since 70.00.
  • Fix When recalculating job-card overlapped by a changed break-card, recalculate job-cards overlapped by original break-card also. Remove break legnth from a job-card if the job-card no longer overlaps a break-card.
Version 70.55 [07/16/2020]
  • Add H2A Contract to be used as additional table for selections on Job Card reports generated in the program
  • Office Attendance: Show Server time and increment time every 60 seconds.
Version 70.54 [07/15/2020]
  • Fix Export of Minimum wage Job-cards with preference 'Export underpayment jobcars as Time jobs' is Yes and Minimum-wage period is weekly
  • Alphabetically order the map description items
  • Office Attendance: Use default Ranch and Field preferences
  • Office Attendance: Add Start Lunch and End Lunch buttons
  • Fix - Transfer to Job-Cards failed when Employee has department, but there was no department module [Regression since 70.33]
  • Office Attendance: Check for early return from meal
  • Office Attendance: Show Lunch start as time-out
  • Import Temperature check into Time Sheet lines
Version 70.53 [07/13/2020]
  • Added new column HASHealthyTemperature in EmployeeTimesheet screen and table.
  • Ascentis 1: Moved the column Earning code in place of Job Exportid and JobExportId to empty.
Version 70.52 [07/08/2020]
  • Fix - A Piece-out after proposed-end of Break should not end the break early
  • Great Plains 2: Match totals hours during export.
Version 70.51 [07/07/2020]
  • Export Format: Ascentis: Added padding to columns, use earning code location preference.
  • Famous Export: Set Job Export ID, and Worker Comp Code for Bonus Line when exporting as Amount only
Version 70.50 [07/03/2020]
  • Alternate UserTemp folder when set via parameter, a subfolder is created for each loggedin user
  • Change the update-time on the input records modified with permanent badge assignment. This will prevent the overwrite of records during a second import at the end of day.
  • Fix: Show record'a identifying-name in the multi-delete log. [Regression since 70.00]
Version 70.49 [07/01/2020]
  • Fix check of simultaneous Equipment Use when overlap occurs between a previously transferred job-card and an in-progress transfer.
  • Job-card grid screen: Add Minimum-wage columns to shift-grid for SU user
  • Job-card screen: Amount source, and Piece-rate source are visible to all users not just SU users
  • Job-card grid screen: Keep the status of 'Include Exported' after recalculate or multi-edit
  • Data Tech Export: Fix export of Time and Piece Job-card where amount source is time-only Preference 'Use Piece Underpayment for Time and Piece Jobs' set to 'Never as Underpayment' or 'As Time amount for All'
Version 70.48 [06/29/2020]
  • Remove preference 'Pieces as Time Overtime Hourly Additional Rate Decimal Accuracy' Use 'Hourly Rate Decimal Accuracy' when computing average rate for overtime
  • Job Card grid: Use the piece-rate and hourly-rate accuracy preferences to display data in the grid.
  • ADP 14 Idle-time: Split earning codes by shift
  • Earning code: When no comma exists, the same code is used in all shifts
Version 70.47 [06/26/2020]
  • Fix error when opening Scan device reports for user who has access to only boards
  • Fix Invalid empty error line at 11:00 PM in real-time log
  • Move option to replace barcodes in import file with names to Help menu
  • Rearrange the Help menu.
  • Famous Cost Accounting: Write credit line only if preference 'Cost Account ID' (PrefCostAccFamousAccID) is set
  • Famous Contract Labor: Write credit line only if preference 'Cost Account ID' (PrefCostAccFamousAccID) is set
Version 70.46 [06/25/2020]
  • Export To Datatech IF User UNCHECKS Rate Box when opening Export to Payroll do not include the hourly rate in the file.
  • Fix Support Crew bonus [Regression since 70.44] bonus allocation
  • Fix tab order bonus selection
  • Allow resize of bonus selection screen
Version 70.45 [06/25/2020]
  • Fix the piece-break-down description when a job-card's end-time is with in 30 minutes (meal-length) of overtime where pieces were incorrectly reported to be in overtime instead of regular
Version 70.44 [06/25/2020]
  • Fix: Load screen grid scrolling based on screen resize.
  • Added new column "Export Underpayment Job Cards as Time Job" to department screen Job card tab.
  • Include ExportIdentifier also with Name for Audit record for Employee column in all screens.
  • Fix export piece count when overtime pieces exist in description but an overtime shift did not exist. [Incomplete fix in 70.34]
  • Show Paid-pieces in the job-card grid of Transfer screen
  • Show Paid-pieces in the job-card grid screen
  • When distributing Crew pieces equally for employee working together, also distribute the paid-pieces equally
Version 70.43 [06/22/2020]
  • SP Fix: when employee did not work on a day but a support crew bonus is created while creating support crew bonus.
  • Added a new column "Simultaneous Equipment Use Allowed" in the Equipment screen and also modified the code to use the column in TransferToJobCards.
  • Job-Card grid: Correct the color-legend for Locked record
  • Fix Do not include deleted job-cards when recalculating after creating support bonus
Version 70.42 [06/19/2020]
  • Fix possible DbNull exception when opening Audit for recycled/deleted records.
  • New option to set the Crew for FingerScanner time-cards from previous time-card or home-crew [Altman]
  • Auto generated breaks always use the crew of previous job-card instead of first-crew in day, since the employee can switch crews during the day.
  • Convert the preference 'Populate missing crew at import' to three-states.
    1. Never: Do not do anything during Import
    2. All: Any time-card missing crew will be assigned crew from previous
    3. FingerScannerOnly: All time-cards from finger-scanner are assigned crew of previous time-card
Version 70.41 [06/18/2020]
  • Added new column "Show Field In Crew Pieceout" in Scan device preferences and TimeCard preferences.
  • Added Ranch and Field in Crew Time Out screen.
  • Enable compressed backups for all versions of SQL Server other than Express. Use command line parameter /DoNotCompressBackup to skip compression when unexpected issues arise
  • Show size of log file also in database information
  • Allow shrinking of log files with Shrink database option in Orange Menu
  • Fix Load screen error open error when employee does not have confidential employee access.
Version 70.40 [06/17/2020]
  • Add Load lookup to Time-out screen
  • Load screen grids grow with the screen
  • Logging status message after importing Load records.
Version 70.39 [06/16/2020]
  • Added new columns Employee Export Identifier and Home Crew to Holiday Bonus grid.
  • Added new column to Datatech Employee Export ST_MARITAL_STAT
  • Fix: Export of Minimum wage Job-cards with preference 'Export underpayment jobcars as Time jobs' is Yes and Minimum-wage period is weekly
  • Fix exception Famous Payroll Export for Bonus Job-cards when using Summary Export, and Famous-Cost-Accounting module preference
  • Added two new preferences for Case Load and Item Traceability screens. [Grimmway]
    1. Item Traceability Job-Group Prefix
    2. Case Load Job-Group Prefix
  • Famous Payroll Export: Fix missing amount for Bonus Job-cards when using Summary Export
Version 70.38 [06/11/2020]
  • Added new column I9_DOC_NUMBER, deleted duplicate column ALIEN_EXP_DATE for DataTech Employee Export.
  • Export Format [Ascentis]: Created new export format and test cases.
  • Fix: exception when selection trainer in training screen with preference EmployeeLookUpContents set to multivalue[ID-Name].
  • SU user can create a test export file from the job-card screen
  • ADP 8: When a job-card with overtime is paid as Minimum wage, the OT should use minimum-rate and not average-rate [Regression since 64.59]
  • Fix: Transfer to job-cards done daily does not accumulate weekly hours when employee has department [Regression since 70.33]
Version 70.37 [06/08/2020]
  • Export Format CitiStaff1: If Non Labor is not Holiday or Vacation exporting JOB.ExportIdentifier, if null throw error.
  • Remove button multi-select in Shortcut screen grid
  • Copy contents from grid is enabled for all users
  • Correct the Export Identifiers for Tax tables.
    1. Do not withhold ->
    2. Head of Household -> Hd Hsld
    3. Head of Household Two Jobs -> Hd Hsld Dual Inc
    4. Married Two Jobs -> Married Dual Inc
    5. Single Two Jobs -> Single Dual Inc.
Version 70.36 [06/04/2020]
  1. Export Format Sage 1: Added new column TEMP and corrected the spelling for Earning Code.
  2. Remove preference 'Onboarding >> Populate Expiration date' [Expiration date is added to Onboarding version 2.10.40]
  3. Send data to Onboarding devices also if 'auto initialize time' is set. Global Preference is not used for onboarding devices, since they do not need data sent everyday.
  4. Fix: Invalid error for piece-out with job after time-out (pieces are still added to job-card and piece-out is transferred)
  5. Fix: Piece-out after time-out should be added when preference 'Total Pieces at Day End' is Yes
  6. Fix: Time-out after a piece-out when both piece-out and time-out are rounding down to the same minute.
Version 70.35 [06/02/2020]
  1. Fix: Administration >> Time-cards >> Set Crew for Time-out from Time-in using Traceability Code when time-cards are out of order.
  2. Incorrect computation of paying for pieces when the job has minimum defined.
  3. Added new pocket alias "Total Number of Pieces".
  4. Fix: Editing of locked records alert functionality.
  5. Show message on after setting Crew in Time-Cards of Fingerscanner
  6. Fix creating exercise job when exercise job length is the same as the first job-card
  7. Fix creating clean-up job when clean-up job length is the same as the last job-card
  8. Database update: Add paid-pieces column to job-card pieces grid.
  9. Fix: Negative pieces, and incorrect pieces is shifts when using paid-pieces when using crew pieces with job
Version 70.34 [05/28/2020]
  1. Added new Alias set "DisplayAlias" in PocketAlias.
  2. Added new preference "Load Notification Email" under Label Traceability - Sticker tab.
  3. Send a notification email when a new load is created or DateTime for Load record is updated.
  4. Preference "Start Input Records in New Mode" is set to Yes and Cancel button is clicked show the last saved record.
  5. Consider Piece-out field when distributing piece-outs all day for Determined by End jobs
  6. Fix export piece count when overtime pieces exist in description but an overtime shift did not exist.
  7. Add Standard tax table entries for federal 2020-W4 for Two jobs
  8. Show a clear message when a return from Meal time-in is missing.
  10. Famous Export will always use txt extension. Will ignore any custom extension set in the export file name.
  11. Fix: Famous Export - Exception when creating test-export-file for Modified or Exported Employees
  12. Export Time-cards along with break-cards when exporting to Orange.
  13. Distribution of Crew-pieces to shifts during transfer should use net-time instead of gross-time.
  14. Don't consider PaymentTypes "Extra Wages,Payroll Concept,Non-Labor,Data Tracking,Bonus" for Employee Last working date.
Version 70.33 [05/21/2020]
  1. Added new preference "Case Load Sticker Prefix" under Label Traceability tab.
  2. Renamed the following fields "Sticker Prefix" to "Piece-out Sticker Prefix". "Item Traceability Prefix" to "Item Sticker Prefix". "Label Traceability" to "Traceability - Stickers". "Crew Traceability to "Traceability - Crew".
  3. Modified JobCardCostByJob report class (LaborCostSummaryAndCostSummary) to add EmployeeCount as output.
  4. Fix: Import of Case Load and Item Traceability records from scan device.
  5. Modified code to all null in Finger Scanner Picture Verification column under Preference tab in Scan Device screen.
  6. Fix: Null exception in Famous Export when "Export Underpayment Jobcards as Time Jobs" in department is left empty. [Regression since 70.32]
  7. Allow job-cards when a time-in is followed by a piece-out in the same minute when round job-change preference is No [Regression for Piece-outs with job since 70.15]
  8. Set department in Job-card from employee if department module exists
  9. Show department on Job Card screen when department-module exists
  10. Do not show additional tables defined in report-table (eg: employee department) when the module for the table is not present
  11. Database update: Set JobCard's department from employee
  12. Allow Piece-outs during auto-created break-cards.
  13. Fix: Sage 1 Export: Hide the Crew column header, when crew is not being included in the file
Version 70.32 [05/18/2020]
  1. Added new column "Export Underpayment Jobcards as Time Jobs" in department screen. Modified the famous export to use the column and preference.
  2. Fix: Transfer to Job-Cards day ending with piece-out and preference 'Total Pieces at Day End is Yes' when transferring multiple days
Version 70.31 [05/15/2020]
  1. Added new preference Start Load in Individual Piece-out in Label Traceability preference panel.
  2. Added new alias field "Case Load" in both Windows and Pocket.
  3. Skip throwing error when the line is empty when importing csv.
  4. Auto save file and open the file after converting to Json and after replacing names with code.[Orange Menu].
  5. Argument files: Parse all files in a folder before moving to files in higher-precedence folders.
  6. Change module-names: only display-names are changed. Pocket devices continue to get the original names for backward compatibility.
    1. Traceability -> Traceability - Items
    2. Label Traceability -> Traceability - Stickers
    3. Crew Traceability -> Traceability - Crew
  7. Added new preference CaseLoadJobGroup in Label Traceability Preference Panel.
  8. Correct the bug in Notification user record creation
  9. Use Traceability-Items module instead of Item Traceability module. Remove module Item-Traceability
  10. Sage 1 Export Format: If Crew source is set to None, do not include the Crew column (Home Dept) in the export file [Agri World]
Version 70.30 [05/06/2020]
  1. Modified the Notification screen to add an option of sending a file to a folder.
  2. Added new screen CaseLoad under Input Menu.
  3. Export Last-time-out records as HH:mm:ss instead of hh:mm:ss tt to mobile devices to verify minimum meals
  4. Fix restore backup from Update program
  5. Fix error when creating a database backup. (Regression since 70.28)
Version 70.29 [05/04/2020]
  1. Validate web address that it should not accept spaces in scan device screen.
  2. DataTech Export: Fix exporting shift-rate instead of base-rate for overtime shifts (Regression since version 66.00)
  3. DataTech Export: Use preference 'Overtime shifts Export Regular Rate'
  4. Do not close all screens when Viewing Time-card or job-card grids
  5. Change parameter UseSingleConnection to UseSharedConnection to change defaults
  6. Show command-line arguments on About screen
  7. Fix: When the Job Card is invalid don't create a meal penalty record.
Version 70.28 [04/28/2020]
  1. Added new screen ItemTraceability and functionality.
  2. Added selection of date when assigning badge from badge screen.
  3. Holiday overtime differential can be used with preference 'Hourly base of Overtime and Double-time' (Overtime as average) [Santa Maria Harvesting]
  4. Famous Export - Allow export of differential shifts with multiple package-sizes
  5. Famous Export - When exporting multiple package-sizes with Overtime paid as Average-rate set the piece earning code from the package-size job instead of time-in job
  6. Open separate connection for each access to database.
  7. Add command line parameter UseSingleConnection to use a single connection throughout the duration of the program.
  8. Do not duplicate Employee's Finger template, face template, hand template, short SSN, and picture
  9. GreatPlains2: Use standard summary procedure instead of custom summary procedure. (Support weekly summary)
  10. Export Format: ADP14: Export Extra-Wage Payment type same as Pieces.
  11. Added code to export Item Traceability Job Group record with job record on export to scan device.
  12. Fix accumulation of used paid-sick and paid-vacation hours (Regression since 64.39)
  13. Item Traceability screen: Duplicating record not working.
  14. Added Meal Penalty Average Rate calculation.
Version 70.27 [04/16/2020]
  1. Export To Famous: Added new preference Overtime: Export Regular Rates and functionality in Famous export file.
  2. Added new preference Equipment Badge Script and added PrintBadge button to Equipment screen.
  3. Export To DataTech: Don't export when there is a line with time and pieces are 0.
  4. Show error when job-cards that were exported match the crew piece-out
  5. Import Time-Cards and Job-Cards as-is (Do not mark as Not-transferred or not-exported) when importing customer data
  6. Added Ranch and Field columns to Support Crew Bonus selection and created the jobcards based on selection.
  7. Export To Paylocity: Export units when payment type is Non Labor and Extra Wages.
  8. Fix Import of sync files from real-time [Regression since 70.23].
  9. Move skipped sync files to Sync folder under EmpTrack instead of user-temp
  10. Delete old Skipped-import-sync files after twice the number of days of Archived-import files
  11. When transferring Crew-Piece-outs by themselves consider all employees that have different day-starts working in the same crew
Version 70.26 [04/06/2020]
  1. Importing temporary badges.
  2. View SSN in employee is visible based on View SSN user permission
  3. Fix: Support crew bonus filter incorrect.
  4. Added new column AccessToReverse in users screen under permission tab and functionality to display the files based on column definition.
Version 70.25 [04/01/2020]
  1. While exporting employee to famous123 when state is california export allowances in place of dependents.
  2. Added new column ComputeAccruedHours in SickLeaveRule screen. Added functionality to insert direct Sick or Vacation record based on new column.
  3. Fix: Support crew bonus filter incorrect.
  4. Fix divide by zero exception when transferring crew-pieces in some cases when time-cards have errors
Version 70.24 [03/31/2020]
  1. Overtime pieces are assigned to overtime shifts even when overtime pieces are paid at regular rate. Breaking Change
  2. Famous Export: Overtime pieces are exported as overtime pieces even when Hourly Rate base of Overtime Shifts is not set to Regular
Version 70.23 [03/30/2020]
  1. Added new menu item under Orange menu for Parsing XML file to Json.
  2. Added new preference "Import Sync Files" under Connectivity tab.
  3. Allow import of job-card shifts when importing JobCardComplete records
  4. Verify availability of Sick or Paid Vacation hours before creating a new job card.
  5. Added new preference ImportSyncFolder and added functionality to save to a folder when set to no.
  6. Added new column ComputeAccruedHours in SickLeaveRule screen. Added functionality to insert direct Sick or Vacation record based on new column.
  7. Show only Job-cards with updated pieces after transferring Crew Piece-outs
Version 70.22 [03/24/2020]
  1. Fix duplicate of Fixed lookups (Eg: Payment-type in Job, Payment-type in Employee)
  2. Export Employees in batch to devices when we have any update to employee record. (Eg: Importing fingerprint templates from Fingerscanner)
  3. Lock Day preferences: Days of week dropdown is sorted week-days first instead of alphabetical order
  4. Add preference Locked record color
  5. Show Locked color on Job-card grid
  6. Allow delete of locked input records while archiving
  7. Empty Recylebin: Allow SU user to skip creating backup
  8. Added new column Total Contract Hours to H2A contract screen.
  9. Use EF.Core and bulk save after transfer to job-cards with command line argument /UseBulkSave
  10. Fix possible invalid cast exception when loading IsTimeIn column during time-card grid multi-edit
  11. Modified column name in grid controls for Sick Leave and Paid Vacation tabs in Employee screen.
  12. ExportFormat: ADP 14 and ADP 16: Use Piece earn code for Job with payment type Extra Wages. Fix Amount column using Units changes to AmountByUnit.
  13. Recalculating jobcards after creating new support crew bonus records.
  14. Added new filter screen for employee.
  15. Modifed the filter screen for Paid Vacation and Paid Sick Leave rebuild.
  16. Fix - Adding pieces to job-cards previously transferred. [Regression since 70.18]
Version 70.21 [03/10/2020]
  1. Fix: ExportToScanDevice: Consider Crew List and Department list for devices when exporting Employee changes to scan devices and also included test cases.
  2. Do not allow deleting or multi-delete exported job-cards when preference 'Lock Exported Job-Cards is set' and user doesn't have permission to edit locked job-cards.
  3. Do not export last-time-out records to scan devices if the default-lunch-length has passed since the employee timed-out
  4. Added Paid Vacation module and functionality.
  5. "Weight" input field in the Job Record is available for all users.
  6. Implement Locking check for Time-Outs, Signature, and Non-labor cards in addition to Time-Ins
  7. Fix Sequence contains no elements error when creating exercice or clean-up jobs
  8. Combine Preference 'Allow Edit of Exported Job-Cards' into Lock Exported Job-Cards
  9. Lock Job-Cards status is used instead of Allow Edit of Exported Job-Cards in:
    • Run Screen
    • Break Screen
    • TimeSheet screen
    • Job Card screen
    • Recalculate of Job-Cards
  10. Time Cards are locked like Job-Cards after Locking period.
  11. Fix: TransferToJobCards: When a single timecard with sick/paid vacation requested not creating job card.
  12. Computech 2: Piece-count can be upto 99999.99 (up from 999.99)
Version 70.20 [03/03/2020]
  1. Fix: Sick leave accrual
  2. Fix: View error file when user temp is not created.
  3. Do not throw error when email ID is not assigned in preference and Notification module is not available for customers.
  4. In View time cards delete functionality in single button.
  5. Showing alert message after completing recycle bin functionality.
  6. Fix Sequence contains no elements error during transfer to job-cards when the screen is open without any time-cards and time-cards are created with the screen open
  7. Reduce the number of exceptions that are shown when creating auto-breaks and meals for incomplete time-cards. (Regression since 70.17)
  8. Fix Exception during transfer to job-cards trying to save an incomplete job-card
Version 70.19 [02/27/2020]
  1. Correcetd help context ID's in Load screen.
  2. Empty recycle bin uses the same procedure as Empty Audit. Delete couple of records at a time to prevent time-outs
  3. ExportFormat: Added new export format ADP16 and test cases.
Version 70.18 [02/25/2020]
  1. Adding sick leave accrual record hours through Job Cards.
  2. Added help context ID for all fields in Load screen.
  3. Fix: When converting Time out to Time in or Time In to Time out the verification picture is lost.
  4. Displaying Bulk Data Preferences tab when module Bulk Data Entry is available.
  5. ExportToAccounting: [Sage 1]: Export ID of the Job record is not a required field.
  6. Added two new columns Qualifying Children Under Age17 and other dependents to the employee screen.
  7. Prevent job-cards being created across multiple days (regression from 70.15)
  8. Limit the number of errors shown during transfer to job-cards. (Regression from 70.15).
Version 70.17 [02/19/2020]
  1. Fix Generating Auto Meals and Breaks defined in Crew record as Start times instead of periods [Regression from 70.15]
Version 70.16 [02/17/2020]
  1. Export Format [ADP 14]: Added new preference ADP14IncludeBatchNumber to include or not BatchNumber in the export file, also added Test cases.
  2. Fix: Consider department roundinginfo when crew roundinginfo is null for both TimeIn and TimeOut while transfer to job cards.
  3. Fix: TransferToJobcards: Can have pieceout after timeout when we have job in pieceout.
Version 70.15 [02/10/2020]
  1. Fix: Support Crew Bonus: Employee worked hours column in grid.
  2. Export To Famous: Added functionality and test cases for preference ExportPremiumSeparately.
  3. Export To GreatPlains2: Non Labor job cards are not exporting.
  4. Export To PDADevice: Added code to export column Code for Equipment Type and Values is recordcounter.
  5. Creating job-cards from incomplete Time-Cards can create return from meals and breaks
  6. Change size of the fields on Job Screen
  7. Allow creating Auto meals and break records when employees works across date-line
  8. Only a single meal penalty job card is created per day. The length of the meal-penalty is changed based on number of missing meals
  9. Combine pieces to job-cards after splitting the exercise and clean-up jobs. (Causes difference in piece-count assigned per job-card but not total amount paid)
  10. Clean-up job-card is created for both days when job-card is split across date-line (Strict work-day)
  11. Do not mark time-cards rounded to the same time as transferred.
  12. Corrected meal penalty implementation and added description for Meal Penalty job card.
Version 70.14 [01/30/2020]
  1. Add Meal Penalty with Minimum Gross Hours, and Minimum start-time
  2. Fix Copyright missing error for PET Web and PET Api. [Regression from 70.08]
  3. Fix: Salaried Employees get negative amount when transferred with other employees or in multiple weeks. [Regression from 70.11]
Version 70.13 [01/27/2020]
  1. Fix null exception when using strict work-day or work-week with auto creating clean-up jobs [Regression from 70.07]
  2. Include Reference Prefix while exporting onboarding device. While saving record Reference Prefix is a required field for onboarding device.
  3. Fix: Famous Employee Export 123.01 - Remove additional zero in Claims Dependant Amount, Other Income, and Deductions columns.
  4. User can create test file for previously exported Employees
Version 70.12 [01/24/2020]
  1. Export To Famous: Added new preference, functionality and Test Cases for famous BonusExportedAsAmountOnly.
  2. Fix: Showing status after Import from Device functionality.
  3. Fix: Duplicating a salaried employee records with Pay period Daily throwing an error.
  4. Export Job.RequireEquipment to scan devices
Version 70.11 [01/23/2020]
  1. Fix: When determined by Job end and preference Distribute Whole Units and Overtime is set to true then distribute whole pieces to shifts.
  2. Added Job Card description for Salaried employees.
  3. Fix: TimeIn Piece Productivity Report: Includes pieces when Ranch, Field and Job are selected as filters.
  4. Fix: Job Card not created for Salaried employees.
  5. Fix: Allow multi edit of piece rate for jobs with payment type "Time and Determine By End".
  6. Do not show count when screen is Always in New Record Mode
  7. No emails sent from failed web-mail connection. Server monitoring sends sms when connections fail. Reduces Email overload.
  8. Allow multi-edit of Hourly rate for Extra-wages, and piece-rate for Bonus jobs
  9. Fix: TimeIn Piece Productivity Report: Includes pieces when Ranch, Field and Job are selected as filters.
  10. Export To Famous: Added two new preference for famous ExportPremiumSeparately and BonusExportedAsAmountOnly.
  11. Fix: Duplicating a salaried employee records creates new employee with empty.
  12. When a job-card doesn't have piece-underpayment and the AmountSource is set to GuaranteedAmount, export as an underpayment job-card.
Version 70.10 [01/15/2020]
  1. Added new menu item View Error file under Orange Menu and restructured Orange menu list.
  2. Include TotalPieces, Inventory (Item Movement), and Measurement tables in Archiving
  3. [Database Update] Add indexes for JobCard.TimeCardInCounter, JobCard.TimeCardOutCounter, JobCardTimeOut.TimeCardOutCounter columns. Allows faster delete of time-cards
  4. Do not get record count when opening a screen in zoom or new mode.
Version 70.09 [01/14/2019]
  1. Fix Famous Employee export 123.01
  2. Export to Accounting Employees: Do not export Employee records of type badges and temporary employees.
Version 70.08 [01/13/2020]
  1. Fix: Loading home crew for first Job Card when using preference 'Populate Missing Items during Transfer'
  2. FIX: backup file not created for File>>Administrator>>Time cards>>'Set crew for Finger Scanner Time cards.
  3. Fix: Multi Edit column Hourly Rate in Job screen when payment type is "Time and Determined By Job End".
  4. Fix: Support Crew Bonus screen: use Work crew instead of Home crew for employees to calculate bonus.
  5. Fix: Holiday Bonus screen: validate employee jobcards for holiday bonus based on Date Time In column.
  6. Allow multi-edit of Unit-rate on Job-Card screen
  7. Extra-wages: Use hourly-rate from Job if unit-rate is not set in the job-card
  8. Job Screen:
    • Make hourly-rate read-only for Bonus, and Payroll-Concept Jobs. These payment-types should use unit-rate
    • Make piece-rate read-only for Extra-wages.
  9. Allow recalculate when Units or Unit-rate changes
  10. Fix Archive Database when Backup-type is set to No-backup
  11. Equipment is carried over unless the employee uses another equipment.
    1. Carry over equipment when equipment when the preference No Carry Over Equipment is set
    2. Do not carry over when another equipment is set.
    3. Do not carry over equipment of No-Carry over Equipment Type
    4. Do not carry over after Time Out
    5. Do not carry over to Meals and Breaks
    6. Carry over to return from meal and break job-cards
    7. Equipment is always carried-over for auto-return from breaks and meals job-cards
  12. Change copyright year to 2020
  13. Track daily and weekly hours worked in minutes. (Prevents overtime starting after 40.015 hrs instead of 40 hrs)
  14. Fix: Crew pieces being assigned to Salaried employees working in the same Crew. [Regression from 70.07]
  15. Fix: Computing hourly rate for overtime premium and idle time should have the same hourly rate accuracy.
  16. Fix: Create all jobcards with differential pay when configured as full day.
  17. Add update notes regarding preference 'Consider regular hours only for computing hourly rate of Period-rate employees'
Version 70.07 [01/06/2019]
  1. Always create cleanup job when field Time Employees Included is set to YES.
  2. Fix: when saving preference RecordRow _childRecords collection is null.
  3. Added new bonus screen Support Crew Bonus and Test cases.
  4. Crew Pieces: Do not put pieces in Overtime column of Job Breakdown description if not paying pieces by shift
  5. Preferences “Weekly Overtime Method” and “Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime” can not be used together.
  6. Add Preference “Consider regular hours only for computing hourly rate of Period-rate employees” for paying overtime for Salaried Employees. Default:Yes [Breaking Change]
Version 70.06 [12/30/2019]
  1. Show the argument files loaded in real-time log
  2. Load the argument files located in the control file folder for real-time service
  3. Pay Piece by Shift is only valid when Pay Overtime as Average is set to No
  4. Add validation when changing preferences that 'Pay Piece by Shift' and 'Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime' can not be used together
  5. Export to Accounting - Use preference 'Pay Piece by Shift' only if 'Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime' is not set.
  6. Add Version number to log file
  7. Added new bonus screen Holiday Pay and Test cases.
  8. Added new columns Claim Dependents Amount,Other Income,Deductions,Additional Amount of State Withholding to employee screen.
  9. FIX: Time cards doesn't save when crew is assigned when menu item File>>Administrator>>Time cards>>'Set crew for Finger Scanner Time cards.
  10. Famous 123.01: new setup export format added.
  11. Re ordered employee additional information screen layout.
Version 70.05 [12/18/2019]
  1. Added new preference "Finger Scanner Button Configuration".
  2. Add Preference 'Meal Penalty Premium Total Hours for first Meal [Hours]'
  3. Fix: Field Screen: Name Search lookup displaying ranch-counter instead of Name.
  4. Fix: Use Preference 'Pay Piece by Shift' when employee is paid with Crew Pieces.
Version 70.04 [12/16/2019]
  1. DataTech export: Fix usage of transposed Field ID. [Regression from 65.26]
Version 70.03 [12/11/2019]
  1. Added new preference Finger Scanner Picture Verification.
  2. DataTech 7 Export format for Delano. Similar to DataTech4. Export Pieces paid as regular for overtime shifts in a separate line. Export base-rate always
  3. Crystal Reports: Show Group panel when Oracle Module does not exist.
  4. Scan Device Screen: Save modified record before start exporting documents to Onboarding device
  5. PDF Form Fill: Use configuration for items even when there is no corresponding PET field.
  6. Pdf Form Fill: Add Address2WithoutApt, and MailingAddress2WithouApt to be used with I-9 form with N/A
  7. Employee Screen: Fix exception when entering SSN number in List C
  8. Crew Piece distribution: Employees working 1:15 and 1:30 hours are grouped differently when piece-distribution rounding factor is 15 minutes (Regression from 70.01)
  9. Refresh employee and crew lookup when a new employee or crew is added to grid in View Time card and Job card screen.
  10. Added new tab for Bulk entry and added new preferences for Employee,Ranch,Field, Equipment and Job lookup fields.
  11. Restoring the definition of lookup fields after Bulk Data entry screen.
  12. Added Finger Scanner Picture Verification preference to the Scan Device screen preference tab.
  13. Add Administration option to correct Crew for Time-Cards from Fingerscanners [Altman, Trilogy]
  14. Limit look back period for setting crew to the same day-start [Altman, Trilogy]
  15. Fix: Updating job-cards during transfer that were previously transferred. [Regression from Version 70.00]
  16. Set Crew during transfer from time-card defaults or previous time-cards during Transfer when preference 'Populate Missing items during transfer is set to Yes'. Only Time-In's Crew will be set. Time-out's Crew will not be set.
  17. Use caching during export for faster execution.
  18. Allow changing the table node name while exporting as XML
  19. Allow restoring of Job-cards before transfer of Crew time-cards.
  20. Fix Last backup selection. Order by creation time, not by file name. For supervisor user, the file-name order is incorrect because of user-names in file-names.
  21. Fix: Export of records after importing partial record via csv. Eg: After importing a Job with CSV header of Name, and Code - Export of Job contains only Name, and Code columns
  22. Added new pocket alias EndPaidBreakAlias.
  23. Fix: Ambiguous columns while loading the screen JobCardBulkDataentry.
Version 70.02 [11/22/2019]
  1. Add list of modules to XML files exported to Orange Support
  2. Crew Piece-out without Job (Distribute by grouped time) Group employees by time-range instead of rounded-time. (Match logic with Crew Piece-out with job)
  3. Export to Red Wing(Center Point): Consider units when Payment type is bonus.
  4. View Pieces: Filter employee combobox based on job-cards.
  5. Moved job-preference resources out of CrewScreen.
  6. Check for validity of Break-length preferences against rounding-factor edited on screen, not the loaded value from database.
  7. Improve analysis of time-cards when done multiple times (through refresh or analyze buttons) in order to prevent the possibility of ghost transfers.
Version 70.01 [11/15/2019]
  1. View JobCards and Export to Accounting: Refersh the grid row color on analyze button click.
  2. Auto fill ShortSSN field with "XXX_XX" in search control in employee screen.
  3. Salaried Employee: Use First'job in the period's amount as salary when 'Use Employee Job Rates' preference is set to Yes
  4. View Job Cards filter: Change Day Start caption as 'First Day Start'
  5. Added new preference "Finger Scanner Time-out" under Bio-Identification tab.
  6. Change the algorithm of grouping Employees by total work-time for Crew Piece distribution.
Version 70.00 [11/13/2019]
  1. Remove Unused Trace table and its corresponding screens
  2. Upgrade All Projects to be dependent on .Net 4.8 This drops support for Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Windows 7 SP1 is supported), and Windows Server 2008 (Windows Server 2008 R2 is supported).
  3. Fix exception in View Time-card grid when adding a Piece-out is added in Empty Grid.
  4. When real-time module doesn't exist export interval to scan devices as 23 hours to prevent crashes in Android PET (ver. 15.68)
  5. Added new class for new report TimeIn Piece Productivity.
  6. Use the same logic for getting current-time as End-time when there is no department and when there is no time-zone in the department.
  7. Datatech Export: When exporting each job separately, use the Earning Codes from the package-size if available before fallback on job set in job-card.
  8. Datatech 2 and 4 Export: When exporting Time+Piece overtime shifts with pieces paid as regular export time-earning code instead of piece-earning code for the shift.
  9. User Screen: Change caption - View SSN to View Complete SSN.
  10. View Job-Cards screen: Refresh totals based on employee and crew selection.
  11. View Job Cards screen: Filter data in the grid based on record selection from employee and crew lookups.
  12. Remove preference Cache Job cards during transfer (Always assume true).
  13. Deduct supervisor Pay from Piece jobs of the Employee if any of the Employee's Jobs in Time-in has the Supervisor deduction job set.
  14. Fix Irrigation screen cancel when no records present in the table.
  15. Fix: Export of Valid Onboarding Badge range when not using reusable badges. [Regression from: 65.50]
  16. Fix: Import of Employee name from Onboarding device when not using reusable badges. [Regression from: 65.50]
  17. Run the procedure to compute the Employees' Last work date only when exporting to a Pocket PDA device and not when exporting to Onboarding device
  18. Change the Piece-Breakdown comment header.
                       |     Total|  Job-Card| Piece|Job-Card| Regular|    OT|    DT|
              JobAlias |    Pieces|    Pieces|  Rate|  Amount|  Pieces|Pieces|Pieces|
  20. Fix missing AllowedEquipment grid on Job screen [Regression from 10.92]
  21. Fix: Check personal device count when exporting to personal devices.


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