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Current Version is 73.25

Changes in the PET handles the Social Security Number (SSN) in the Employee Screen:
  1. The Full Social Security Number is masked to secure the privacy of the employees.
  2. Only Users that have the permission of "View Complete SSN" can see it fully and modify it.
  3. On the employee screen only the last 4 digits appear in the format XXX-XX-1234
  4. A button next to the SSN allows user with the permission to view it in full and to modify it.
  5. The SSN In the database it is scrambled.
  6. The user can select employees by their last 4 digits., It is possible that there will be more than one employee with the same last 4 digits.
PET Windows Version 73.25 [09/15/2021]
  1. Correction of the Payroll Export Format “Excel 1”.
PET Windows Version 73.24 [09/14/2021]
  1. Add a new preference 'Prevent early Start day on devices'.
    • When set to yes the Scan Device Apps prevent the recording of the first Time-in of the day in the period between the Employee’s “Day Start Time” and the Employee’s “Earliest Start Time”.
    • The export file sent to the Scan-devices includes the Employee’s “Day Start Time” and the Employee’s “Earliest Start Time”.
PET Windows Version 73.23 [09/08/2021]
  1. Paid Sick and Paid Vacation: Handle modification of the number of hours in a Job-card of approved hours. Check for only difference from the number of hours before the change.
  2. Export to DataTech Payroll formats: Show error when there are no Earning Codes for Extra Wage in the Job record of the job-card.
PET Windows Version 73.22 [09/07/2021]
  1. In View Time-card and Transfer to Job-Card screens improve the refresh time by removing unnecessary change notifications.
PET Windows Version 73.21 [09/02/2021]
  1. Paid Sick Leave and Vacation
    • Allow having the Accrued record period-start date the same as week of the request.
    • Correct transferring multiple days of request in a single session.
    • Update existing accrual grid-line when an accrual job-card is created or edited from job-card screen.
    • Update existing accrual grid-line when an accrual job-card is created from multi-job-cards.
    • When creating a Job-card for an approved record, use Employee hourly rate when there are no job-cards in the look-back period.
    • When importing an accrual record, set the used hours if any approved records exist after the accrual date.
  2. Transfer to Job-Cards, when a time-card's date is changed to be outside the current selection, remove the record from the grid.
  3. Famous Export: Piece underpayment earning-code preference is assumed to be Job-Code when combining Job and Employee codes
PET Windows Version 73.20 [08/31/2021]
  1. Real-time changes: Missing SMTP preferences, or web-mail settings do not stop real-time from executing. If happens a notification is sent to Orange support.
  2. Master control file is not required for Pet API, Office attendance, Real-time services.
  3. Sick Leave and Paid Vacation Rules Screen:
    • Remove the field of Multiple Accrual Lines.
    • If “Compute Accrued Hours” is Yes, the Employee Record’s corresponding accrual grid has multiple weekly lines.
    • If “Compute Accrued Hours” is No, the Employee Record’s corresponding accrual grid has a single line that is overwritten each time data is imported from an external source.
  4. Employee screen Sick Leave or Paid Vacation accrual grids
    • Add the column of “Hours available”.
    • Use the Department in accrual grids.
  5. When importing an accrual row, only set accrued hours in week. Do not set accrued hours annual.
  6. When computing accrued hours, only set to weekly hours not annual hours.
PET Windows Version 73.19 [08/30/2021]
  1. Handling Sick Leave and Paid Vacation Rules
    • Do not export Sick Rejected and Vacation rejected job-cards to Accounting.
    • Save used hours in Employee accrual grid.
    • Remove used hours in Accrual grid, when a job-card is reversed.
    • Save audit when leave accrual record is changed.
    • Update accrual record when paid-leave job-card is changed.
    • Combine procedures for Sick and Vacation on Job Card screen.
    • Fix creating rejected and approved leave when a request job-card is imported.
  2. Employee screen Accrual grids:
  3. Column Condition for Inclusion Name when Compute Accrued Hours is No
    Department Department Module and Preference Group Accruals by Department is Yes.
    Year Start Compute Accrued Hours Yes
    Week Start Period Start
    Weekly Work Hours Compute Accrued Hours Yes
    Weekly Accrued Hours Initial Accrued Hours
    Weekly Used Hours Period Used Hours
    Annual Accrued Hours Compute Accrued Hours Yes
    Annual Used Hours Compute Accrued Hours Yes
    Hours Available
    Qualified Compute Accrued Hours Yes
  4. Handling creation of Lookup records when Importing Text files
    • Add to success count, the number of lookup records created.
    • Lookup record is not created when an alternative to a record Name is used to identify a lookup record (like Export Identifier or Barcode).
    • Examples where a Ranch is missing
    • Lookup Record is created when lookup is identified by Name.
      • RanchA is created
      • H_Field,Ranch,Name
        F_Field,RanchA, Field1
    • Lookup record is not created when lookup is identified by barcode.
      • H_Field,Ranch:Code,Name
        F_Field,R1234, Field1
  5. Transfer to Job Cards: Do not clear cache before saving Transferred job-cards.
  6. Add details of parsing failure to import file log.
  7. Correct assigning Field in Tier schedule piece incentive bonus Job-cards.
PET Windows Version 73.18 [08/25/2021]
  1. Correction of use of preference 'Check Barcode uniqueness':
    • No: Check in current screen only.
    • Yes: Check in all screens.
  2. Correcting the way the program handles checks for 2nd missing 'Meal Penalty' when using Time-out and Time-In (adjust worked gross hours)
  3. Datatech Payroll Export format: When Exporting Job-cards with Jobs of Payment-type “Extra Wages”, export the Number of Units, and the Unit-rate (instead of single-unit and the total amount).
  4. Rename the preference 'Check Barcode Uniqueness' to 'Barcode unique in system'.
PET Windows Version 73.17 [08/24/2021]
  1. Help Context:
    • Multi-edit Factor.
    • Tier Schedule Piece Incentive bonus.
  2. Real-Time Service
    • Added Command line parameter /RealTimeIgnoreControlFileReadErrorDuringRefresh to ignore errors reading control file during real-time refresh.
    • Handling log exceptions when service is unable to process file-change events.
    • Added to log details when control file fails to load.
PET Windows 73.16 [08/23/21]
  1. Compute total hours for idle-time average from minutes worked instead of summing the hours to get an accurate total time
  2. Compute total hours for overtime average from minutes worked instead of summing the hours to get an accurate total time
  3. Job Cards View Screes Include Units (Taken from Non-labor and Extra Wages records) in the Total Section
  4. Help context iD:
    • Correct Scan Devices & Boards >> Time Card Defaults >> Default Crew.
    • Piece Incentive bonus.
    • Supervisor Payment by Crew Average Hourly Rate Bonus.
  5. Add to error message when failed to match amounts when converting underpay job-cards as time-cards: Rates may have been updated after Transfer to Job-cards.
  6. Default real-time import interval changed from 30 minutes to 2 minutes [New installs only]
  7. Export Total pieces to devices: Export only to Pocket PDA devices with Default screen not set to Kiosk
  8. Rename preference Pocket >> 'Pocket Total Receipt method' to 'Total Receipt method' to match name on Scan device screen
  9. Employee record: Clear Alternate Code when preference 'Daily Roll Assignment' is set to Yes.
  10. Show different error messages when employee's leave request is rejected based on Hire-date or Implementation start date
  11. Paid Vacation and Sick Leave:
    • Allow importing job-card with fractional hours.
    • Accrued hours job-card import: Set Time-Out = Time-In if missing. Set Crew, Ranch, Field from Employee if missing in import file
    • Leave request time-card import: Set Card-type, Crew, Ranch, Field from Employee if missing in import file.
    • Update existing Leave request non-labor records instead of adding new if Employee, DateTime, and Job matches from import file without reference.
    • Update existing accrual record for the week if exists without creating a new record with each import of an accrual job-card.
    • Do not export to accounting Sick Rejected and Vacation rejected job-cards.
    • New Preference 'Group Accruals by department' to accumulate sick leave and Vacation by department [Default: No].
    • Sick Leave: Accumulate hours and approve leave correctly when processed over multiple weeks
    • Paid Vacation: Accumulate hours and approve leave correctly when processed over multiple weeks
    • Paid Vacation: Pay average rate like sick-leave when rule has look-back period set.
    • Paid Vacation: Do not allow multi-edit similar to Sick Leave job-cards
    • Sick Leave & Paid vacation: Update rate from employee during recalculate if employee rate is changed.
    • Do not populate missing items from Sick Leave or Vacation request Time-cards when being transferred together.
    • Sick Leave and Paid Vacation Rules record: Added a data field 'Multiple Accrual Lines' default Yes
      • Yes: In the employee record, in the accrual grid, the program creates a line for each week.
      • No: in the employee record, in the accrual grid, the program maintains a single line. If the accrual data is imported from another program each time a record is imported it overwrites the line.
    • Corrected rounding check error while checking for available hours. (Occasional error: Requested hours '8' not available. Available hours: 8).
  12. Add generated references when import file does not have references (Time-cards/Job-cards) in log file.
  13. Export to accounting ADP 14: Export Non-labor job-cards with Rate Decimal Accuracy defined in the preferences.
  14. Equipment Type Screen: Increase limit for Name to 40 characters and Export ID to 60 characters
  15. Employee Record Reading driver license from barcode or magnetic strip: Show only parsed data.
  16. Tier Schedule Piece Incentive Bonus: Do not require Ranch and Field in selection. When left empty, use from First job-card of the day. Crew is also used from first job-card of day.
  17. Change in the structure of a line in an import file that updates multiple records.
    • Updating multiple lines is done by using a column that may identify multiple columns.
    • In the example below the column of “PaymentType” of the Job record is used to update all the records that have the PaymentType of the line.
    • Only when the header line includes the string “-AllowMultiUpdate” multiple lines are updated.
    • If the string is not included only the first Job record is updated.
    • Examples:
      • Updating Multiple records: This file updates all the rates of the Jobs that their PaymentType is Time
      • 			H_Job-AllowMultiUpdate:PaymentType,PaymentType,HourlyRate
      • Updating a single record: This file updates only the rate of the first Job record that its PaymentType is Time
  18. Export To Accounting Great Plains 1 Format: Adding the option of exporting Jobs with payment types of time and piece.
PET Windows Version 73.15 [08/05/2021]
  1. Job Card Screen:
    • Do not allow creating a Job-Card with Sick-leave or Vacation request job.
    • Show calendar button on Date fields during duplicate.
  2. Correction of computing Pieces per package-size when computing job-cards for reports.
  3. Exclude Vacation and Sick Pay accrual when duplicating Employee.
  4. Using the same code for Sick Leave and Paid vacation available hours check.
  5. Correction of including a piece-out to a job-card before and after break/meal when the piece-out is at the end of the break.
  6. Distribute Whole Pieces: Assign whole pieces in shifts also. The first shift gets at least 1 piece when pieces are available in the job-card.
  7. New bonus option: Tier Schedule Piece Incentive Bonus.
  8. New help context ids:
    • Holiday Bonus.
    • Yard Load screen
  9. Fix filter by Home Crew or Employee department when generating report data from the program.
  10. All bonus screens, add a grid of the created Job-cards.
PET Windows Version 73.14 [07/22/2021]
  1. Added help messages for Piece Incentive Bonus, and Supervisor Crew Average Bonus.
  2. Preventing import of Sick Leave request and Vacation Request job-cards.
  3. Add preference 'Salaried Employees Overtime Base Rate' [Default Over-Time-Rules]
  4. Options:
    • Over-Time-Rules: Base rate for Overtime is Salary-Amount /Regular-Hours-In-Period-Of-Overtime-Rule. (Current California definition)
    • Actual Regular Hours: Base rate for Overtime is Salary-Amount /Regular-Hours-Of-Employee-In-Salary-Period
PET Windows Version 73.13 [07/19/2021]
  1. Supervisor Payment by Crew Average Hourly Rate Bonus: Add extra hourly pay in job-card description.
  2. Employee Screen, scanning of Driver License: The scanning adds the Driver’s license information to the I9 List B data column which requires entering a document in List C column. If the user does not enter a document in List C, upon saving the program displays a confirmation message to add List C or clear List B.
  3. Job Card Screen: Set Units and Unit Amount only for Bonus/Non-labor/Extra-wages job-cards.
  4. Job Screen: Enable editing Piece-rate, Minimum pieces per hour for a record of Payment-type of Extra-wages.
  5. Piece Incentive Bonus: Pay per pieces above minimum defined in Extra Wages job.
  6. Multi-new Job-cards
    • Correction of error when creating Job-cards of Salaried employees.
    • Correction of recalculate.
  7. Onboarding: Export device-preference 'Camera position is back' to be used when scanning barcodes
  8. Use Paid-pieces only for Lookback sick pay or Vacation computation
PET Windows Version 73.12 [07/09/2021]
  1. Add versions of loaded dlls to crash-notification emails sent to Orange support.
  2. Crew screen: Increase size of 'Intervals of Auto Breaks & Meal [Hours]' from 25 to 100.
  3. Supervisor Payment by Crew Average Hourly rate Bonus:
    • Consider all Job-cards of Jobs of piece Payment-types (including determined by Job end).
    • Amount is based on Regular rate even when the work was done in an overtime shift.
    • Remove trailing zeroes from log file.
  4. Fix the use of command line parameter /AllowOvertimeAverageIncludingIdleTime.
  5. Correct help context id for Default Ranch and Field items in Scan Device screen.
  6. Fixes in import of Audit Records.
  7. Sick Leave and Paid Vacation Rule: add the option of defining the period by days in addition to weeks. (Suffix W is weeks, D is days. Default weeks).
  8. Set help context id for Preferences >> Time Card >> Hide Piece-outs, Transfer to Job Cards default tab.
  9. Show dialog windows in the center of parent window.
  10. Add new picture taking method:
    • Use command line argument /CameraType=[DirectShow | DirectX | PInvoke].
  11. Update generated description for Meal Penalty job-cards
  12. Modify the Job-card Sick Leave rate computation Description to Remove trailing zeroes
  13. Employee screen: Added an button “Scan Driver License”.
    • It requires connecting via USB a Magnetic Scanner or a PDF417 barcode reader.
    • The information read from the Driver license is used to populate the following fields:
    • First-Name, Last-Name, Driver License Number, Address, Gender, Date of Birth, and I9 tab if present.
    • When adding a new record, the Employee name is defined based on the preference formula.
    • When modifying an existing record all the field are overwritten, except for the record name.
PET Windows Version 73.11 06/30/2021
  1. Add help context numbers for Main and Implement Equipment types
  2. Real-time notifications - Catch any exceptions and log to screen/email errors in loading data
  3. Correction of Crew meal Break-Cards during transfer to job-cards (Regression since 71.04)
  4. State tax tables: States that do not have state tax have only “Do Not Withhold” option (Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming and Washington). When exporting employee data no state tax table is exported.
  5. Correct multi-edit of Date-only, Time-Only, Date-time interval. (Regression from 73.10).
PET Windows Version 73.10 06/28/2021
  1. Preventing program crash when it opens with an unsupported background color.
  2. Adding factor for Multi-edit of numeric items
    • Exact: The program sets the values of all the records to the selected item.
      • For example when the new value is 10 an item that is 5 will be changed to 10 and a value that is 15 will also be changed to 10.
      • This is the default option.
    • Add: The program adds the new value to the corresponding item of all the records.
      • For example when the new value is 10, an item that is 5 will be changed to 15 and an item that is 20 will be changed to 30.
    • Multiply: The program multiplies the corresponding item of all the records.
      • For example when the new value is 10, an item that is 5 will be changed to 50 and an item that is 20 will be changed to 200.
    • Divide: The program divides the corresponding item of all the records.
      • For example when the new value is 10, an item that is 5 will be changed to 0.5
  3. When export data to Orange, using table name instead of Alias to allow import for the audit records.
  4. Meal Penalty
    • In Transfer-to-Job-cards, considering the time gaps between job-cards as Meals when looking for Missing Meal-penalty and Short meal-penalty
    • Correction of meal penalty when Missing Meal penalty hours are the same as Short meal penalty hours and both use the same Job.
    • All Meal violations are included in a single daily Job-card with no more than the “Maximum Number of Charged Meal Penalty Hours”. The description includes all the violations.
PET Windows Version 73.09 [06/23/2021]
  1. Salaried Employee without Overtime. Do not show the Overtime base-rate in calculation description.
  2. Include Audit when export to Orange from any screen.
  3. Export and Import of Audit records of Field and Variety records to Orange.
  4. Traceability Preferences:
    • Allow Sticker and Alternate codes to have the same length if they have different prefixes.
    • Require differ length of Sticker and Alternate barcodes if do not have prefixes. (Before the change Alternate barcode had to be shorter than Sticker barcode).
  5. Maximum Meal penalty: Adjust rate instead of hours to meet the preference of “Maximum Number of Charged Meal Penalty Hours”.
  6. Minimum wage screen: Allow 0 minimum-wage rate.
PET Windows Version 73.08 [06/18/2021]
  1. Add preference 'Maximum Number of Charged Meal Penalty Hours'
    • A maximum of the defined hours is charged for Missing and Short meals together.
    • Short meal and Missing meal jobs can be the same.
    • Create single meal-penalty job-card if jobs are same in the preferences.
  2. Datatech Export: Correcting piece export when using Distribute Whole Pieces is Yes with Crew Pieces. Crew pieces can have fractional pieces even when preference is Yes
  3. Salaried Employee overtime pay: (Fix regression from version 73.06)
    • Rate for Regular Shifts: Employee Salary / Number of regular hours worked. Salary amount is only paid in the Regular Shifts.
    • Regular Rate for overtime shifts: Employee Salary / Number of Regular Hours for the period defined in OT-Rule (Daily Salary Number of regular hours a day, Weekly Salary: Number of regular hours per week)
    • Over-time rate: Regular Rate * 150%
    • Double-time rate: Regular Rate * 200%
    • Daily Salary: If Employee does not have regular hours in the day, he is paid only overtime rate
  4. View Time cards:
    • Fix error when filtering by Card Type column.
    • Fix filtering by IsTimeIn column.
  5. Pack-House Scan screen: Show confirmation on the connection to Bin tipper scanner.
PET Windows Version 73.07 [06/08/2021]
  1. New Preferences:
    • “Transfer to Job-Cards Default Tab”: Determines what tab is displayed when the screens of View Time Cards and Transfer to Job Cards open. It has the following options
      • Time-cards tab (this is the default)
      • Job-cards tab
    • “Transfer to Job-Cards Hide Piece-outs”: Determines if the Piece-outs records are included in the screens of View Time Cards and Transfer to Job Cards when they open.
      • Both screens include a checkbox of "Hide Piece-outs" that can be toggled to change the choice.
      • If there are exceptions, clicking on the exception line cancels the selection and displays the Piece-outs.
    • Yard Load tab “Print Tag Script”: determines which script is used when clicking on the “Print Tag” button of the Yard-load screen.
  2. Customer screen: Layout changes.
  3. During program update, change extension of old files to .old to prevent loading by IIS for PET Web Office Attendance.
PET Windows Version 73.06 06/07/2021
  1. Added Yard load Module.
  2. The “Employee Export Identifier” sent to Finger Scanner devices is based on the global preference after removing the preference of the scan device record.
  3. Resetting the included modules before reading a new serial number.
  4. Moved the options of measurement-type, unit-type, and unit to the menu of File >> Administration >> Setup.
  5. The menu options of Unit, and Unit-type are always available.
  6. Meal Penalty job-cards are created without links to Time-out so their deletion does set the Time-out transferred to No.
  7. Export Default Job's Alias when Use Job Alias is set to Yes.
  8. Added Help context ids for Time Card Preferences - Show Field in Crew Piece-Out, Meal Check Interval [Hours].
  9. Real-time: Do not create progress panel that shows background process's progress. (Prevent crash in some scenarios).
  10. Crew Screen: Fix internal exception when loading predefined color "NoColor".
  11. Handling accruals of Sick Pay and vacation pay
    • Importing Accruals: Fix computing year start based on hire-date (Sometimes, the date is in future after week-start)
    • Rebuild Accruals: Do not use a rule with Compute Accrued Hours set to No
  12. Handling Salaried Employees in Job Cards:
    • Job-Cards: Do not reset user-shift overwrite and user-rate overwrite options for salaried employees.
    • Fix computing overtime as follows
      • Total Amount to be paid is distributed to all the hours employee worked.
      • Premium-rate for Daily Salary is Total-Amount / Daily-Regular-Hours-from-Overtime-Rules.
      • Premium-rate for Weekly Salary or Total-Amount / Weekly-Regular-Hours-from-Overtime-Rules.
      • Overtime rate: Premium-rate * 50%
      • Double-time rate Premium-rate * 100%
    • Fix incorrect message in log file when recalculating salaried employees
PET Windows Version 73.05 [05/20/2021]
  1. Added a Preference “Meal Check Interval [Hours]” It is used to determine what notifications of employees starting meal (lunch) are sent to other devices where the employees may use to record the return from lunch and should prevent them from returning too soon. The default is 1 hour. But it should be set to 24 if there is a scan device of model MK 500 or MK 3000.
PET Windows Version 73.04 [05/18/2021]
  1. Changes in the Real Time Service
    • Additional logs of start and completion of assignments.
    • Assignments are started in parallel threads a blocked assignment does not prevent the next assignments.
    • Additional locks while writing to log files from multiple threads.
PET Windows Version 73.03 [05/17/2021]
  1. Payroll Export Format ADP 12: if the Job-card Hourly Rate source is Job then set “Rate Code” column to 3.
  2. About screen changes
    • Indicate if running in a Terminal Server session.
    • Include the version: 32 bit or 64-bit.
  3. Export to Orange Support the Audit log of the included records.
  4. Payroll Export Formats DataTech 2,4,7: Export Time+Piece job-cards without pieces as Time Jobs (Reverse change made in 73.00), The Earning Code should be the same for Hours and Piece and taken from the jobs.
PET Windows 73.02 [05/11/2021]
  1. Scan Device screen: When the Device-type is “Finger Scanner”, hiding the 'Item in Keyboard Selection' prevent confusion. For those devices the option is always barcode.
  2. Facilitating 2 Equipment Items in Android Time-in Screen.
    • In the screen the first equipment item is the main, usually tractor and the second usually implement.
    • Add Pocket Alias for “Implement Equipment”. When None, the Time-in screen has a single equipment item. When it is not “None”, two equipment items appear.
    • Add Pocket Preference of “Main Equipment Type”.
    • Add Pocket Preference of “Implement Equipment Type”.
  3. Payroll Export Formats
    • Paychex 4 Payroll Export Format: Job Export ID is not required.
    • CompuPlants 1 Payroll Export Format: Item 5 Work Code - Export Field ID.
  4. Map: When more than one crew work in the same field, place the label pointer at the fields polygon corners to prevent overlap.
PET Windows 73.01 [05/06/2021]
  1. New Bonus: Supervisor pay as Crew Average Hourly rate.
  2. New Transfer to Job Cards Exception: verifying than number of pieces in Piece out is less than or equal the preference “Maximum Number of Pieces in Piece-out”.
  3. Rename the preference “Finger Scanner password” to “Kiosk Exit password” since it is being used to exit the Kiosk in all platforms.
  4. Payroll Export Formats DataTech 2,4,7: Fix export of Non-labor units (Hours).
  5. Correcting assigning pieces to OT Shifts for Job-cards without regular shift.
  6. Map: Sort package-sizes by name.
PET Version 73.00 [4/30/2021]
  1. Add help context number for Rate History grid on Job screen.
  2. Show help for grid when user presses F1 on a grid.
  3. Irid ID Devices
    • Scan Device Screen: Added the “Manage Scan-devices Menu for a Scan Device Type of “Iris ID IT100”.
    • Include Iris ID device in the export to biometric devices menu of employee screen.
  4. Payroll Export Format AgStar:
    • Show the preference 'Group by Field'
    • Use the newer summary method to keep the total hours. (Use parameter /UseOldSummaryExport to use the old method.)
  5. Payroll Export Format Paychex4: Correction of Error Messages.
  6. Update the caption for preference Import / Export pictures from FingerTec Face ID devices
  7. Payroll Export Formats Datatech Export:
    • Piece-only job-cards without pieces will have piece-earning code when preference Verify Minimum wage in Datatech is Yes
    • When exporting minimum wage, do not export hours a second time
  8. Payroll Export Formats Datatech 2, 4, 7:
    • Handling export of lines with 0 hourly-rate, and 0 pieces.
    • Do not export hourly rate in minimum wage line.
  9. New Payroll Export Format: CompuPlants1.
  10. Crystal Reports: Allow exporting main report filter to sub reports.
  11. Include Iris templates in Employee screen filter.
  12. Use Orange icons for Iris Templates
  13. When the server notifies the devices about employees that started lunch, it sends only the devices that include the employee. Not to all the devices


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