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Windows What's New

Version 11.62 [12/30/2016]
  1. Fix: Unhandled exception when Preference 'Web Mail Method' is set to Internal and URL is not defined.
  2. Added pocket alias "Time card check failed"
  3. Updated help context id
  4. Add Account screen (With Hidden module "Multi Account")
  5. Remove dependency on FormControl in data files
  6. Start Move of Data classes to PetDataModel project
  7. Added Job Group screen
  8. Added Job Group to Job Screen
  9. Fix: Multi-delete Time-Outs on Time-Card grid
  10. Add IContainDepartment interface, and let TableBaseWithReference inherit from it
  11. Add cSetupTablesWithDepartment class
  12. Database Update to add department to all tables
  13. Change Preference 'Use Average Hourly Rate for Overtime Shift' to 'Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime' Options (None, Daily, Weekly) changed to (Regular, Daily Average, and Weekly Average)
  14. Fix Exception when adding Job-Card from View Job-Cards screen
  15. Add SetupTableWithNameAndDepartment class which inherit from SetupTableWithName
  16. Change JobGroup inheritance from SetupTableWithName to SetupTableWithNameAndDepartment
  17. Added Job Group grid to Device screen (Default: No)
  18. Job Group & Job Export combinations:
    • (Active And Not Deleted Filter is always added)
    • Job-Include Job-Grid Job-Group-Include Job-Group Grid Exported Items
      Y Empty N/A N/A All Jobs
      Y Items-Selected Y Empty Selected-Jobs + Jobs with Any Job-Group
      Y Items-Selected Y Items-Selected Selected-Jobs + Jobs with Selected Job-Groups
      Y Items-Selected N N/A Selected-Jobs
      N N/A Y Empty Jobs with Any Job-Group
      N N/A Y Items-Selected Jobs with selected Job-Groups
      N N/A N N/A Nothing exported
  19. Export to Scan Devices based on Job and Job Group grid selections
  20. Update Pocket Preferences
    • 'Check Data Integrity Before Export' to 'Check Data Integrity at Sync'
    • 'Check Piece-Outs without Time-In at Export' to 'Check Piece-Outs without Time-In at Sync'
    • 'Check Time-Ins without Time-Outs at Export' to 'Check Time-Ins without Time-Outs at Sync'
    • 'Check Piece-Out-with-Job without Time-In at Save' to 'Check Piece-Out-with-Job without Time-In at Sync'
    • 'Check Time-Outs without Time-In at Export' to 'Check Time-Outs without Time-In at Sync'
  21. Export preference "Round time in transfer to job card" also to pocket (used for checking missing time-in and time-out)
  22. Fixed help context ids
  23. Fix Connectivity Locations for the standard Department column and fix the CSV export
  24. Scan Device Default connectivity method is Web
  25. Rename Department Module to 'DepartmentModule' (To be used in reports)
  26. Export Administrator users only when 'Use Login Screen' preference is No [No users were exported before]. (Export all users when the preference is Yes)
  27. Work Order - Duplicate record does not the copy the Completion-Time, Void and Completed status
  28. Do not Export Department to the Scan Devices
  29. Do not Export JobGroup to scan devices
  30. Excused and Unexcused Absence job are only auto-exported to scan devices when 'Consider Absent Employees on Sync' preference is set to Yes
  31. Time-In, Time-Card screens: Make Equipment grid grow with the screen
  32. Auto set ModuleName formulas in reports
  33. Payment Type 'Idle Time (NPT)' is changed to 'Idle Time (Rest and Recovery)'
  34. Export preference PrefSimultaneousEquipUseAllow also to scan device
  35. Update help context numbers for Job Group screen, and Job group grid on Scan Device screen
Version 11.61 [12/13/2016]
  1. Preference search is only by Caption and Help Description (Removed Control Name, and preference name)
  2. Famous Export Fix: Consider the preference "Use Average Hourly Rate for Overtime Shift" when exporting hourly-rate for Overtime/doubletime shifts
Version 11.60 [12/09/2016]
  1. Fixed exception when export to scan device
  2. Expand Environment Variables in Export folder paths if needed
  3. Famous Export: Fix - Show Error in Log file is State is missing in Employee, or Field instead of exception
  4. Scan Device screen: Add 'Batch Scan' as one of the Default Scan Modes
  5. Fix Out of Order Time-Cards - Time-Cards from Pocket PDA devices that do not use 'Batch Scan Mode' and those not imported from any device are excluded.
  6. Fair Food Premium: Add selection by Work-Crew
  7. Fix: Opening Audit Log on Time-In, Time-Out, Job-Card screens when logged-in user has View Confidential Records:No, or Crew grid or department grid defined.
Version 11.59 [12/05/2016]
  1. Bulk data entry
    • Added a preferences show lookup by name / export id default export id
    • Populate date and time-in for new row if previous row has the same employee
  2. Change Preference "Use Average Daily Rate for Overtime Shift" to "Use Average Hourly Rate for Overtime Shift" - Options Available: None, Daily, Weekly
  3. Add additional configuration for 2016 I-9 form 'Citizenship/Immigration Status' textbox on page 2
  4. Fixes for 'Office Attendance' to match current Windows Version
  5. Include Office Attendance Dll as part of the install zip file
Version 11.58 [11/30/2016]
  1. Crew break and meal notification for real time -- not finished
  2. Fix Memory leak - Dispose Telerik Grid and its components
  3. Update Telerik Controls to 2015.1.331 for clearing a few memory leaks
  4. Add option "None" to Preference 'Employee Export ID populated from'
  5. Famous Export - Fix: (Piece-only Payment-type) Each Job Separately and multiple shifts in a single job-card
  6. Famous Export - When 'Export each Job Separately' is Yes, consider the preference 'Pay Overtime Pieces as Weekly Average'
  7. Fix Exception during Export to Scan Devices, if an Alias Set defined in Preferences is no longer available.
  8. Updated help context id
  9. Real time break and meal notification
  10. Database added columns to the crew record, "break and meal notification" and "break and meal user to notify
  11. Database Update: If a version number is not found, find the last version that is lower than the current one and update from there.
  12. Export to pocket the Job default length if notification module exists
  13. Updated help context id (department and scan device - use the general preferences help)
  14. Time-Card grid: Fix Multi-delete of selected Crew Piece-out records
  15. Fix: Crew Piece-out import - Exception when the last Time-Card in the import file is for a Temporary Employee
  16. Fix: Analysis when a Time-card is marked as Transferred after opening 'Transfer to Job-Cards' screen
  17. Work Order screen: Show only Piece Jobs in Package Size grid.
  18. Work Order screen: When zooming to Buyer or Destination screen to create new records, set the Customer Type appropriately.
  19. Fix: Transfer to Job-Cards invalid exception when created Break-Cards from Paid Break time-ins and Crew Piece-outs exist.
  20. Work Order screen: Do not auto-populate Buyer, Destination, and Crop if only one item in database.
Version 11.57 [11/16/2016]
  1. Open maps from url instead
  2. Database update add column BreakAndMealNotification to Crew record
  3. Added help context id
  4. Auto Export Work-Orders when importing with Package-size Lookups via CSV file
  5. Work-Order screen: Ranch, Field, Job, Crew, Assigned Date of In-Progress Work-order is not allowed to change
  6. Employee Last Work Date: PTG does not want to set the Last work date to be in future. Set Last work date to be Today for New Employees and when setting an Employee back to 'Active'
  7. Do not Allow Meal/Paid-Break Time-in to be the first Break-Card of the day even when Creating Break-Cards from Time-Cards
  8. If an Invoice for a period was exported, and a new work-order is created during that period - add it to the following period's invoice.
  9. Work-Order Export: Send Names of Crop, Buyer, and Destination as part of comment instead of barcodes of these items
  10. Work-Orders only exported when added via Work-Order screen, or using Export to Scan Devices from Work-Order screen.
  11. Work-orders are not exported when 'Export to Scan Device' option is used.
Version 11.56 [11/11/2016]
  1. Fix: Wrong Excluded Time-Card count message during Transfer to Job-Cards
  2. Transfer to Job-Cards: Exclude Piece-outs when excluding Time-Ins using 'Typical Job Length'
  3. Create Log file for Excluded Time-Cards that can be opened by clicking on the exclusion message.
Version 11.55 [11/08/2016]
  1. Import Work-Order line along with Package-size from a CSV file. Update Ranch record's 'Bill to Customer' from the same line
  2. Fix Exception during Transfer to Job-Card when there is a mix of Piece-out-with-Job and Piece-out-without-job time-cards and the preferences 'Distribute Pieces from Piece-outs-with-job all day' is Yes, and 'Total Pieces at Day End' is Yes.
  3. DataTech Export: When Transposing Field Export Identifier of a combination of Job and Field, Transpose Field ExportId of Break and Idle-Time Job-card only if the previous job-card's Field Export ID is also transposed.
  4. If DataTech preference of 'Transpose Field Ids' or 'Transpose Job Names' is set, the preference 'Accounting >> Group Records by' is always assumed to be 'Employee then Date'
  5. Employee Screen: Show Warning Message to user if entering Expired date for documents in I-9 section
  6. Crew Traceability Screen: Remove Spaces in barcodes scanned into First Code, or Last Code columns in the grid
  7. Remove Preferences: Auto Analyze Time-Cards before Transfer (Defaults to Yes), Auto Analyze Time-Cards before View (Defaults to No)
  8. Employee Screen: Enable Multi-Select and Copy-From/Copy-To on Job grid
Version 11.54 [10/28/2016]
  1. Map
    1. Fixed bug: Loading a script / Notification map load also the main value
    2. Added preference: Map type "text label" (json), and "value icon" (kml) default is "text label"
    3. For "text label" map:
      1. Add to the "map selection" a threshold
      2. Color the map base on the threshold and the main value
      3. Allow text on the map label based on the icon
      4. Added to the map description (creation date, last card date time ....)
  2. Time sheet import - TS header creates time sheet line with only employee, TS line removes the only employee name line
  3. Preferences while importing a file can be added to the Import file
    • CSV: I_ReadFilePreference,Name,Value
    • XML: <Header> <ReadFilePreference><Name></Name><Value></Value></ReadFilePreference> </Header>
    • Examples:
    • CSV:
      • I_ReadFilePreference,CreateMissingLkpsForInputImprt,Yes
      • I_ReadFilePreference,CreateMissingLkpsForInputSetup,Yes
    • XML: <Header>
  4. Added export to payroll format Carvin2
  5. Use https for uploading Maps' JSON and KML files
  6. Fix Import of Job-Cards with Break-Cards (Job-Cards did not consider break-cards)
  7. Fix Recalculate Job-Cards with break cards when using cached records
Version 11.53 [10/25/2016]
  1. Export export id if preference "Item in keyboard selection" is "Export identifier"
  2. Do not show message in Real-Time log about clearing 0 old files
  3. Fix: Exception when generating Equipment Summary by Job or Equipment Summary by Field reports when the Job-Card does not have Ranch/Field
  4. Preference 'Pieces as Time Weekly Calc Difference' is limited to 2 cents
  5. New-Database REST Address is set to https
  6. Server Address is read-only. (Only SU user can change it)
  7. Add Customer Type
  8. Add Customer Type to Customer.
  9. Customers with Term 'Grower' and 'Contractor' are updated to use Customer-Types of the same name
  10. Add Buyer, Destination, and Crop to Work Order. Buyer and Destination are Customer records
  11. Preferences >> Default >> Employee Badge Report, Field Badge Report, and Job Badge Report changed to Employee Badge Script, Field Badge Script, Job Badge Script
  12. Update REST Address to https on update (Will only be exported to devices on next setup export)
  13. Crew Traceability - Customer filter based on Term 'Grower' or 'Contractor' changed to filter based on Customer Type
  14. Work Order - Add Package Size grid. Piece Count Accuracy is based on 'Piece Decimal Accuracy for Program'
  15. Fix: Unable to load multiple Private report tables
  16. DataTech Export: Preferences: Field Identifiers Included in Transpose, Job Names Excluded from Transpose Transposing Field First 4 Digits [Terry Farms]
  17. Export id of Warehouse, Storage, and Variety are exported based on the preference "Item in keyboard selection"
  18. Paylocity Export format
  19. Mapping - create json file instead of kml (not finished)
  20. Job-Payment Type: 'Idle Time' changed to 'Idle Time (NPT)'
  21. 'Assign Barcode' button on Setup screens (when using iButtons) is changed to be part of Barcode button
  22. Add Harvest Module
  23. Work Order screen - Buyer, Destination, and Package Sizes are dependent on Harvest module
  24. Export to Accounting - Show 'Job Card to Invoice' or 'Work Order to Invoice' instead of 'Cost Accounting' when preference is to Export to Invoice
  25. Do not include a column in export when the required modules for that column are not present.
  26. Work Order Export - Send Buyer, and Destination as part of Comment to scan devices
  27. Fix Database Update when Default Badge Report defined in the Departments is missing
  28. Real-Time: Add to log file if a long running notification is cancelled
  29. Work-order Export: Export lookups based on Preference 'Export Work-Order Lookups"
Version 11.52 [10/06/2016]
  1. Report allow selection using external computed lookup mapping column (Example: report Training Employee (Expire) selection using employee status)
  2. Database Change: Added preference "Item in Keyboard Selection in pocket preferences and scan devices and init the new preference value using the UseKeyboardInItem selection value
  3. Map Notification - Fix loading Coordinates Source from script
  4. Notification screen - Notify Now: Change 'Users' to 'Recipients'
Version 11.51 [10/05/2016]
  1. Fix: Crew Rounding Source - Employee Crew
  2. Fix: Job-Card recalculation when Weekly Part-time Exception of an Employee changes
  3. Speed up Transfer to Job Cards with Crew Piece-outs and Break Cards
  4. Over Time Rule - Part Time exception: 7th day Job-cards use 7th day rule if PriorTotalHours > WeeklyExceptionHours OR HoursOnAnyPriorDays > DailyExceptionHours
  5. Crew Piece-outs can only be transferred along with the Time-Cards of the crew. They can not be transferred separately
  6. Show Error Message when Crew-piece-out is selected to be transferred along with partial employees of that crew
  7. Allow Duplicate of Orange Default Alias set records
  8. Outgoing and incoming mail logs are written to the Monthly folders under Log folder
  9. Real Time will clear old Temp, Log, and archive files
  10. Employee - Add Employment Type: Seasonal
  11. Employee - Fix Employment Type: TemporartPartTime to TemporaryPartTime
  12. User's Old Temp Data is deleted after login
  13. Use Employee Badge Script instead of Badge Report
  14. Use Job Badge Script instead of Badge Report
  15. Use Field Badge Script instead of Badge Report
  16. Generate Scripts for Badge reports when creating new database
  17. Update Department to use Badge scripts instead of Badge Reports for Employee
  18. Show only one 'Work Order' item in Job-card filter selection
  19. Check before Create - Unique Constraints in database when recreating Orange records.
  20. Execute Tests in a folder from Orange Menu
  21. Preference: 'View Input Records Ordered by Date' - Yes: Job-card/Time-card records are ordered by Date on Screen (Slower), No: Records are ordered by Reference
  22. Fix: Preference Name 'Badge Report: Include Database Name'
  23. Export to Devices - Include User table only if 'Use Log in screen' is set to Yes
  24. Fix - Exception in Map Notification when there are no records to export
  25. Fix - Unresponsive Progress-bar when exporting to Scan Devices from Employee Screen
  26. Preference 'Cache Transferred Job-card during Transfer' is set to Yes because of the improvements in speed of Crew Piece-out transfers
Version 11.50 [09/21/2016]
  1. Employee Screen - Personal Scan device is no longer auto-filled when only one template exists
  2. H2A Contract - Hours Offered can be 7 comma separated hours for each day of the week or a single number for total hours of the whole week.
  3. Famous H2A Hours Offered Export - Fix: When total worked hours is more than hours offered was exporting negative numbers
  4. Famous H2A Hours Offered Export - All Job Payment types except Bonus, Data Tracking, and Non Labor are considered
Version 11.49 [09/15/2016]
  1. Employee Screen: Fix focus on search panel
  2. Employee: Add 'Eligible for Rehire' Can be set to Yes from No only by an Administrator user
  3. Preference: Add 'Employee Maximum out of work period for release [days]' - When the Last Work Day is <= today - ReleasePeriodDays, the Employee's Release Date is set and Active is set to No
  4. Preference: Rename 'Employee Maximum out of work period [days]' to 'Employee Maximum out of work period for Time-out [days]'
  5. Employee preferences are its own tab
  6. "Employee Maximum Out of Work Time-out Period' - Changes When there is no Last Work date found:
    1. If employee has Hire-date it is used as the Last work Date (Previously, used 1/1/2000)
    2. If the employee does not have a Hire-date, today's date is used as Last Work date (Previously, used 1/1/2000)
  7. Employee Job-Rate Grid: If the Employee has a rate defined in the grid it always takes precedence over the rate in the Job-record. - Previously, it was only used if the Rate in the grid was more than the rate in the Job Record. [Innovative. Crew leaders to be paid incentive on the number of pieces]
  8. Preference 'Payment Type of Piece Class are handled as Determined by Job End' is only valid for Individual Piece-out with Job records. Crew Piece-out with Job records can not be matched with other Piece-Jobs [Crew leaders do Time+Piece Job, while crew does Determined by End jobs. Pieces should not be distributed to crew leader]
  9. Employee: Hire date is required if either of the preferences 'Employee Maximum out of work release period [days]' or 'Employee Maximum out of work time-out period [days]' is defined
  10. Employee: New Employees, Last work date = today+[Employee Maximum out of work time-out] days
  11. Employee: When setting Inactive to Active - Last work date = today+[Employee Maximum out of work time-out] days
Version 11.48 [09/01/2016]
  1. Rename 'Use Employee Barcodes Only' to 'Use Employee Badges Only' on Pocket Preferences and Scan Device Preferences
  2. Show Filter button in 'Restore Deleted Records' Mode
  3. [DEBUG ONLY] Multi Restore in 'Restore Deleted Records' Mode - Job-Cards will need to be recalculated when restored, Barcodes not checked for uniqueness
  4. Work order when record saved, export also equipment
  5. Work Order - Export Equipment grid for Work-orders imported from Scan Devices to other devices
Version 11.47 [08/26/2016]
  1. Add Equipment grid to Work-order screen
  2. Batch Device Import: Do not create month folder when saving files from devices
  3. Kiosk Devices Export - Send always without Clear command when exporting via Connectivity Menu. Use file Name Pet-Update
  4. Work Order screen: Set Completed to Yes, when completion time is set
  5. Job-Card screen: Work order can be selected and edited
  6. Work Order screen: Fix error message when Start Time is after Completion time
  7. Export meal notify to devices if general preference is true and device preference is empty
  8. Export LastTimeOut and Kiosk export from scan device screen (not real time) as message type Single and not as Setup
  9. Export Employee to scan devices from Employee screen with message type Single (instead Setup)
  10. Traceability Preferences: Add 'GPS Appears in Handheld' preference
  11. Add Pocket aliases for Field-traceability and Warehouse-traceability
  12. QuickBooks Export: Fix - Date was not being exported when at least one of Class and Proj preferences were set 'Field'
  13. Employee: Add Audit when last work date is updated
  14. Traceability Export (Famous) - Do not require Region, Method, Storage, Warehouse. Required Field based on Traceability preference 'Field Required in Handheld'
Version 11.46 [08/23/2016]
  1. Map report and Currently on job - don't round pieces when distributing crew piece out
  2. Map report - In the bubble header, Added to the field name the ranch name
  3. Map report - don't show start time for equipment
  4. Add Notification and Piece Payment Modules
  5. Add Update message for existing users - Add 'Notification' if Real-Time module exists. Add Piece Payment Module.
  6. Check for Notification module before in real-time
  7. Check for Piece Payment module for Piece Payment options in Job screen
  8. Export to Accounting - Give Error Message if unable to split pieces by Package Size during Export
  9. Add to Audit Log when Employee Last work date is updated.
  10. Transfer to Job-Cards - Change Calculation Description subject (Piece Breakdown instead of Job Breakdown) for Piece-outs with Matching Job.
  11. Export Traceability Records - Show Message after finishing export
Version 11.45 [8/16/2016]
  1. Fix: Real-time 'Initialize pocket devices' (Export to pocket PDA devices)
  2. Fix: Export to Scan Devices from Employee screen sends the file multiple times when more than one device is selected.
  3. Map report (time cards and job cards) - Added Date to the bubble
  4. Added pocket preferences: GPS wait time, GPS Accuracy battery save mode, GPS expire after
Version 11.44 [8/11/2016]
  1. Added preference "Camera position is Back" to pocket preferences and to scan device preferences
  2. Added export to payroll format ADP12 and new ADP preference "Badge Id Prefix"
  3. Fixed scan device validation of web mail
Version 11.43 [8/4/2016]
  1. Fix exception when click display report on Multi-new cards review screen.
  2. Fix Exception when Piece decimal accuracy is 0, and distribute pieces through out day is Yes, and piece-out with job (with 1 Piece) appears after Time-Out.
Version 11.42 [8/3/2016]
  1. Updated Job help context id
  2. Fix Exception when closing Job Card screen
  3. Fix Distribution of Pieces to previous days when using 'Distribute pieces through out the day' is set to Yes.
  4. Fix Exception when a piece-out with Job is left over from a previous day and the preferences 'Distribute pieces through out day' is Yes and 'Cache Job Cards' is set to No
  5. Fix Accumulating pieces of different Package sizes to a piece job when one of the package size matches the Time-In Job
Version 11.41 [07/28/2016]
  1. Added a pocket preference "Crew Mode in Individual Screen"
  2. Fixed Map by Time-Cards:
    1. To use date filter and distribute the crew pieces using time-out filter
    2. Fixed crew piece out distribution in case the filter includes "employee, field, ranch or job"
Version 11.40 [07/27/2016]
  1. Crew-Create Paid Break cards from Break Time-Ins: When set to Time Jobs Only do not consider 'Breaks, Meals, and Idle-Time Jobs'
Version 11.39 [07/27/2016]
  1. Fixed restore "backup before assign permanent badge"
  2. Distribute Pieces through out day - Also distributes for Job-cards that are created after the last piece-out
Version 11.38 [7/25/2016]
  1. Rename TimeInTimeCardDetails to be JobCardDetails
  2. Change DistributeCrewPieceOutPieces to distribute only to piece jobs (used in GetJobCardDetailsCurrentlyOnJob and GetJobCardDetailsList)
  3. Map using time-cards coordinates, if the field has a few gps grouping, give each group a unique placemark name
  4. Added pocket preference "Work Order Sorting" default "Assigned date"
  5. Do not try to Export or Import Templates to and from FingerTec TimeLine devices (They do not support templates)
  6. Map menu show time card before job card
  7. Added to the mapping coordinate source the option of "Last time card"
Version 11.37 [7/19/2016]
  1. Added help menu "Open Ringcentral support session"
  2. Disable multi edit in work order and billing invoice screen
  3. Work order screen:
    1. Billed by hour rate is read only and determined based on the rate with value
    2. When changing one rate, empty the other two rates
    3. Before saving check that only one rate exists and if the rate is by area, the billed area has value
  4. ADP11 allow Temp Dept column to be empty (empty job and field export id), Added to Summary group by earning code
Version 11.36 [7/14/2016]
  1. Changed error message in real time when Biometric devices import times not set
  2. Correct the delete invoice of Work orders: fixed setting work-order exported to No and changed the audit message to "Delete Invoice" and "Exported to invoice"
  3. Work-order completed is read only and update on a change to completion time (has date = completed)
  4. Export to accounting list order: changed "work-order to invoice" to be before "Invoice Records"
  5. Work-order set screen validation for controls
  6. Changed great plains preference 'AccGPlainsPcsJobHrsEC' to be up to 120 charcters
  7. Fixed bug in real time service: failed to create time card for time-out and break when the configuration include scan module and importing data from biometric devices (HandPunch)
Version 11.35 [07/03/2016]
  1. Training Screen: Use the 'Employee Lookup Contents' preference for Trainer lookup
  2. Correct the Subject of Accounting export (PET format) via Web-Mail
  3. Export to Scan Devices: Fix Training records export. Use the Employee name being exported in Employee record as Trainee name
  4. Scan Device Alias Set: Filter dropdown based on Device type
  5. Time-In screen: On new record, when a Work-Order is selected populate Ranch, Field, Job, and Crew if empty
  6. QuickBooks Invoice Export - Split line contains Start Date of Work-Order
  7. Increase Field-Season Export Identifier to 140 characters (Same as Field export ID)
  8. QuickBooks Invoice Export - Export Invoice End date instead of Start Date
  9. Add Job-Card: preference Cache Job-Cards during Transfer (Default: Yes)


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