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PET Windows Version 75.10 [08/05/2022]
  1. Correcting the procedure of assigning Piece-outs to real-time Job cards from Time-cards for reports and Real time API.
  2. Famous Employee Export 124:
    • Hourly rate is exported with implied 2 decimals [In other formats Famous 6 and 123 are 3 digits].
    • Export Employees to Accounting: Employee screen is not closed when 'Test Export', it is only closed with actual export.
    • All employees (Edited and exported) are exported to file. Famous with this format0 accepts existing employees.
PET Windows Version 75.09 [08/03/2022]
  1. Datatech export formats: Fix bug when exporting each package-size separately, Pay Piece by Shift is No, Pay Rounding Up: Yes [Regression from 75.08]
  2. Corrected missing Employee Selection when editing a time-card from Time-card grid screen.
  3. Famous 124 Employee export: Removed leading and trailing spaces in csv export line.
PET Windows Version 75.08 [8/02/2022]
  1. Corrected the filter selection of Time-cards by Employee Selection.
  2. Employee Record: Gender Field:
    • Added an option of Nonbinary.
    • Removed the default gender.
  3. Famous Employee export
    • Use N for Nonbinary gender.
    • Added W4 Items (Format 123, 124).
      • Federal Override Type: “Exempt” when Federal-filing-status is “Do not withhold”, “Additional” when Extra withholding has value.
      • Federal Override Amount: Extra withholding value
      • State 1 Override Type: “Exempt” when State-filing-status is “Do not withhold”, “Additional” when Additional Amount of State withholding has value
      • State 1 Override Amount: Additional Amount of State withholding value
  4. Scan Device Preference Printer model. It will work with Pocket PET iOS 20.05 and higher and Android 16.00 and higher.
    • Added the option of Zebra 3"
    • Replaced the option of Zebra with Zebra 2"
  5. Add the help message for the bonus filter selection items.
  6. Preferences: Moved the “Kiosk Button configuration” from the Biometric Tab to Pocket Tab to allow setting when there are Scan Devices in Kiosk mode but the configuration does not include the Biometric Module.
  7. Bonus Screens
    • Supervisor Crew Size Incentive: Create a single bonus record per week instead of one per day and pay bonus based on the Foreman Job only.
    • Piece Weekly Incentive: Added the help message.
  8. Added the Help message to Preference: Limit Time-Card Matching to Day Start
  9. Do not reject the importing of a single not-deleted Setup record found to be updated even if there are other deleted records with same identifier in database. This resolves rejection of importing employees from the Onboarding app that are considered New instead of Returning when the Export Identifier is reused and a deleted record exists in the database.
  10. Correction of sending records to recycle-bin from import file appearing as
    F_Employee,Kishore A,Yes
  11. Not deleting a recycled record when restoring by restore file appearing as
    F_Employee,Kishore A,No
  12. Setting the correct error message: “Multiple records exist for the given selection” when rejecting an imported Setup record since multiple records exist with the same identifiers.
    Example for the rejected file that attempts to set the rate of all the employees in Crew-2 to 18.75
    F_Employee,Crew-2, 18.75
  13. Correcting the procedure that updates multiple records in a single line
    Example for the correct export file that sets the rate of all the employees in Crew-2 to 18.75
    F_Employee,Crew-2, 18.75
  14. Change in the Employee Export file to Datatech: added the notation N for Nonbinary gender.
  15. Created a new code generated file for the report Piece Productivity 1 that handles multiple Piece Types (Jobs) in a single Job-card like picking strawberry cases and juice buckets at the same time.
  16. Added a procedure to generate net-time and pieces information from time-cards for report [Procedure names: TimeInJobCardHoursAndPieces].
  17. Added a menu option of Help >> Administrator >> Install Barcode font.
  18. Datatech Employee export: Add the option N for Nonbinary gender
PET Windows Version 75.07 [07/19/2022]
  1. Piece weekly incentive: Show bonus amount in grid if no validation errors to make it easier to verify totals in Excel.
  2. When running recalculate, set the correct week-start even for job-cards that have invalid data (e.g.: Overlapping).
  3. Do not save job-card during multi-edit if it causes an overlap or validation error.
  4. Fix week-start before grouping by week-start during recalculate to allow correction of week-start and correct grouping.
  5. Hide recalculate message only if no errors (e.g.: User does not have permission to edit locked records and job-cards from view grid are already exported).
PET Windows Version 75.06 [07/15/2022]
  1. Change order of items on Piece Weekly incentive selection screen
  2. Correcting overwrite script on bonus selection screen
PET Windows Version 75.05 [07/14/2022]
  1. “Start Update program” menu item moved to Orange menu (from Help >> Administrator) [SU user only option]
  2. Piece Weekly Incentive:
    • Exclusion Job is a Time-Card instead of a Measurement record.
    • Do not show Average Pieces in the grid as $ amount.
  3. Foreman Crew Size Incentive: Added Help Context Ids.
PET Windows Version 75.04 [07/13/2022]
  1. Bonus Module Changes:
    • Piece Incentive Bonus: Correction to select on only not-deleted job-cards.
    • New Bonus: Piece Weekly Incentive. The incentive purpose is to reward employees for high hourly picking rate during a week
      • For example paying one extra 10 cents per piece that picked during the week more than 10 pieces per hour.
      • The procedure facilitate excluding employees that did not meet other requirements
    • It Requires the Measurement module.
    • Correction of multi-edit of bonus job-cards' date-time-in.
    • Bonus review grid:
      • Allowing copying data to excel.
      • Enable sorting by any column by clicking on header.
    • Increased the number of items saved in Bonus selections Scripts.
    • In DEBUG mode, added “Duplicate Allowed” Bonus record creation.
    • Added to all the filters of the dates a filter by week: Previous Week, Current Week, Next Week.
  2. The first day of the week the value of the preference “First Day of the Week”, not values of the department preference
  3. New command line parameter: /TroubleshootProgramReportData. It creates the program tables used by the reports in the user’s temp folder.
  4. New built in Alias Sets:
    • Bilingual,
    • Personal,
    • Personal with Lunch Break.
  5. New built in Scan Device records for ‘Device Type’ of ‘Personal Device Template’:
    • Personal,
    • Personal Lunch Break.
  6. Added new items to the Help >> Administration menu
    • Add missing Alias fields.
    • Add standard records to database.
  7. Excluding Employee Records of Temporary Badges from the procedure that sets the last work date based on the current Time-cards. The excluded records are of type Badge, Temporary and having barcode that starts with TMP.
  8. QuickBooks Export: Handling missing Earning Codes: The program will export Job-cards with Jobs that are missing Earning Codes for the payment unit (Hour or Piece) or Shift.
    Example if a Job’s “Payment Type” is “Time & Piece” and there is only “Earning Code” for the Time, In the export file, PET will create a single line for the Time and in the Log file will have an error message for the missing Piece’s “Earning Code”.
PET Windows Version 75.03 [06/24/2022]
  1. Meal Penalty Job-card: when the Job Record of the Meal Penalty has a Default Field use it in the defined in the job if available. If it is not defined use the field of the last job-card.
  2. Corrected the check for job-cards with auto-meal-break created manually (Not through transfer of time-cards)
  3. New Preference “Meal Job Group”. Job-cards with Jobs of the Group are considered Meals when looking for days when employees missed Meals.
  4. Preventing program crash when updating the database if backup folder is not defined.
PET Windows Version 75.02 [06/20/2022]
  1. Corrected computation of Regular Gross Hours when the break in regular shift is exactly 1 minute.
  2. Allowing to pay for overtime pieces when the Preference “Weekly Overtime Method” is set.
  3. Exporting to Famous the Hourly Rate for overtime shift when the preference “Weekly Overtime Method” is set.
PET Windows Version 75.01 [06/17/2022]
  1. Scan device screen: Added to the top search items the option of Web Mail.
  2. Time-cards Employee Selection
    • Added the option of “Crew” used when the Crew-in or Crew-out screens are used to select the employees.
    • Changed the group name Dropdown to Manual.
    • Changed the color preference key.
    • Changed the name of the preference “Dropdown Employee Selection Color” to “Manual Employee Selection Color”
    • At import when the Employee Selection values cannot be parsed it is assigned the value of Unknown.
  3. Changed the name of the preference “Notify about Duplicate Assignment” to “Check for Duplicate Assignments”
PET Windows Version 75.00 [6/7/2022]
  1. The version requires Android and iPhone versions 20.00 or Higher.
  2. Archive screen: Added Help Message.
  3. when converting Time-in to Time-out or Time-out to Time-in keeping the GPS Readings.
  4. Time-cards screens: Added Employee Selection method groups
    • Groups
      • Unknown
      • Dropdown
        • Dropdown,
        • Bio Password,
        • Office Attendance.
      • Badge
        • Barcode Badge,
        • NFC Badge,
        • RFID Badge,
        • Biometric Badge,
        • Sticker Code.
      • Biometric
        • Finger Tec,
        • Face ID,
        • Hand,
        • Finger Scanner,
        • Iris Face.
    • In the Colors tab of the Preferences, added Preferences that define the color designation of each Time-card screen Employee Selection group
    • The color preferences include
      • Dropdown Employee Selection Color.
      • Badge Employee Selection Color
      • Biometric Employee Selection Color
    • Added a procedure to define the records imported from Office Attendance and Biometric devices.
    • Modified the database to include the new Time-card field.
    • The program sets the color of the Time-Card screens based on the Employee Selections.
    • Added a column of “Employee Selection” to the grids of the “View Time Cards” and “Transfer to Job Cards” grids. Each cell uses the associated group color
  5. Facilitating the usage of additional technologies to read Employee badges.
    • New types of cards
      • NFC Code: Used when the smartphones read NFC cards.
      • Biometric Code: Used when the biometric device is not capable of identifying the employee and the employee is given a card instead.
      • RFID Code: Used when the smartphones use RFID readers and RFID cards.
    • Employee Screen: Added a cards section that includes
      • Alternate Code: The code is used when an employee is assigned a roll or when he is assigned multiple bins with the same code.
      • NFC Code
      • Biometric Code
      • RFID Code.
    • Exporting all the employee codes to the Scan Devices.
    • Modified the database to include all the new Employee record fields.
  6. Set the new program Version from 74.75 to 75.00
  7. Add capability of printing piece out receipts to Intermec Bluetooth printers. Added the to Scan Device Preferences Printer Model the option of Intermec.
  8. Employee screen:
    • Do not copy Alien Registration number to I9 Document A and vice versa.
    • When RFID, NFC, or Biometric cards are reassigned to another employee during import, remove the code from existing records
    • Employee Code History:
      • Added Code Type column.
      • It Records the assignment of new codes and the type of the code. Included codes are NFC, Biometric, and RFID codes in addition to Sticker Rolls.
      • Corrected missing duplicate assignment comment on time-cards when the duplicates are imported via two separate files.
  9. Traceability - Sticker preferences:
    • Cleaned up and arranged preferences into groups.
    • Moved “Import from Hand Punch before Assign Crew” to Biometric preference tab.
    • Moved “Use Run Screen” to general tab.
  10. Moved “Start Load in Individual Piece-out” to Pocket tab.
    • Moved “Load Notification Email” to Pocket tab.
    • Renamed “Start Load in Individual Piece-out” to “Load: Start in Individual Piece-out”.
    • Added the preference: “Import Piece-outs with Duplicate Traceability Code” (Default: Yes).
  11. Added the preference: “Notify about Duplicate Assignment” (Default: Yes).
  12. Do not check for export directory when doing test file (It prevents long hang-up of program when the folder folders do not exist during test).
  13. Pocket Aliases:
    • Changed the display name
      • “Kiosk Button: Start Lunch” to “Kiosk / Menu: Start Lunch”
      • Changed the display name of “Kiosk Button: End Lunch” to “Kiosk / Menu: End Lunch”
      • Changed the display name of “Menu: Enrollment” to “Menu: Biometric Enrollment”
    • New Pocket Aliases:
      • Menu: NFC Assignment.
      • NFC Code of Assignment Screen.
      • Menu: RFID Assignment.
      • RFID Code of Assignment Screen
  14. Foreman Crew Size Incentive bonus: the procedure creates a bonus job-card for each work day instead of a one per work week.
  15. When importing Iris Face Template and Image, save the image to be used when Iris Templates are updated to version 2.0 and need the original images to recreate the templates.
  16. Uniqueness verifications: The uniqueness checks are only done if the value is modified to reduce calls to database.
    • Employee screen: Alternate Code, Alien Reg Code, RFID Code, Biometric Code, NFC Code, Export Identifier (If preference is set to be unique)
    • Job screen: Alias, Name, Export Identifier (If preference is set to be unique)
    • Crew screen: Export Identifier (If preference is set to be unique)
    • Scan Device screen: Web mail address.
PET Windows Version 74.74 [05/31/2022]
  1. Famous Export: Handling Export of jobs with pieces with overtime shifts when with time proportional to Amount.
    • When all the pieces are in the regular shift and the overtime shift is so small that it becomes 0 hours, that line is not exported.
  2. Dashboard: In the detail section adding a column of “Working on Day Off”.
PET Windows Version 74.73 [05/23/2022]
  1. Payroll Export to Datatech 1,3,5: When the Job’s Payment Type is Extra wages export the Rate.
  2. Dashboard:
    • Include working on day off column
    • Include version number only on the About page
    • Include Full copyright message (Same as Windows PET)
    • Corrected copyright start year (Code merged with Office-attendance)
PET Windows Version 74.72 [05/20/2022]
  1. Including reference of time-card in the log file when multi-edit fails.
  2. Added help ids for Paid Off-work Type screen, and Paid Off-work Rules screen.
  3. Email about duplicate assignments: Do not send email if Time-In is not found when the Employee was changed after import with real-time (E.g.: A Temporary employee's time-card is assigned the permanent record)
  4. Removed the preference 'Payment Types of Piece Class are handled as Determined by Job End'.
  5. Job Record: Added new item “Act as Determined By Job End”.
    • When the Time-in has a piece job and a following Piece-out has a Job that is different, it is included in a single Job-card with multiple Jobs (Package-size).
    • Removed the preference “Payment Types of Piece Class are handled as Determined by Job End”. When updating the database all the Job Cards that are of Piece Class are assigned “Yes”.
  6. Modifying the handling of the preference “Distribute Individual Whole Pieces”: When set to Yes, modified the method to assign at least one piece from each package-size to each Job-card when pieces are available
  7. Rounding piece-rate only once when combining multiple package-size pieces to prevent skewing the average piece rate when rounding multiple times.
  8. Crew screen: Use the preference 'Employee Windows Lookup Content' for Supervisor dropdown.
PET Windows Version 74.71 [05/17/2022]
  1. Uniqueness of Traceability code is not checked when
    • Multi-editing a time-card if Traceability code is not being changed.
    • In Time-out screen: When editing a record unless the Traceability code was changed.
PET Windows Version 74.70 [05/16/2022]
  1. Dashboard Module:
    • Add Field Dashboard in Browser.
    • Show license information and API modules in dashboard about screen.
    • Office Attendance:
      • Merge PET Office Attendance in to PET Dashboard.
      • Add link to Office Attendance in Home page. Link to office Attendance: /OfficeAttendance/EmployeeTimeEntry.aspx
    • Browser Dashboard: Update CSS (using Bootstrap styles)
      • Dashboard table style.
      • Update background color.
      • Use small fonts for debug info.
  2. Bonus Module
    • Selection:
      • Increase the width of Bonus parameters panels.
      • Keep selected filter while the program is open.
      • Move Back and Execute buttons to the left side of screen.
    • Piece Incentive bonus:
      • If multiple weeks of data is selected, created one bonus record per week
      • Review after creating Bonus: Allow reverse of created bonus records
    • New Bonus: Foreman Crew Size Incentive: It pays foremen an incentive if their crew has, on average, more than an ideal number of employees. For example it pays a dollar extra for each foreman that has more than 30 employees average every day during the workweek.
  3. Update Program: Added Upgrade menu item to Update local-web (Dashboard/Office-attendance/API) files while keeping web.config changes intact.
  4. Handling scenarios of more than one sticker roll with the same employee code.
    • Handling Piece-out with non-Unique Employee Assignment:
      • Added a preference: Average Number of Employee Daily Pieces
        • This number is used when finding the correct Employee for the assignment when duplicate sticker rolls are found to be used by multiple employees on a day.
      • A Piece-out of a non-Unique Employee Assignment is imported (Before the change, the second piece-out was not imported).
      • PET has an algorithm to try and identify the employee. If not found it is assigned to the Undefined employee.
      • Adding a descriptive comment:
        Duplicate Use of Traceability Code
        Reference: 12434-5790-aa
        Date-time: 05/13/2022 11:00 AM
        Employee: John Doe E789
        Crew: Morning Crew
      • Do not check piece-outs assigned to Undefined employee for duplicate checks when editing piece-outs (Multi-edit, edit from piece-out screen)
      • The program tries to match the Piece-out to the employee based on Crew, Field, Job, Sticker sequence number.
    • Handling Time-in with non-unique Employee Assignment:
      • When found during import, PET sends an email to the IT email address.
      • Adding a comment
        Double Assignment of Traceability Code
        Alternate Code: A926593
        1 of 2                                 2 of 2
         Roll ID: A9265930297                   Roll ID: A9265930294
         Employee: Employee A                   Employee: Employee B 
         Date-time: 05/13/2022 11:00 AM         Date-time: 05/13/2022 08:00 AM
         Reference: 0001572-051322-TI-D1        Reference: 0001582-051322-TI-D3
         Crew: C123                             Crew: C123
  5. Time-out screen: Allow Memo to grow with screen.
  6. Time-card screen: Allow Memo to grow with screen.
PET Windows Version 74.69 [05/09/2022]]
  1. Job Group Screen: Add Name and Barcode to Find screen
  2. Crew Dashboard: Added auto-refresh of browser dashboard data without losing the details.
PET Windows Version 74.68 [05/06/2022]
  1. Famous Employee export formats
    • New format Famous Employee export format 124
      • Uses CSV File format.
      • Includes additional user defined fields define in the preference "Famous Setup Export Configurable Items"
        • Structure: "FamousFieldName:PetColumnName-DataType"
        • Example: Adding PET’s Employee’s Date of Birth and Last Hire Date:
          DOB:DateOfBirth:Date-MMddyyyy,Hire Date:HireDate:Date-MMddyyyy
    • Including Famous Setup Export formats 123.01 and 124 in Famous API import method.
  2. Dashboard Module:
    • Select time-cards only till current time. Do not select future time-cards when date selection is not provided
    • Allows computing job-cards when new time-cards are available during refresh
PET Windows Version 74.67 [05/04/2022]
  1. Dashboard Module:
    • Needed employees screen: Allow duplicating existing record.
    • Modified the name of the Dashboard Browser link to http:LocalHost:81/CrewDashboard.
    • Dashboard Screen:
      • Corrected the order by location.
      • Subtract Employees that moved to different Crews (Crew dashboard) or Fields (Field dashboard).
      • Subtract Employees that were Timed-out, on lunch or on Break.
      • Show borders on individual regions
      • Refresh contents of dashboard without refreshing the whole page Refresh dashboard without showing progress bar
    • Details section
      • Show Checked-in and Checked-out employees.
      • Self-Collapsible.
    • Needed Employees: in the grid, replaced Group Name string with lookups of Job-Group.
    • Merge Dashboard version with the entire code.
    • Added version number on About screen.
    • Added a link to download WebView2 installer in Help >> Administration menu.
    • Treat employee at lunch when creating lunch break-cards instead of lunch job-cards.
    • Browser: Order of Jobs same as embedded dashboard (Group then Location).
    • Added Meal / Break Group.
    • Set default refresh frequency of 30 seconds.
    • Show Color and click event on Current instead of difference column.
    • Updated Newtonsoft package to 13 to match dashboard.
    • Accessing dashboard via browser: Use PET Tiger icon as fav-icon.
  2. Remove the preference 'Consider Employee Hourly-Rate for Payment Types'. Use 'Consider Employee rate' from Job record instead.
  3. Add help context ID for Traceability-Stickers >> Alternate Code is Bin Code.
  4. Paychex 4 Payroll Export Format: Export Job in Labor Assignment column (Column-16) instead of Job Number Column (Column-4)
  5. Corrected database update (Vacation Accruals to Off work Accruals) from Version 70.06
PET Windows Version 74.66 [04/25/2022]
  1. Importing Job Cards
    • Added Line numbers for logs of rejected record of CSV import files.
    • Added details from the file for successful lines when references are not included.
    • When a Job-card is rejected because the database includes a duplicate Job-card that was exported to payroll/cost-accounting, include the reference of the exported Job Card.
  2. Handling Accrual Job Cards
    • Do not require Ranch, Field when importing of Accruals.
    • Do not require Ranch, Field when saving a Job Card of Accruals.
  3. Dashboard
    • Needed Employees screen: when increasing the height of the screen the grid grows also.
    • The Script-names are sorted alphabetically in the dashboard selection.
    • Corrected the exception when there are no scripts available for selection on Browser dashboard.
    • When the date selection is not specified, the first date is current date.
  4. When Time-cards are imported from Android and the employee is defined by his name, not his barcode, the preference "Pocket Employee Lookup Contents" is used to find employee.
PET Windows Version 74.65 [04/20/2022]
  1. Setup AgStar/2 Employee Export. Added fields:
    • W4twojobs: Y if Head of Household Two Jobs or Married filing Jointly Two Jobs else N.
    • W4dependentamt: Other Dependents.
    • W4otherincom: Other Income.
    • W4deductions: Deductions.
PET Windows Version 74.64 [04/20/2022]
  1. Export to accounting: When distributing time proportionally to pieces and there is no regular shift: If there are too few pieces to allocate time do not use regular earning code.
PET Windows Version 74.63 [04/19/2022]
  1. Added a preference "Alternate code is bin Code" (default: Yes)
    • No: The Alternate Code identifies the Employee.
  2. Added Auto Refresh to the Crew Dashboard screen.
PET Windows Version 74.62 [04/15/2022]
  1. Help context:
    • Set ids for Off-work rule preferences.
    • Set ids for off-work fields in department.
  2. When the preference "Reusable Onboarding badges" is Yes, the Menu "Add multiple onboarding badges" becomes "Add multiple reusable onboarding badges".
  3. Corrected accumulating pieces when the Preference "Distribute Overtime Pieces by Average" is No.
  4. Show error message to user if the Preference "Distribute Overtime Pieces by Average" is No and the Preference "Count pieces during Idle-time" is Yes.
  5. When assigning pieces to shifts by absolute time, the Piece-out should be scanned when the employee is working not when the employee is on a break to get the correct time.
  6. Added the Dashboard module.
PET Windows Version 74.61 [04/06/2022]
  1. Dashboard Module: Added refresh frequency to dashboard selection.
  2. Using NFC Cards: Added to Preferences and Scan Device Screen Preferences "NFC type". Options
    • None (Default)
    • Tag (14 Char): The manufacturer built-in tag. Its length is 14 Characters that need to be set in the Preference "Alternate Code Length" of the tab "Traceability – Stickers".
    • Text: A Text that is written by the customer to the NFC tag.
  3. Aliases: Added new Aliases
    • Enrollment screen Code (default: First Roll Code).
    • Time-in Enrollment Code (default: First Roll Code).
PET Windows Version 74.60 [04/04/2022]
  1. The preference "Group Accruals by Department" controls which Job Cards are Included in the look back period:
    • No: All the Job Cards of the employees are included.
    • Yes: Only the Job Cards of the Non-Labor’s Job-card’s Department are included.
  2. Look back period Report: Use the same filter like the program. When a date is chosen, start the look back period from the previous day. Do not include the entered date in the filter.
PET Windows Version 74.59 [04/01/2022]
  1. Export Setup Format AgStar: When the exported employee is a returning employee the Hire Date is empty.
  2. Job Card with a Job of Payment Type Non-Labor or Extra Pay: Correction of the computation of the Average Hourly Rate when the Look Back period is one week.
PET Windows Version 74.58 [03/25/2022]
  1. Allow _ as separator in addition to : in import Header to specify alternate lookup columns
  2. The following two types of headers are allowed
  3. Dashboard Module:
    • Added a New screen and table: Needed Employees.
    • Crew screen: Added a dropdown of Needed Employees.
    • Field screen: Added a dropdown of Needed Employees.
    • Add View >> Field Job Dashboard
  4. Corrected the Database update to consider the preference Piece Out Allow Multiple Piece Codes when setting the value of the preference Print Receipt type when device's value is empty
PET Windows Version 74.57 [03/24/2022]
  1. ADP 14: Do not set Hours 4 Code for Extra wages job-cards.
PET Windows Version 74.56 [03/22/2022]
  1. Correction of the report Job Card Employee Multi rank. Handling Job Cards paid by pieces that do not have pieces.
PET Windows Version 74.55 [03/18/2022]
  1. Famous Export: When a Break Job has an automatic Break-preparation Job.
    • The Break Job does not have an Export Identifier and the Break-preparation Job has an Export Identifier.
    • When exporting to Famous or Datatech the Export Identifier of the Break Job is taken from the Job that preceded the Break-preparation Job.
  2. When the One of the Paid Off-work Rules’ "Compute Accrued Hours" is set to "Yes", the Employee screen’s "Off-work grid" include all the columns.
Version 74.54 [03/16/2022]
  1. Dashboard module: Added the menu option of View >> Crew Job dashboard.
PET Windows Version 74.53 [03/14/2022]
  1. Employee screen: Fix name on Off-work accrual grid
  2. Rename preference: - "Sick Leave Rule" to "Sick Leave Rules"
PET Windows Version 74.52 [03/14/2022]
  1. Employee screen: Correct the exception of Get Signature,
  2. Set Help Context IDs to
    • preferences
      • PayChex.
      • Client ID.
      • Min Wage Adjustment Job Number.
      • Min Wage Adjustment Pay Component.
    • Job Record: Paid Break Off-clock Job.
  3. Corrected the export of Minimum Wage Method from Department to XML/CSV.
  4. Paid Off-work
    • Paid Off-work Type screen: removed empty space.
    • Paid Off-work Rules Screen: removed empty space.
    • Add Rebuild menus for Covid and Covid Additional Pay
  5. Transfer to Job Card: Do not add Piece-outs not used in job-card to the Job-card Time-out list.
  6. When distributing pieces by absolute time (not average) assign pieces to Job-card shifts after computing net-time.
  7. Moved all buttons (Execute etc.) to the top left of the screen from the Top Right.
    • Find Screen.
    • Multi-edit Screen
  8. Employee Screen: Removed "Sick Leave Accrued" and "Vacation Leave Accrued" grids and moved the data to the "Paid Off-work" grid of the screen.
  9. Corrected Database updates for Sick And Vacation grids from versions before 73.16.
  10. PDF Configuration Commands
    • Column#Equals#Value
  11. Import from Onboarding device:
    • Ignoring the preference "Import Barcodes for Setup Records". PET generates a new Barcode and rejects all documents with original barcode.
    • Ignoring the preference "Import Export IDs for Setup Records".
  12. Export to Orange: Do not export Caption, Description, Devices cope, Tab, and Tab Index tags in Preferences to create a smaller file.
PET Windows Version 74.51 [03/09/2022]
  1. Corrected Error when Exporting Preferences (Connectivity >> Export >> Data >> Preferences).
  2. Maps:
    • Include Equipment Names.
    • Generate Map in default browser instead of Internet Explorer since latest Windows operating systems no longer works with Google Maps.
    • Use Edge Engine for auto-refresh Maps.
  3. Handling PDF forms:
    • Corrected the use of the commands "#RequiredIf##Equals#" and "#RequiredIf#".
    • I9 PDF For "Translator" use the Employee field "NeedTranslatorOrPreparer" (If Empty assume "Used") (Previously was always set to "Used").
    • Added #GreaterThan# and #GreaterThanOrEquals# as aliases for #MoreThan# and #MoreThanOrEquals# to avoid confusion (parity with Onboarding App)
  4. Add default "Paid off-work rules" "None". It is used in Department record when "Paid Off-work Rules" are defined in the preferences and are not used in the Department. In the Department when the "Paid Off-work Rules" are empty the Rules from the global preferences are used.
  5. Rename preferences:
    • "Covid Leave Rules" to "Covid Pay Rules".
    • "Covid Additional Leave Rules" to "Covid Additional Pay Rules"
  6. Department Record:
    • Added "Covid Pay Rules", and "Covid Additional Pay Rules".
    • Moved all "Paid Off-work Rules" to a new tab.
  7. Employee screen: Show "Covid pay" and "Covid additional pay" grids based on Department rules.
PET Windows Version 74.50 [03/08/2022]
  1. Change preference "No Carry over Equipment type" name to "Equipment Type Name of No Equipment Carry-over".
  2. Job Screen: When the "Payment Type" is "Non Labor" or "Extra Wages", Added the fields "Look Back period" and "Include Idle-time". Those fields facilitate computing the Hourly Rate by the average of the Look Back Period in addition to the employee’s Hourly Rate.
  3. Added features to track Covid Pay Preferences.
    • Currently there are two types of payment for which the employee has separate number of available hours.
      • Covid Pay
      • Covid Additional Pay
    • Added a new Screen of "Paid Off-Work Types".
      • This screen defines the different types of payment for which the customer is required to set available hours separately.
      • Moved to the screen the Preferences of the Jobs "Requested", "Rejected" and "Accrued".
    • Changed the screen and menu name: "Sick Leave Rule/ Sick Leave & Vacation Rules" to "Paid Off-work Rules". It will be used for the Rules of the Covid related payments and other sick and vacation pay.
      • This screen is used to define the rules of Covid Pay and Covid Additional Pay items.
      • Added to the screen the "Paid Off-work Type".
      • Added the Job of "Approved".
      • Remove the items of "Include idle-time" and "Look back Period". They should be defined in the "Approved" Job.
    • Changed the layouts and the Off-work items of the Job Tab of the Preferences.
    • Employee Screen: Added "Off Work Pay grid". Initially, It will have the accrued hours for the Covid Pay and Covid additional Pay.
    • Vacation preferences are only included if the Vacation module, not Paid-sick module.
    • The "Request" Jobs preferences are not exported to scan devices.
    • Off-work Rules is available with Non-Labor and (Sick module or Vacation module).
    • "Create Sick Leave by Time-cards Only" to "Create Paid Off-work by Time-cards Only".
  4. ADP 14 Export: Add new columns Memo Code and Memo Amount.
    • If Hours 4 Code is SPS, SPP, EXC, or SCA then Memo Code is W1 and Memo Amount is 9.
  5. Add preference "Covid Exclusion Pay Job", It is used in the report "Job Card Export Audit 14".
  6. Version updated from 74.26 to 74.50
  7. Employee screen: Off-work grid is populated based on Covid rules
  8. Correcting an error that prevented the entries of any Employee Export Identifier from users of the Onboarding App
  9. Mapping: Facilitating capturing maps with latest Windows updates that removed Internet Explorer.
    • It Uses Edge instead.
    • It may require installation of Edge run-time on computers that do not have Microsoft Edge installed.
    • Use
    • Select the Evergreen Standalone Installer that corresponds to your Windows OS.
PET Windows Version 74.26 [02/25/2022]
  1. Scan device screen:
    • Confirm with user before exporting onboarding documents on Menu Click.
    • Confirm with user before importing from device.
    • Show progress-bar when importing data from scan-device
    • Allow selecting txt files for Import from files
  2. Export Employee Last work date to Onboarding devices, the date is included in the Returning employee confirmation.
PET Windows Version 74.25 [02/24/2022]
  1. Scan Device screen: Show Crew in shift grid
  2. New Module: Real-Time Dashboard.
    • Description: The module facilitate dashboard display of the different crews and the jobs that they are performing. It is updated each time new Time-cards arrive from the scan devices. It is useful for tracking the crews and verifying that they have enough employees to perform the required jobs.
    • Crew record: Added to the screen a Needed Jobs grid. It has a row for each Job that the crew perform and the number employees needed to perform the Job.
PET Windows Version 74.24 [02/23/2022]
  1. Real-time service: Do not write transient errors (eg: Temporary failure to connect to web-service) to Event-log, only to error log
  2. Rename Global and Scan Device Preferences with the term "Required" to "Require", for example the Preference "Required 'Field' in Piece-Out" was modified to "Require Field in Piece-out".
  3. Set Help context IDs of Scan Device Preferences to be same as the Global Preferences.
  4. Add Crew to Scan Device grid of Time-card Defaults. When defined use it.
  5. Sort by the first column the rows of the Execution grid of the Multi-edit, Find, Multi-delete.
PET Windows Version 74.23 [02/17/2022]
  1. Reports: when a user does not have the permission "Access I-9 Information", she will not see the I-9 information in all the Employee reports that include it.
  2. Scan Device and Boards screen:
    • Increase width of preference fields.
    • Add new Scan Device Preferences "Require Crew in Time-in", "Require Job in Time-In".
  3. Both have global preferences, if left empty the global preference is used.
  4. Removed the "Portrait" option from the "Kiosk Buttons Configuration" Preference.
PET Windows Version 74.22 [02/15/2022]
  1. Preference Kiosk buttons Configuration
    • Added the option of portrait mode.
    • Change the option Name "FourCorners" to "Four Corners".
  2. When the Scan Device Preference "Piece out receipt type" "4 Double Android", the Scan Devices’ Export file includes the Fields’ Varieties and the Job’s Piece Rate to be used in the receipts.
  3. Added a new preference: "Job Card: Set Piece Rate when 0 pieces"
    • Is used when transferring to Job-cards and the Job’s Payment-type is Piece and the number of Pieces is 0.
    • Affects the number of lines in Payroll Export File when the "Export Summary" is not None.
      • When set to Yes, all the Job Cards of the same Job of Piece Payment-type are included in one line.
      • When set to No, may include two lines: one line for Job Cards with Pieces and another for Job Cards without pieces.
    • Default: No.
  4. Break-Card Length: Do not use default length when Auto Return from break is not set.
PET Windows Version 74.21 [02/14/2022]
  1. In a Job-Card of Payment Type Piece keep the piece rate even if there are no pieces (Allows combining the lines during summary export)
PET Windows Version 74.20 [2/10/22]
  1. Corrected errors importing time-cards from biometric devices when a time-card after the importing time-card for an employee is created on the server.
  2. Removed Famous preference 'Export Guaranteed hours as Offered hours'.
    • Changed the name of the preference: "H2A Hours Refused Job Group" to "H2A Hours Not-Taken Job Group".
    • The user should create Job records of payment type Non-Labor and 0 hourly rate for the different reasons the employees did not take offered jobs.
    • When the number of hours in the Job Cards of the H2A employees is below the guaranteed in the contract, the user should create Job-records of Jobs that belong to the H2A Hours Not Taken Job Group"
  3. Onboarding interface: changes to facilitate multiple Form Sets:
    • When the onboarding documents root folder contains a file "DocumentsType.txt" with text "FormSet" the program treats the folder contents as including multiple Form-sets instead of languages.
    • Added the procedure to export form-sets to Onboarding App.
    • Added XML attribute to signify that the documents are part of a Form Set.
    • Added a Preference "Form-set Criteria" that determines the selection of the appropriate Form Set.
      • Example: The onboarding includes two Form-sets named "Returning" and "New".
      • The following criteria selects the "Returning" Form-set for employee that were furloughed in the last 120 days.
      • "Furloughed,Returning Set,,#OnlyDate#:#LessThanOrEquals#CurrentDate-120".
    • The "Form-set Criteria" is entered by Orange.
    • Added the following items to the data exported to the Onboarding devices
      • Employee Release date,
      • Employee Furloughed date.
  4. Handling H2A Offered Hours
    • Renamed preferences
      • 'H2A Hours Refused Job Group' to 'H2A Hours Not-taken Job Group'
      • 'Export H2A Hours Offered for Everyone' to 'Export H2A Hours Taken for Everyone'
      • 'H2A Hours Offered Job' to 'H2A Hours Taken Job'
      • 'H2A Hours Offered Job Cost Center' to 'H2A Hours Taken Job Cost Center'
    • Use GL ID Source, and Department ID source preferences when exporting H2A Offered hours.
    • Offered Hours Export - Revert change of using Hours Offered job's Ag-type instead of labor-job's ag-type during export
  5. Piece-out receipt type:
    • Show Format number in the description, for example Format1 is changed from 'Single iPhone' to '1 Single iPhone'
    • Add 4 Double Android similar to Format3 and prints the receipt twice.
PET Windows Version 74.19 [02/07/2022]
  1. Add preference: "Interval for combining two first Time-ins to a single Time in [Minutes]"
    Used for scenarios where the employees start the day and end the day with biometric device while the job and the field are assigned within the interval by a supervisor who uses a scan device.
    • The first Time-in must come from a Kiosk device (Kiosk Default Scan Mode)
    • The merge occurs in the Transfer to Job Cards.
    • The first Time-in is the source of the Date and Time.
    • The Second Time-in is the source of all the other items like Ranch, Field, Job, Work Crew, and Equipment)
  2. Meal Penalty average:
    • The Meal Penalty Job Payment Type can only be "Non-Labor".
    • The Meal Penalty Payment is not included in calculations of Regular Hourly Rate, used for overtime and idle time.
    • In the Job Card Correct the subject of Rate comment (Paid-break rate to Rate)
  3. Employee screen I9 information editing and selecting in List A "Passport with I94" or "Passport with I94A"
    • If Missing I94 or I94A in the second column, Inform the user about missing data, but allow continuation.
    • Do not check I9 data validation if user did not modify I9 data.
  4. Made a change to activate the User’s permission of "Access I-9 Information" to prevent access only to the I-9 reports of the Employee screen, Update for this version requires Report version 74.19 too.
  5. Corrected the Connectivity Method in the files sent to devices. The error stopped export of records from Windows Mobile Scan Devices.
PET Windows Version 74.18 [02/02/2022]
  1. Modifying the Scan Device preference "Print after each Piece-out" to "Piece-out receipt type"
    • 0. No Receipt (Previous value No)
    • 1. Single iPhone (Previous value Yes)
    • 2. Multiple Piece-outs Android
    • 3. Duplicate Receipts Android.
  2. Corrected the Json export format.
  3. Corrected cross thread invoke exception during export to scan devices.
  4. When exporting Enum preferences to Scan-devices always use the Export Value attribute if exists
  5. Changes in the Export file to scan devices when the preference "Piece-out Receipt Type" is "3. Duplicate Receipts Android":
    • Exporting the Field Variety.
    • Exporting The Job Piece-rate.
  6. Add command line parameter to extend Database Connection timeout /DbConnectionTimeOut=X seconds, default value is 120 seconds.
  7. Payroll Export Format H2A Offered hours export:
    • Added a preference "Export Guaranteed Hours as Offered Hours" (Default: No)
    • Yes:
      • The offered hours are the guaranteed hours defined in the H2A Contract.
      • Offered hours are exported for all days of week even for days that do not include employee did not work
      • Offered hours are not exported after employee’s release date
    • No: Export hours worked by the employee
PET Windows Version 74.17 [01/26/2022]
  1. Payroll export Format QuickBooks
    • Handling the Preference "QuickBooks $1.00 per Hour Payroll Item for Piece Wage"
      • If defined, QuickBooks has a Payroll Item with the name of the preference and PET sends in the file the piece dollar amount as the "Duration".
      • If not defined, QuickBooks has a Payroll Item with the second item of the Piece Earning Code from the Piece Job that its Piece rate is the same as the rate of the Payroll Item in the employees’ records. PET sends in the file the number of pieces as the "Duration".
    • Handling the preference "QuickBooks $1.00 per Hour Payroll Item for Underpayment" according to the preference "QuickBooks Minimum Wage Job-Card export Method.
      • "Pieces and Piece-Underpayment": PET sends two lines:
        • One with the amount of the underpayment in the Duration column and the Payroll Item of the Preference "$1.00 per Hour for Underpayment"
        • The second with amount of the pieces.
      • "As Hours" Pet sends one line with the Number of hours in the Duration column and Payroll Item defined by the first item of the Job’s Earning Code.
  2. Payroll Export Format ADP 8 : Export regular Idle-time hours (Breaks)
    • Hours 3 Code: NPH
    • Hours 3 Amount: Idle-time regular hours
    • Overtime idle-time and double-time is exported as time-hours
  3. Real-time installation:
    • Removed the message of missing real-time module.
    • Require Database Authentication that is not 'Windows Authentication'.
  4. Preference "Populate missing time-card items": Remove the option of "From Previous or Next".
PET Windows Version 74.16 [01/19/2022]
  1. Correction of SQL Error number of duplicate value insert.
  2. Renamed preference "Populate missing Time-card Items at Transfer" to "Populate missing Time-Card Items"
  3. Values changes from Yes/No to At-Transfer/At-Import
  4. Preference "Populate Missing Time-Card Crew at Import": Renamed the option "Finger scanner Cards only" to "Biometric Cards only" since all Time-cards from biometric devices are treated the same.
  5. The export files that are include commands to update program version, OS version or Time Zones will not include module-list.
  6. Payroll Export format Paycom1: Match total hours during export to number of minutes
  7. Preference: "Use Previous Job’s Export ID when current is empty"
    • Changed the name of the to "Use previous Jobs Export ID".
    • Changed its options to
      • No,
      • Paid-Breaks only,
      • When Empty.
  8. Real-time service activation changes.
  9. Restoring with file after editing or deletion errors.:
    • Allowing administrator to choose file for backup even when system did not find any files that matches the file name pattern.
    • Orange user can choose any file that does not match the file-name pattern.
PET Windows Version 74.15 [01/13/2022]
  1. Export to Accounting Preference: "Use Previous Job's Export ID when current is empty" replaces the preference "Use Previous Job's Export ID when exporting Paid-Break". New options
    • Yes: When the Job Export Identifier is empty, always use the Export Identifier of the Job of the Previous Job-card.
    • Paid-Breaks Only: Always (even when it has an export identifier) replace it with the Export Identifier of the Job of the Previous Job-card.
    • No: Do not replace.
  2. Allow install of real-time service without real-time module to be used to automate backups by real-time
PET Windows Version 74.14 [01/12/2022]
  1. QuickBooks export: When a Job-card has a Department and the Payroll Export format in the Department is QuickBooks, use the QuickBooks preferences of the department.
  2. Datatech export: Corrected an exporting error when the Job-card includes Equipment (Regression from 65.18).
PET Windows Version 74.13 [01/11/2022]
  1. Job-card:
    • Remove trailing zeroes in calculation description of Exported Values.
    • The Department is taken from the Employee record or its History Grid based on the date. An employee may move from one Department to another in the middle of the week.
  2. Export to QuickBooks Preferences:
    • Rename "QuickBooks $1.00 per Hour Payroll Item for Underpayment"
    • Rename "QuickBooks Class Column Contents" to "QuickBooks Proj Column Contents"
    • Use the preference "QuickBooks $1.00 per Hour Payroll Item for Piece Wage" for Piece-only job-cards in addition to Time+Piece
    • Added all the QuickBooks preferences to the Department table.
    • When the Job is of Payment-type Idle-time (Rese and Recovery) it is paid as average so there is no corresponding rate in QuickBooks. Depending on the Preference "QuickBooks $1.00 per Hour Payroll Item for Idle-Time", it has two possible formats.
      • The preference is empty: PET exports two lines
        • Line of payment amount using the Piece Earning Code for the QuickBooks Payment Item that has a rate of 1.
        • Line of the Net-Time using the Time Earning Code for the QuickBooks Payment Item that has a rate of 0.
      • The Preference has a value: Pet exports a single line with the payment amount in the Duration column.
  3. Department Record:
    • The Item "Minimum Wage Method" can be empty. When it is empty, its value is taken from Global Preferences.
    • Increase the size of minimum-wage lookup.
  4. Minimum Wage Computations
    • Source hierarchy to State of Field, Department, and Global Preferences
    • Correction of procedure when minimum wage is not defined in the global preferences
    • Add rate-source option: Department Minimum wage.
    • Selecting Department dependent preferences for weekly calculation preferences like Idle-time average, Minimum-age-method is based on the Job-card’s Week Start. If the Employee changes department in the middle of the week, averaging preferences should be on a daily basis and set in both the Department of the Week start and the middle of the week.
  5. Increase the size of minimum-wage lookup in the Global Preferences.
PET Windows Version 74.12 [01/05/2022]
  1. Employee Screen Rate History
    • When computing Job-card considering the Job-card date, if one of the columns has a value use it.
    • Do not export Hire-date. Export overtime rule.
  2. Job Screen Rate History
    • When computing Job-card considering the Job-card date, if one of the columns has a value use it.
    • 0 is not considered to be a valid value for defaults from job.
  3. Overtime rules, "150% Period" tab is changed to "1.5 Period"
    • It is used to set a day of the week, usually Sunday as a day when the employees are paid overtime.
    • Rename the tab "150% period" tab to "1.5 period".
    • In all the items replace the string "150%" with "Overtime (1.5)".
    • Add a new item "Overtime Day of the Week Doubletime (2.0) Starts at [Hours] when Sunday".
    • Overtime day of the week is always paid as Overtime instead of Regular-differential
  4. Famous Cost Accounting: Include equipment export identifier in equipment-description line
  5. Datatech Export: Do not check the maximum size limit on export identifiers for Job, Ranch, Field, Crew
  6. Job Screen:
    • When consider-employee-rate is No, accept zero hourly-rate after confirming with user.
    • Rate history: Show department only when department module is included in the program configuration.
  7. Job-Card screen:
    • Do not show recalculate menu for record that is locked.
    • Corrected the piece-assignments in grid when using multiple package-sizes and job-cards shifts change (regular -> overtime or overtime -> regular) during recalculate.
    • Removing trailing zeroes for minimum-wage rate in calculation description.
    • Assign Department when recalculate
    • Use Piece-decimal-accuracy for Minimum-pieces-per-hour in Rate history grid
  8. Adding the feature of identifying the main record by main record Name, Export Identifier or Barcode, when Importing grid lines of a screen like Rate History of Jobs or Employees.
    • By Name:
    • H_JobRateHistory,Job.Name,FirstDate,PieceRate
    • By Export Identifier:
    • H_JobRateHistory,Job.ExportIdentifier,FirstDate,PieceRate
      G_JobRateHistory,Pick 123,01/01/2020,4
    • By Barcode
    • H_JobRateHistory,Job.Code,FirstDate,PieceRate
    • If multiple main records are found for the given selection issue an error message
    • Example:
    • If more than one job exists with export-id "Pick 123", the log file will include an error message
    • H_JobRateHistory,Job.ExportIdentifier,FirstDate,PieceRate
      F_JobRateHistory,Pick 123,01/01/2020,4
  9. Department screen: Remove auto-size on "Cost Accounting Export Folder"
  10. Job-Card Description Tab: Adding details to
    • Including source of Over-Time-Rules: Employee Record, Employee history, Job, or Job rate history.
    • Including source of tier-schedule: Job record, or Job rate history
  11. Updated the Copyright Year to 2022
  12. Transfer Crew Pieces: Use the preference of "Piece Rate Decimal Accuracy" to round Job-card’s "Piece Rate".
PET Windows Version 74.11 [12/28/2021]
  1. Speeding up retrieval of dropdown items that are verbal but represented as numbers in the code.
  2. Handling Overtime Rule of 150% by Day of the week.
    • If the day is Sunday: The created shift is "Overtime".
    • All other days: The created shift is differential shifts when computing minimum wage include the differential rate/amount
    • The change affects computation of minimum wage and overtime premium.
PET Windows Version 74.10 [12/20/2021]
  1. The Shortcut screen can be scaled without minimum width or height.
  2. Added help messages for PayChex4 items in Preferences, and department.
  3. Added Restore database option to Orange Menu.
  4. Not clearing data after import when user clicks on cancel on dialog for importing with parameter /ClearImportSettings.
  5. The Update Program: When upgrading Reports, and Help the default folder is the downloads fold
  6. Paychex 4 export format:
    • Minimum Wage Adjustment or Job Export Identifiers are not required.
    • Maximum decimal accuracy of hours is 2 decimals.
  7. Importing from Face-id Line device: The crew of Non-line employees is their Home Crew.
  8. Correct Day Start rounding with Earliest start-time defined
PET Windows Version 74.09 [12/09/2021]
  1. Remove preference 'Paid-break Off-Clock Job'
  2. Line (Schedule) Scan Devices
    • Those are Scan Devices of Device Type "FingerTec FaceID" that include in "Time-Card Defaults" Tab shift-grid entries of 'Auto-All'. The devices are used by two types of employees:
    • Line Employees: Employees that are working on a packing line. They start working together at the same time and stop working at the same time. Their jobs are determined by the "Auto-All" and "Auto" lines of the grid.
    • Non-line Employees: Employees that are not working on the line doing jobs like cleaning or maintenance.
    • Imported entries of the "Everyone Codes"
      • Use the "Auto-All" Job.
      • They are converted to Crew-In, and Crew-Out of the Default Crew.
    • Line Employees individual entries
      • Imported entries of Individual before the line started working use the "Auto" Job.
      • Imported entries after line started use the "Auto-All" Job.
    • Non-Line employees,
      • Use the default job from employee record not the grid.
      • They are not moved to the "Auto-All" job when supervisor uses the "Everyone Codes".
      • Scan-Device:
        • If multiple shift grid entries exist at the same time, order by line number when finding the appropriate entry
        • Import from Scan Devices in alphabetical order of device name.
        • Exclude "Auto All line when finding the Job for a Time-In
      • Allow shortcut screen to be repositioned
      • Sub-report record selection: Match names with or without .rpt extension
      • Set the name of the device in the biometric device import file
      • Changes in pulling data from FingerTec biometric devices
        • Import and process in batch.
        • Import from Biometric devices in real-time, write log file only once
        • All Sync folders of the devices should be under a common parent folder.
        • Add menu option in Import to re-import biometric device files in bulk, selecting the parent folder to reimport data from all devices
      • Change defaults for Backup preferences:
        • Backup Type: Real-time
        • Backup Time: 01:00
      • Remove the option to restore backup from program. Restoring a backup only available from Update program
      • Allow real-time import interval to be fraction of a minute for example 0.5: 30 seconds, 0.25: 15 seconds, 0.017: 1 second
PET Windows Version 74.08 [11/30/2021]
  1. Do not show errors from db-layer if retrying.
  2. If network connection to database fails, wait for 5, 10, and 15 seconds to reestablish and read the data again.
  3. Changes in Export to Payroll format Paychex 4:
    • Added to the Preferences and the Department screen
      • Paychex Client ID.
      • Paychex Minimum Wage Adjustment Pay Component.
      • Paychex Minimum Wage Adjustment Job Number.
    • If the preferences are empty, export minimum-wage job-cards as time.
    • Export minimum wage with the new preferences.
    • Handles Job-cards paid by Piece.
    • Handling Job-cards paid by Time and Piece.
  4. View Time Card and Transfer to Job Cards Screens: The Action Menu at the screen top is sorted Alphabetically ("Modify Time-Card" is always first as it is expected to be most used).
PET Windows Version 74.07 [11/25/2021]
  1. Job Cards: Add new payment-type "Off-Clock". Job Cards with such Jobs have only Gross Time no Net Time. For example a lunch.
  2. New preference: "Paid-break Off-Clock Job".
  3. Transfer to Job Cards: When the preference "Paid=break Off-clock Job" is defined, if an employee returns late from a paid break (later than default break-length), the program creates an Off-clock job-card
  4. Net-time-minutes columns represent the Net-time column, instead of being the difference between Gross-time and Break-length columns (Off-clock job-cards do not have break-length).
  5. Employee screen:
    • When list A requires I94 document, then List B includes the I94 or I94A details.
    • Allow only I94 in List B for Passport with I94 on List A.
    • Allow only I94B in List B for Passport with I94B on List A.
  6. Invoice Screen: Set Help context Ids on Invoice screen
  7. Utilizing Iris ID devices
    • Facilitating sending OS Update command from the Orange menu.
    • Added a Preference "Iris ID Authentication Mode" - default: Fusion or Card.
      • Facilitating identifying the employees with RFID cards when face identification fails.
      • Facilitating multiple methods for identifying the employees.
  8. Orange Menu >> Manage Scan Devices >> FingerScanner or IrisID >> Upgrade OS or Upgrade Program
    • Added the device type to the header.
    • Default update mode is "Update Now".
  9. Change in the program type at the bottom of the screen:
    • [32-bit] and [64-bit] instead of x32 and x64 for bit-ness.
    • No background color highlight.
  10. Job Card screen: Saving changes when clicking on the "Test File" button.
  11. Real-time Service Log: Adding Windows User and Computer Names. This helps setup the service on re-install when using a different user than LocalSystem.
  12. Changed the name of the Preference "Required Finger Scanner Template Quality" to "Required Biometric Template Quality", to indicate that it is used for both Finger Scanner and Iris ID.
  13. Saving Time-cards from Biometric Devices: Including seconds.
  14. Preferences: Time-card Tab defaults of new database
    • Time In of Everyone code 333
    • Start of Meal of Everyone code 222
  15. Uses preference "Populate Crew from Employee" to set Crew in Time-Cards (Previously always using Home-Crew from Employee)
    • Office Attendance
    • Fixing out of order time-cards
    • Multi-new screen
      • Time-Ins
      • Multi-new Job-Cards
    • Time-in screen defaults
    • Scan Screens
      • Driver Time-in
      • Driver Time-out
      • Time-Card
      • Time-In
    • Import Time-Cards from Biometric and Batch devices
  16. Changes that facilitate use of biometric devices to record employees that work on a packing line and that are paid only for the time between starting the line at the work day start and stopping it at the end of the work day.
    • Importing of records of "Everyone Codes" from biometric devices
    • Scan Device’s "Time Card Defaults" tab
      • Using the default values the tab: Ranch, Field, job and Crew.
      • In the Time Card Type of the Job Grid, added a new value "Auto All".
      • The Job of "Auto All" line is used for two purposes
        • Importing a "Time In of Everyone Code". It is the Job of starting the packing line.
        • Importing a Time-in record of an employee that members of his crew, on the work day already have the Time-cards with the Job of "Auto All".
      • When there is a line of "Auto All", a line of "Auto" is required also. The Job of the "Auto" line is a Job of Payment Type "Off-Clock and is used to for Time-ins of the employees when they start work.
  17. Fix out of order time-cards uses this type to set the Job
PET Windows Version 74.06 [11/11/2021]
  1. Modify the way the program use the Field’s Export-Identifier to verify the Validation code. Instead of taking the entire Export-it takes only the first 4 characters.
PET Windows Version 74.05 [11/08/2021]
  1. When importing customer data
    • Do not Compute Irrigation data.
    • Do not Export to scan devices:
      • Lunch start, and total pieces.
      • Employee Roll-assignments.
      • Work-orders.
      • New setup records.
  2. Time Sheets: Preventing null exception when considering meal-penalty (Scenarios of Employees having only a non-labor entry).
PET Windows Version 74.04 [11/05/2021]
  1. Export to Accounting: corrected the code to handle the preference "Use previous Job-card Export ID for Breaks" when the "Sort order" is "Date then Employee".
  2. Added a new Payroll Export preference "Unit for Totaling Time for Rate Average", options Minutes, Hours Default Minutes
    • It determines the unit that is being used when computing the average regular hourly rate for breaks and overtime.
    • It affects the accuracy only when the "’Time Decimal Accuracy" is up to 2 decimals.
    • Example
      • Number of Work Minutes is 460, Total Pay is 109.16 Time Decimal Accuracy 2
      • Minutes the value in hours is 7.67, Hourly Rate is 14.23
      • Hours the value in hours is 7.66, Hourly Rate is 14.25
  3. Setting Last Work Date
    • Added an exception log when failing to set last work date of Employees in real-time service.
    • Real-time: Run for each employee and limit query to records to 7 days prior to last run time. [Preventing query time-outs on large databases].
    • When running the procedure from other menu options prevent failure due to large database.
  4. Export to payroll: Preventing inclusion of a job-card multiple times when the User has a limited department access.
  5. When exporting User including Job Groups, and Device grids.
PET Windows Version 74.03 [11/1/2021]
  1. Preventing an error when clicking on Export button on a second job-card zoomed-in from Job-card grid.
  2. Computing correctly the Total Amount of a shift row when adding Extra Wages job-cards of piece job-cards with Underpayment.
  3. Added a new Payroll Export format of CompuPlants 2.
  4. Adding an Orange Preference 'Include Audit in Export to Orange Support' default is Yes.
  5. UKG1 Export: Export Hours in decimal format instead of hours and minutes in the "Amount" column.
PET Windows Version 74.02 [10/26/2021]
  1. UKG1 Export:
    • Non-labor Job-cards - do not export Job export-Identifier.
    • Regular Differential is export two lines: One with regular Pay-code the other the differential Pay-code.
  2. Restore mode: Enable Export if user has Export permission
  3. Job Card screen: Enable Export and Report when zoomed-in from job-card grid.
  4. Do not export to Personal devices if the selected Scan Device Personal Template is not active.
  5. Tier Schedule Piece Incentive Bonus: Show error message when appropriate tier schedule is missing for the worked pieces.
PET Windows Version 74.01 [10/25/2021]
  1. Employee Screen: Added the Department to Rate Grid.
  2. Crew screen: Set help context id for "Individual Pieces Distributed to Entire Crew".
  3. Correcting the importing Employee data.
  4. Correcting the Employee multi-edit for Hire and Release days.
PET Windows Version 74.00 [10/20/2021]
Major changes of handling Employee onboarding and using PET Pocket by individual Employees (free PET Personal).
  1. Setup Export Format DataTech1 Changes:
    • Header change NAME_KEY to ACCT_NUM.
    • Header change CREW_NUM to CREW_ID.
    • When Employment-type None is exported as empty.
    • Hire Date is only exported for New employee (Employee.Exported = No)
    • Add new Item 'Sick Pay Plan'.
  2. Employee Class
    • Remove Barcode item
    • Barcode, and Department are removed from Employee class table
  3. New Table and Screen: "Sick Pay Plan", accessed from File >> Administration >> Setup >> Sick Pay Plan.
    • Used in new field of the Employee record.
  4. When using the option Orange >> Find Duplicate Barcodes, added the file with the list, the master record name (Eg: Ranch for Field)
  5. New Table and Screen: "Employment Type screen", accessed from File >> Administration >> Setup >> Employment Type Screen.
    • It is used in the Employee screen in field of "Employment Type" instead of the current fixed list.
    • Added the standard Employment-types to the table as Orange records.
    • The values that are used in setup export and the export identifier.
    • When the value is None the export identifier is empty.
  6. Payroll Export Formats AgStar 2 and Agstar 2.1: Use the export Identifier from the record for User-defined Employment-types.
  7. Preferences:
    • Change the Preference name "Use Employee Rate History" to "View Employment and Rate History".
    • Made preferences that can be edited by SU user only, visible to non SU users (for example: Barcode Uniqueness, Employee Unique Item).
    • Document Preferences:
      • Renamed the Preference "I9 documents folder" to "I-9 Document Folder".
      • Document preferences: I-9 documents, and documents folder can only be edited by SU user.
      • When assigning a folder the program verifies that the folder exists.
      • When assigning a new folder, files are copied from the old folder to the new ones, and the path is modified in the employee record. Error messages are issued if the old folder is not found. Files with the same name in the new folder are skipped.
  8. Employee screen:
    • Change caption 'Hire Date' to 'Last Hire Date' (This field always contains the latest hire-date for re-hired employees).
    • Added "Sick Pay Plan" input field.
    • Replaced the fixed list of "Employment Type" with a user defined values taken from the table "Employment Type".
    • Added a button `Open I9 Form` in documents tab to open I9 documents of the employee. It is displayed when the Preference "I-9 Document Folder" is not empty.
    • Changed the name of the Tab "Rate History" to "Employment and Rate History".
    • Employment and Rate History Tab
      • The always included in the screen
      • Changed the name of the Tab "Rate History" to "Employment and Rate History".
      • Added a new grid to the tab "Employment History":
        • It includes columns for hire date and termination date.
        • This grid is always visible.
        • Each time an employee is hired or rehired, a new line is created.
        • Each time an employee is terminated or furloughed the termination date is added.
    • New procedures to activate and inactivate Personal-device.
      • Screen values required for an employee to have a Personal-device:
        • "Active" – Yes
        • "Email Address" – Not empty and valid.
        • "Personal-device Template" – Not empty
        • "User Prefix" – Not empty.
      • Exporting setup data to the Personal-device.
        • Saving a new Employee record with all the Personal-device Required items valid.
        • Saving an existing Employee record where the old one did not have all the items valid and now they are.
      • Sending a command to inactivate a Personal-device.
        • Saving an existing Employee record where the old one had all the items valid and now one or more are not.
      • Comment: The employee status is not considered for activating or inactivating a Personal-device. An employee whose status is not Working will still have data sent to a Personal-device if all the Personal-device required value valid.
      • Allowing clearing personal-device template, prefix, and email address together.
      • When an employee is deleted, send an inactivate command to personal device.
    • Handling I-9 documents of H2A employees: I-9 form of H2A employees requires details of two documents: Passport and Form I94 or I94A. To facilitate the recording of the two forms
      • Changed the List B caption to List B and I94
      • Added Form-I94 and Form-I94A to list B
      • When the form in list A is Passport with I94 or Passport with I94A the user is expected to enter the Passport details is List A and the I-94 or I-94A in List B.
  9. Scan Device: Facilitate selecting Default Scan mode for Personal Device templates.
  10. Job Screen:
    • Clear Tier Schedule when not required for the Job’s Payment-type (For example Non-labor).
    • When "Consider Employee Rate" is No, "Hourly Rate" must be greater than 0.
  11. Salaried employee:
    • Non-labor job-cards are paid at "Regular Rate" using the number of hours from the applicable item from the Job’s "Overtime Rules".
      • If the salary period is Daily, the Regular Rate is the Daily Salary divided by the "Daily Overtime (1.5) starts after [Hours]".
        • For example Daily Salary: 160, "Daily Overtime…": 8 then Regular Rate is 20 (160/8).
      • If the salary period is Weekly, the Regular Rate is the Weekly Salary divided by the "Weekly Overtime (1.5) starts after [Regular Hours]".
        • For example Weekly Salary: 1000, "Weekly Overtime…": 40 then Regular Rate is 25 (1000/40).
      • Is The Non-Labor Job’s "Consider Employee Rate" is No, the hourly rate is taken from the Job Record.
    • When computing the hourly rate consider only Job Cards that have Net-hours (Excluding Non-labor, Extra Wages and Bonus).
  12. Time Card grid: Non-labor hours are shown with time-decimal accuracy
  13. Correct the verification of Minimum Wage when the Job’s Payment-type is Idle-time.
  14. New Export format: UKG 1
  15. Mapping: Adding ranch map coordinate source.
  16. Preventing Unhandled exception when importing Crew Piece out records from Scan devices with Sick-leave or Paid-Leave modules
Changes in the PET handles the Social Security Number (SSN) in the Employee Screen:
  1. The Full Social Security Number is masked to secure the privacy of the employees.
  2. Only Users that have the permission of "View Complete SSN" can see it fully and modify it.
  3. On the employee screen only the last 4 digits appear in the format XXX-XX-1234
  4. A button next to the SSN allows user with the permission to view it in full and to modify it.
  5. The SSN In the database it is scrambled.
  6. The user can select employees by their last 4 digits., It is possible that there will be more than one employee with the same last 4 digits.


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