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Windows What's New

Version 64.02
  1. Upgrade to version 5.0 of Handpunch dll [RsiDotNetDll.dll] - 64-bit PET access
Version 64.01 [05/30/2018]
  1. Increment Version number from 12.92 to 64.01 to signify 64-bit builds
  2. Build as Any CPU
  3. Real-time also runs as 64-bit application on 64-bit windows
  4. 64-bit version is not compatible with Handpunch and FingerTec devices
  5. Use references for crystal-13
Version 12.92 [05/29/2018]
  1. Add x64 in the the status bar if the program is running as 64-bit application. This helps to identify accidental 64-bit deployment before all the tests are performed.
  2. Add new Export format: Temp Plus 1 [Woodspur Farms]
  3. PayChex 1: Do not require Field to create export line
  4. Move Crystal Reports dependency to be its own library.
Version 12.91 [05/24/2018]
  1. Enable Connectivity method for onboarding devices
  2. Onboarding devices: Do not send Employee pictures
  3. When the paying overtime by average, and minimum wage is less than average - Use the 50%, and 100% average above minimum wage for overtime shifts. Tractor driver's average weekly payment is above minimum wage, and the minimum wage is calculated on daily basis. In some-cases, the weekly average is above the daily minimum wage. So the 50% or 100% average rate should be added to Overtime and doubletime shifts
Version 12.90 [05/22/2018]
  1. [Oracle Sync] - Sku Screen: Created new screen (SetupScreens/SkuScreen) for Sku table
  2. [Oracle Sync] - Added new model for Sku and generated ORM classes
  3. Time-out Question Set, Default Crew in Scan Device
  4. Add Help Context numbers for New Inspection
  5. Add Start and End times to Import log file
  6. Fix issue where none of the shortcut screen buttons show if the users does not have permission for any of the buttons
  7. Export additional Employee items for Onboarding V2
  8. Show log file after recalculate changes only once
Version 12.89 [05/16/2018]
  1. Job Card screen: Fix Gross Time tab order
  2. Add Help context numbers for Anonymous workers
  3. Work Order preferences in its own tab
  4. Fix: Idle-time average rate calculation when the preference 'Minimum Wage Column Type' is set to Hourly Rate Column
  5. [SU user] Copy Selected records from any grid to Excel
Version 12.88 [05/15/2018]
  1. Transfer from Time-Sheet: Consider all zero-time jobs, not just non-labor jobs.
  2. Exclude filter fix (for employee -> transfer to timecard) [Regression from 12.66]
  3. Fix Incorrect default mode is selected in Scan Devices [Regression from 12.78]
  4. Famous Export - Do not write lines with zero pieces and zero hours
Version 12.87 [05/11/2018]
  1. Round Pieces assigned proportionally from Crew-piece-outs using Piece Decimal Accuracy
Version 12.86 [05/10/2018]
  1. Add Spanish Localization
Version 12.85 [05/10/2018]
  1. Code review changes for 2PH
  2. Password export for AccuTime devices
Version 12.84 [05/09/2018]
  1. Add preferences for Anonymous Workers
  2. Import Anonymous Worker information
  3. Add/Correct Spanish localization on some of the data
  4. When importing Time-Cards with Alternate-code, also check in Code-history table [From beginning of the day when Assigning Rolls daily]
  5. When assigning Employees to Undefined employees do not look at the preference 'Assign Rolls daily'
Version 12.83 [05/07/2018]
  1. Computech 2: Export Time and Piece lines separately.
  2. Computech 2: Do not write Piece-line for a Time&Piece Job if Piece-rate is empty or 0
  3. Fix Null reference exception when saving records
Version 12.82 [05/07/2018]
  1. Add command line argument /MasterControlFile
  2. Fix: Usage of 'Count Piece-outs during Breaks' [Regression from 12.67]
  3. Correct Question Set screen name
Version 12.81 [05/04/2018]
  1. Job Screen: Add 'Consider Employee Rate' [Default: Yes], If set to No - the Employee's Hourly rate is not considered for the Job
  2. Change Time-Card: Employee Rank with Pieces report data structure
  3. Fix exception System.Data.RowNotInTableException when a Field is updated with another screen showing the field open.
  4. CompuTech2 Fix Summary Export: Total Hours for Time-Jobs is always 0
  5. Fix CompuTech1, CompuTech2: Export of Idle-Time job-cards
  6. Employee Screen - Fix Exception saving when user has only permission for single Department
  7. Add command line argument /UserTempFolder
Version 12.80 [05/01/2018]
  1. Famous Export - Earning code take from individual Package Sizes if Earning code from main Job is not available
  2. Add Anonymous Workers module
  3. Export to Accounting - Break-Job Export Identifier is taken from previous Job (not from previous Job's Package Size)
Version 12.79 [05/01/2018]
  1. Employee screen: Do not require Meal-Start, and Meal-Lengths. [Previous versions required them when Preference Auto-Meal was set]
  2. Add new Device type: Datalogic Scanner [2PH]
  3. Fix Restore Database with CDC-enabled backup (Change Data Capture) [Paramount Wonderful] - Error message is shown when restoring to sql-server without CDC enabled, but PET Tiger can still be used after restore.
  4. Computech 2: Change in Labor Code - (2 Char Job Id-> Ranch + Job + Variety + Field), (4 Char Job Id-> Ranch + Job + Field), (else Ranch + Job)
  5. Add Scan >> Packing House Scan
Version 12.78 [04/26/2018]
  1. Job Screen: Piece-Weight Textbox is always editable without dependence on Payment-type
  2. Add Inspection Job preferences,
  3. Job Card screen - After zoom to Employee, recalculate if Consider Employee rate changes
  4. Famous Export - Track times in Minutes for accumulation, and only convert to hours after accumulation
  5. [Oracle Sync] Add alternate methods of saving data Oracle database - [/AlternateOracleToPayroll], [/AlternateOracleToPayrollByParam]
Version 12.77 [04/24/2018]
  1. Fix Accumulation of Export files for multiple departments using same location and file-name
Version 12.76 [04/23/2018]
  1. Add EmployeeEnrollmentScreenAlias for new databases
  2. Add to Orange Menu 'Add Missing Alias Fields' to add new Aliases that are missing in the current database. (Allows adding new optional aliases without database update)
  3. Add Accounting Format: CompuTech2
  4. Add Employee Export Format: CompuTech1
Version 12.75 [04/19/2018]
  1. [Oracle Sync] Allow user permitted record filters on Employee-Rates, Job-Rates grids
Version 12.74 [04/19/2018]
  1. Modified the logic in Scan Device screen to include all Fields of any Ranch belonging to Customers on Export to Device functionality.
  2. Scan Device - Add preference 'Export Ag Row'
  3. Fix Export Jobs to Scan Devices
  4. Remove unnecessary xml in Preference export
  5. Remove requirement to have Sync folder when importing from Scan Device screen
  6. Filter Jobs, and Job Groups by User's selected Job-Groups
  7. Fix: Export Idle time to Famous - Idle Time should always have Verify Minimum Wage set to N
  8. [Oracle Sync] Time Card and Job Card filters are set to JobCard.Department and TimeCard.Department
  9. User permission filters are used through out the program - in screens, dropdowns, reports, filters.
  10. Time Card screen uses Employee Lookup contents preference.
Version 12.73 [04/16/2018]
  1. Preference Audit - Save display values (Yes, No) instead of (true, false)
  2. Add screens for Questions, Questionnaire Set
  3. Add module Time Card Questions
  4. Add preference Questionnaire set
  5. Export Questions to scan devices
  6. Famous Export - Repeat Overtime and Doubletime hours only for Piece Jobs
  7. [Oracle Sync] Job Screen - Add Liability Account, and Clearing Account
  8. Famous Export - For Idle-time jobs, CheckMinWage is always sent as N
  9. Export to Oracle: Update format to use the assignment grids
  10. Added a new preference to add a background image to devices through Scan Devices screen
  11. Fix Multi-edit in Time-Card and Job-Card grid
  12. [Oracle Sync] Fix query when opening Grid screen for users with Department or Crew filters
  13. [Oracle Sync] Fix Creating Ranches
  14. Fix Error message when saving a record with the same name
Version 12.72 [04/05/2018]
  1. [Background Image] - Added logic to add new header record [Background Image] and defaulted it as Application Background Image for user. Background Image is no longer shown during registration process (First run)
  2. Scan Devices & Boards - Fixed issue with the Two header fields (H_Device) are missing in the extract of Scan Devices. As a result, the data is not shifted correctly within export CSV file and cannot be re-imported.
  3. [Oracle Sync] - Job Screen Oracle -- Job Oracle Info & Rate History Tab Modifications.
    1. From the Oracle Info tab, move the Task option to the rate history grid.
    2. From the Oracle Info tab, move the PR Element option to the rate history grid.
    3. From the Oracle Info tab, move the Activity option to the rate history grid. Rename the activity column as "Check Stub Desc".
    4. From the Oracle Info tab, remove the Harvest Method.
  4. [Oracle Sync] Employee screen filter - Include User's departments along with User's Crew
  5. [Oracle Sync] Job Export - Remove dependency on Scan Device's department list (Export Only based on Job group, and jobs grids)
  6. Tier Schedule: Fix Exception when opened by user without permission to view rates
  7. Fix Lookup filters based on Departments
  8. Updated Spanish translations
Version 12.71 [04/05/2018]
    [Oracle Sync] Fix access to Payroll Concepts screen
  1. ShortCut Screen - Added logic to sort the Menu items in the Panel based on the Line # defined in the Screen. Also, modified the logic to define Line # as Not Readonly.
  2. Computech Format: Employee and Shiftcode - allow any character not just numeric [McDougall]
  3. Help Context number for 'Update Field Area on Map Capture' preference
Version 12.70 [04/03/2018]
  1. Fix Exception when opening Field screen [Regression from 12.69]
Version 12.69 [03/30/2018]
  1. Famous Export - Add option to Preference 'Regular on Separate line' "Yes (3 lines) piece repeat" - When set, the Overtime/Doubletime hours and Overtime/doubletime pieces are repeated in the respective columns along with total hours, and total pieces columns when writing those shifts
  2. Fix Exception when opening Multi-new screen
  3. Calculate Available Sick Leave - Only compute for Job-Cards after the Implementation start date
  4. Employee Screen - Show Sick leave hours with Time Decimal Accuracy preference
  5. [Oracle Sync] - Crew Screen filtered by User's selected Crews
  6. [Oracle Sync] - Time Cards and Job Cards filtered by Work Crew (User's selected Crews)
  7. Fix Exception when opening Input screen switch User filters and Employee Confidential permission
  8. Move Tier Schedule screen to Administrator Setup
  9. [Oracle Sync] - Allow Transfer and Export filter selections by Employee Home Crew
  10. If a user's language is Spanish, use the auto-localized Spanish translations in the program and in reports [Work in progress] [Breaking change for Windows Mobile users that use login screens]
  11. Backup Device Templates is available for all administrator users
  12. [Oracle Sync] Fix filters for Time Card Reports
Version 12.68 [03/27/2018]
  1. Preference Default for 'GPS Saved Coordinates Expire after [sec]' changed to 30 [Previous 60]
  2. Preference Default for 'GPS Coordinates Accuracy Save mode' changed to No [Previous Yes]
  3. Sick Leave Rule - Consider maximum between Implementation-Start and Hire-date to check if employee is qualified to take leave
Version 12.67 [03/27/2018]
  1. Sick Leave accruals are calculated if Paid Sick module exists during Export to Accounting
  2. Rebuild Sick Leave accruals - If sick leave module exists (File >> Administration >> Rebuild)
  3. Check the web-server addresses match during database update. If the rest address does not match the soap address, it is updated.
  4. Job Screen [Fix]: Data Tracking Jobs should not require rates
  5. Download web-mail available in release mode
  6. Transfer to Job Cards: Always Look at Time-Card's Time when accumulating pieces even when preference (Round Job Change) is set to Yes
Version 12.66 [03/22/2018]
  1. Analyze button is always available from the job-card grid screen, if the current user has Export-to-Accounting permission
  2. Disable the preference 'Distribute Overtime Pieces by Average' (treated as set to Yes) while the fix is being developed
  3. Fix Audit log for preferences
  4. Default to using DirectShow camera API. Can be disabled with -/UseDirectShowCamera to use raw DirectX API
  5. Scan Device Export: Include Ag Rows only for Fields exported
  6. When exporting to Accutime device, include the fingerprint template
  7. Use the User's Employee filter when choosing devices for sending information to Personal devices
  8. Use the user's Scan device filter when choosing devices for sending information to Scan devices
  9. Prepare Sick Leave Rule screen for Accruals
  10. Always send Orange Menu Web-mail as Single instead of setup
  11. Fix exception when reading preferences for program-generated reports in real-time
  12. Always show database name in Title bar (No Exception for PetData)
  13. Add new preference 'Update Field Area on Map Capture' Defaults to No (Breaking behavior)
Version 12.65 [03/15/2018]
  1. Employee filter based on User Crew and Department - Change - Filter if Employee belongs to selected-Crews OR selected-departments instead of selected-Crews AND selected-departments
  2. [Oracle Module] Employee filter only based on Crew. User-departments are for filtering items other than Employee
  3. User Screen: Add device grid
  4. Scan Device screen: Filter devices for logged in user
  5. [Oracle Sync] Change view job-card filter after creating Weekly Job-cards
  6. [Oracle Sync] Fix - Export Job's Rate history grid
  7. [Oracle Sync] Job Screen: Change PR Element to be a foreign key
  8. Analyze button is available for all users and all payroll formats
Version 12.64 [03/13/2018]
  1. Consolidate passwords to a single file.
  2. Do not require rate-assignment in Employee for Bonus, Payroll-Concept payment types, and for Idle-time when pay-idle-time-method is any averaging method.
  3. Ranch and Field are required for Bonus, Payroll-concept, and Non-labor job-cards
  4. Do not require rate-assignment in Job for Bonus, Payroll-Concept payment types, and for Idle-time when pay-idle-time-method is any averaging method.
  5. QuickBooks Export: When Piece Payroll Item preference is set, Time and Piece Job-card is exported as single line with piece code, and total amount.
  6. Add preference 'Employee Export Identifier has Suffix'. Yes: Export-Identifier has a suffix with a hyphen [1234-13]. When exporting to Payroll and to scan devices, the suffix is removed. This preference is currently only exposed for oracle module.
  7. [Oracle Sync] Export to Scan Devices: Job grid - Export a Job if it belongs to a department, OR a job-group
  8. Fix - Export changed records only was not considering the filters selected in the grids - Any changed record was getting exported
  9. Export to Scan Devices - Fields, and Ranches: Export if selected in the grid, export any belonging to selected customers, export any belonging to selected departments
  10. Ranch - Don't export Point, Earn-Code, Piece Underpayment Cost center to scan devices
  11. Crew - Don't export Auto paid break type to scan devices
  12. Field - Don't export Point, and State to scan devices
  13. Fix: Sage Micro Pay Export - Summary export
  14. Add View only permission for Shortcut screens
Version 12.63 [03/12/2018]
  1. Famous Export: Fix use of preference 'Use Previous Job's Export ID when exporting Paid Break'
  2. Database updates:
    1. Shortcuts grid: View-Only
    2. Scan Device: Customer grid
    3. Questionnaire Set
    4. Users: Scan Device grid
    5. TimeCard: Question grid
    6. Employee: Sick Leave Accrual
  3. Fix Duplicate record - grid not getting copied [regression from 12.61]
Version 12.62 [03/07/2018]
  1. [Oracle Module] Remove background image for Shortcut screens
  2. Fix crash after importing multiple files with data for same tables when 'Export New imported records to Scan Devices' is set to Yes
  3. Fix Exception when multi-deleting or multi-editing records with Employee Lookup Contents preference set to show multiple items (Regression from 12.61)
  4. Fix After user selects a filter, and the current record is not in the selected filter, move to a valid record. (Regression from 12.61)
  5. [Oracle Sync] Use dash (-) as separator in Department Export Identifier instead of comma during Export to Accounting
  6. Fix Exceptions during Export to Meta4. Show clearer error messages
  7. Send Email to IT when failures occur during import from Oracle or Meta4
Version 12.61 [03/06/2018]
  1. Fix: Importing SSNs from Onboarding App
  2. Send Users to Onboarding device regardless of the preference 'Use login screen'
  3. Changed default for 'Use Employee Crew' in Crew-In screen is 'Last Time-card'
  4. Preference "Use Previous Job's Export ID when exporting Paid Break" available for Famous format in addition to DataTech formats
  5. Analysis of Export to Cost Accounting
  6. Fix Exporting Spanish documents (Unicode stored improperly as ASCII encoding) to Onboarding app.
  7. Do not export Employees' Documents Folder, EligibleToRehire to Pocket devices
  8. Fix Exception when loading large databases for users with 'Confidential Employees' set to No
  9. [Oracle Sync] Employee Screen: Filter employees based on Department and Crew access for the user.
  10. Analyze button on Export to Accounting - Available for SU user and when Oracle module exists for Export Payroll Accounting and Export to Cost accounting
  11. Sage Micro Pay1: Add separate lines based on Job Earning Code (TN and TH)
  12. Add AccuTime device type.
  13. Fix: Use Average Piece rate only when accumulating Multiple Package-sizes to a single job-card (Do not use when using a single package that is the same as the job-card job)
  14. Add preference Pocket >> 'Default Number of Pieces in Job-Card'
  15. Crew Screen: Rename 'User to Notify for Breaks and Meals' to 'Notification User'
  16. Export to Meta4:
    • 1. Fix Export of Time & Piece Jobs when being treated as either Time-Only or Piece-Only
    • 2. Default file format used is CSV
  17. Export to Oracle1: Use SKU and Task in Job record instead of the Job Export Id
  18. Fix Move next, and Move previous on some screens when orderby of screen is different to the identity columns of the table.
  19. [Oracle Sync] Change Export to Scan Device procedure for Employees:
    • If Include Employees is set to Yes:
      • Employee grid is Empty: Send All Employees to device.
      • Employees are selected in the grid:
        • All Employees based on Crews selected in Crew grid
        • All Employees based on Departments selected in Department grid
        • All Employees selected in Employee Grid
    • If Include Employees is set No:
      • All Employees based on Crews selected in Crew grid
      • All Employees based on Departments selected in Department grid
  20. [Oracle Sync] Change Export to Scan Device procedure for Jobs:
    • If Include Jobs is set to Yes:
      • Jobs grid is Empty: Send Jobs to device based on Job-group.
    • Jobs are selected in the grid:
      • All Jobs based on Job Groups selected in Job Group grid and Departments selected in Department grid
      • All Jobs selected in Job Grid
    • If Include Jobs is set No:
      • All Jobs based on Job Groups selected in Job Group grid and Departments selected in Department grid
Version 12.60 [02/22/2018]
  1. Add menu for 'Program Documents' folder to place PET training documents
  2. All Document folders (Employee Documents, Onboarding Documents, and Program Documents) are moved to a submenu
  3. Employee Hourly rate is considered for Non-Labor jobs always - not just when preference 'Consider Employee Hourly rate for Payment-types' is set to 'All Payment types'
  4. Help Context IDs for Payroll Concepts
  5. Multi-new Cards - Piece-out - Add entries for Ranch, Field, and Job.
  6. Onboarding Export file is named PET-OnboardingSetup
  7. [Oracle Sync] Add SKU view
  8. [Oracle Sync] Add Task view
  9. [Oracle Sync] Add Crew view
  10. [Oracle Sync] Add Reference to Absence view
  11. [Oracle Sync] Check for 0 Piece-rate when paying by Pieces in addition to Empty Piece-rate.
  12. Fix Importing Employee Code history records for Alternate Code (Bucket Codes assigned in Time-In Screen)
  13. Export to Payroll Accounting: Show Analyze button when Oracle Module exists [Work in progress]
Version 12.59 [02/15/2018]
  1. Fix: Payroll Concept - Weekly Piece Bonus [5000038]: Add Excluded Day
  2. Fix: Regular time still exists after maximum Double Days of week. Only Double time is removed. After Regular, Triple time starts
  3. Fix: Double and Triple Time Calculations when Multiple weeks are transferred in a single session.
  4. Fix: Payroll Concept - Christmas Bonus [5003070]: Computation includes Holidays not worked + 1
  5. Fix: Payroll Concept - Holiday Bonus [4873]: Only Holidays after Hire-date are considered
  6. Fix: Payroll Concept - Worked Day Off: When considering un-worked Holidays days as work-days, only include holidays after hire-date
  7. Payroll Concepts - Holidays are only considered after Hire-date. [HolidayDate > HireDate] (If a Holiday falls on the Hire-date - it is not considered).
  8. Weekly Job Card screen - Remove Delete, and Report menu items
  9. Export to Payroll Accounting - Show the export file contents on screen along with job-cards [Work in progress]
Version 12.58 [02/09/2018]
  1. Fix: Employee screen - H2A Contract grid is only shown if the H2A Module exists.
  2. Fix: ADP-11 Export: Fix bug in grouping
  3. Fix Export to Onboarding devices
Version 12.57 [02/05/2018]
  1. Add preference: Distribute Crew Pieces by Net Hours: Default to No. (Change of existing behavior)
    • Yes: Crew-pieces are distributed by Net-time of each employee. Each employee may receive different pieces based on the time worked. [Current]
    • No: Pieces are distributed equally to all Employees. All Employees that worked with in the rounding range get equal pieces. [New]
  2. Fix: Export to Orange - Employees in Time-Cards and Job-Cards when Employee Lookup Item and Employee Export Item preferences are not the same.
Version 12.56 [02/02/2018]
  1. Fix: Restore before Transfer to Job-Cards for Auto-Created Break Time-Ins
  2. Fix: Creating Auto Break-Cards when there is a Time-In or Time-Out at the same minute as proposed Break-Card
Version 12.55 [02/01/2018]
  1. Rate Assignment grid entry is not required for Payroll Concept payment-type
  2. Send Email to IT Email address if Oracle Synchronization fails.
  3. Filter Exceptions in Transfer grid based on Employee or Crew selected
  4. Fix Color for Time+Piece Job-card without pieces in Job-Card grid screen.
  5. Fix Use underpayment for Time and piece jobs when below minimum wage
  6. Fix Menu access of 'Create Weekly Job-Cards' for Shortcut only user
  7. Add 'Employee and Crop' as an option for Worker Comp Code location. Codes from Employee and Crop are combined.
  8. Add more details (Employee, and Job) to errors when importing a Job-Card fails.
Version 12.54 [01/31/2018]
  1. Always treat Job-Cards from iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile as partial. Do not rely on the preference 'Import Job Card shift grid'
  2. Auto Paid Break Intervals in Crew records
    • Based on Work-Crew
    • Only the Work-Crew of the first Time-Card of the day is considered.
    • The Intervals are defined as Gross Hours from the beginning of the day
    • Auto-Created break-Cards are for the full duration of the Break. A Time-In if happens during the Break-Card period is pushed after the Break, this Time-In will not be used for early return from break.
  3. Add Meta4 Synchronization to Real-time
  4. Add links to log file during Oracle, and Meta4 synchronization
  5. Job-Card grid: Show Meal, and Break rows with the colors of Meal and Breaks
  6. Fix: Return from Non-Idle-time Break Time-in at the same time as end of break
  7. Holiday Worked Concept: Exclude all Job-cards with pieces.
Version 12.53 [01/29/2018]
  1. Job Card grid screen - Legend Color labels are all same size
  2. Hash SSNs sent to Onboarding app
  3. Use inbuilt Hashing, and encryption classes.
  4. Increase Encryption Key Size
  5. Fix Loading Crop screen (Regression since 12.50)
  6. Transfer to Job-Cards Minimum wage Amount representation of Time and Piece Jobs
    • Add an option for Piece Underpayment for Time and Piece Jobs: As Time Amount for All -
    • When set, if any Job-Card in the group is below the minimum wage all job-cards set to use the Time-rate and not Piece-rate.
Version 12.52 [01/25/2018]
  1. Added SSN encryption/decryption support for supporting onboarding app during import/export setup data.
  2. Add LineaX to barcode scanner type. This mode is allow to press button once to start scanning in Piece-out screen and press again to stop.
  3. Auto Create Paid-Break Time-cards
  4. Job Card screen: Change 'Oracle Info' tab to 'Oracle/Meta4 Info'
  5. Fix Computation of Job-Cards using Maximum Double Days in Week setting
  6. Hourly-rate from Job's rate history grid is taken when the rate is more than 0, else the rate from Employee record is taken
  7. Show Exception during Transfer to Job-Cards if the Grid line is missing in 'Job' history grid
  8. Fix Importing Time-cards from Scan Devices with Oracle Module
  9. Fix Refresh button on Create Weekly Job Cards screen
Version 12.51 [01/23/2018]
  1. Hash user password and add in salt field to user xml node when exporting to Onboarding device.
  2. Fixed the hashing method to include salt
  3. Fix crash when closing View Job-Cards screen after Multi-edit or recalculate
  4. Consider 'Time and Determined by End' as a Piece Job when creating Exercise Jobs at the beginning of the day
  5. Personal Scan devices: Only Jobs selected in the Personal Device Template's grid are sent. Jobs from Preferences (Break, Meal, etc.) are not exported.
  6. Fix Filter lookups on Time-Card and Job-Card grid when 'Include Transferred' and 'Include Exported' checkboxes are checked. New Employees and Crew are populated after refresh.
Version 12.50 [01/18/2018]
  1. Update to .Net 4.6 - Windows XP no longer supported.
  2. Version incremented from 12.40 to 12.50 to mark the change for .Net Framework dependency
  3. Add Pocket preference: 'Use Carry Over for Crew in Crew-In'
  4. Basic integration of EasyClocking Time-Clocks
  5. Fix: Yes/No drop downs not populated in grid.
  6. CompuTech export format 1 implementation
  7. [Oracle Sync] When treating TimeAndPiece as TimeOrPiece, and the hourly rate in the Job rate assignment grid is empty, use the rate from Employee
  8. Put help context ID to job, field and employee screen
  9. Fixed issue on loading screen at design mode in employee screen
  10. Correct the help context for "Earliest Start Time" and "Driver's License" in employee screen
  11. Create weekly Job-cards - Show Lines with errors in Error-Color
  12. Fix: Double-days calculation when double-time is not on the first job-card of the day.
Version 12.40 [01/11/2018]
  1. Write to Log file before showing fallback error on Save failure
  2. Fix Show Validation errors (missing required items) on saving records - Regression from 12.39
  3. Crew Screen - Department is required with Oracle module
  4. Rename Restore or Reverse >> Backup Before menu items to Restore or Reverse >> Reverse
  5. Remove unused menu 'Restore >> Assign Export to Cost Accounting'
  6. Always sort the preference tabs in Alphabetical order
  7. add help context ID to ColorsPreference tab.
  8. add time out break time alias
  9. Famous Export: Fix exception when exporting Overtime Shifts of Time and Piece Jobs as Average
  10. Add Mobile Phone Carrier screen to Administrator >> Setup (For SU user only)
  11. Change 'Camera position is Back' preference to allow empty in Pocket preferences to use to determine on showing camera or not in the device
  12. Add Carrier gateways for Mexico, Canada, Australia, and USA
  13. Change time-card colors to allow export to PET Pocket.
  14. Fixed the preference color name for TimeCardTimeIntColor to TimeCardTimeInColor
  15. Payroll Concepts Screen:
    • Filter Bonus Job items on Weekly Piece bonus, and Picker Productivity Bonus tabs to payment-type 'Payroll Concept'
    • Allow Picker Productivity Bonus Job, and Weekly Piece Bonus Job in the grids to be left empty. This allows the user to stop paying the Bonus during a period
    • Add validations to require dependent items of a Payroll Concept
  16. Weekly Payroll Concepts generation
    • Skip creating Picker Productivity, and Weekly Piece bonus if the Bonus Job is not selected in the grid for the Job-group
    • Fix reversal file generation
  17. Alias Set screen Fix: Do not show Empty, Multi-select, and Copy button on the grid
  18. Restrict 2 decimal places for VAT field in JobScreen>>OracleInfo
  19. Fix: Delete previous payroll concepts when 'Imported Concepts' preference is not set
  20. Fix: Exception when transferring Time-Cards of an employee belonging to multiple departments
  21. Fix: Exception when transferring Time-Cards of an employee with 0 hourly rate and paying Minimum wage by Day (Mexico Rule) proportional to Amount per job-card.
  22. Fix: Mexico Minimum Wage: If Employee did not make any amount in the day, the minimum wage is distributed proportional to net-time instead of piece-amount
Version 12.39 [01/04/2018]
  1. Always require Crew in Time-Cards when Oracle Module exists
  2. Always require Department to be populated when creating Time-Cards on screen
  3. Time cards are not allowed to be imported without Crew or Department
  4. fixed the cast exception in jobcard screen
  5. add absence job group into department and update code that is using absenceJobGroup from preferences to use from department first.
  6. Remove Employee filters on Crew In and Crew Out screen (No Employee lookups on those screens)
  7. Mexico Minimum Wage by Day
  8. Add Export button on 'Create Weekly Job Cards' screen
  9. Show Filter description on the 'Create Weekly Job Cards' screen
  10. [Oracle Sync] Handle Time or Piece payment types
  11. Create Weekly Job Cards screen: Show Pay period end date instead of last date of employee's work in the week
  12. Clean up message after creating Weekly Job-Cards
  13. Show Job-Card colors on Create Weekly Job Cards screen
  14. Add Refresh button to Create Weekly Job Cards screen - Only Manually refresh. Auto refresh is not added yet. Refresh per employee not added yet.
  15. Split database connection string for Oracle and Meta4 into host, port, servicename, instancename, userId and password.
  16. create oracle and meta4 in each own group box in Oracle/Meta4 Sysnchronization preferences tab.
  17. add new preference to scan device called "UseCarryOverInPieceOutFromTimeIn"
  18. Split Meta4 Export into Meta4 Payroll (Wages) , and Meta4 Cost Accounting (Base salary)
Version 12.38 [01/03/2018]
  1. Moved 'Manually Edited Record Color' preference from General Preferences tab to new preference 'Colors' tab.
  2. Add Colors tab preferences for configuring colors for time-card and job-card records.
  3. Fixed issue on TextBox with input mask as ColorSelection on converting color to and from string.
  4. Add employee status color for released and not eligible to Colors preference
  5. Fixed Textbox to handle the focus and no focus color when the textbox input-mask is color selector
  6. Add Caching to Reference preferences
  7. Fix: Famous Export H2A Hours Offered for All Employees - Rely only on the preference, not on Employee's H2A status
  8. Speed up saving Transferred Job-Cards
  9. when importing onboarding employee, use new "FileName" tag as document filename to save to local and timestamp in the file as upload datetime.
  10. Fix reading Empty Color from database
  11. Allow emptying color using right-click
  12. Copyright Year updated
Version 12.37 [12/27/2017]
  1. Add Preference "Distribute Pieces of 'Determined by Job End' to all Job-Cards sharing Job-Group'
    • Yes: Piece-Out records for a Time-In of Payment-Type DeterminedByJobEnd distributed among all Time-Ins of the same Field that share a Job-Group. If there are no job-groups defined for the Time-In's Job, the behavior is same as the preference being set to No
    • This preference is only Valid for 'Determined by End' group of Payment-types
  2. Famous Export - Add Preference 'Export H2A Hours Offered Job for Everyone' - Yes: Offered Hours are Exported for All Employees regardless of the setting H2A Employee in the Employee record.
Version 12.36 [12/22/2017]
  1. Code to automatically exclude Idle-time jobs calculated at average is removed for preference 'Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime' - User can change the preference to exclude Idle-time jobs
  2. Job Card screen: Expand the Shift grid to take up the available space when screen is expanded or when Equipment module is not included
  3. Time Card Grid: Multi-edit All: Show all items from Time-Card screen (Time-out and Piece-out records have most of the items from Time-In)
  4. Time Card grid: Add Crew Out menu
  5. Time Card grid: Add Crew In Menu
  6. All Grids: Multi-Select, and Copy To and Copy From are available by default
  7. Fix null reference exception during transfer to job-cards when checking for Job End is only Time Out
  8. Allow Data-Tracking payment type jobs to be selected in Piece-out
  9. [Oracle Sync] Enable Total Time, and other shift types in Release mode also
  10. [Oracle Sync] Clean up titles in Preferences >> Oracle Tab
  11. [Oracle Sync] Fill Time-Cards' departments when time-cards are created from Time-Card screens
  12. [Oracle Sync] Pay Period Last date used as selection for 'Create weekly Job-Cards'
  13. [Oracle Sync] In JobCard View, add color code by job payment type of the following: Non-labor, Idle time, time, piece, bonus and payroll concept
  14. [Oracle Sync] Add clearer Error messages when importing Meta4 data
Version 12.35 [12/19/2017]
  1. Any email address entered in the program is parsed for semi-colon(;), and comma to split for multiple addresses
  2. Paycor 1: When Job is non-labor, the TempDeptId is constructed from Home-Crew, and Default Job in Employee instead of Work-Crew, and Job in Job-Card
  3. Employee screen: Always focus on Name when starting a New record, even when the Unique Item preference is set to Export Identifier
  4. Add H2AContract grid to employee screen and add employee grid to H2AContract screen.
  5. Delete H2AContract lookup name in employee screen.
  6. remove H2AContract field in employee table in database.
  7. Fix Database update for preference 'Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime'
Version 12.34 [12/15/2017]
  1. Export Job Group of Jobs if it belongs to Signature Job Group or its a Non-Labor job that belongs to the first 3 job groups defined in the Scan Device Job Group grid
  2. [Oracle Sync] Allow selections by Department for Transfer, Export, and View grids
  3. Job Card: Field and Ranch not required for Payroll Concept Jobcards, and Absence Job-cards
  4. Change Preference (global and per device) caption for 'Use Employee Home Crew Default' to Default Value of 'Use Employee Home Crew' in Crew-In
  5. Add Log file when creating Payroll Concepts
  6. Implement import views from meta4 and put in realtime to import views
  7. Add in connection string for meta4 in preference
  8. Fixed issue on when importing jobcard that has no time in and no previous job
  9. Fixed the AbsenceWorkDayLength to be int and not string
Version 12.33 [12/15/2017]
  1. Do not accumulate Piece-Hours for Overtime and Doubletime when using Premium shifts (Oracle Sync - Mexico)
  2. Export to Famous - Fix 'Export Each Job Separately' when there is only one piece job used with Determined by End or Time and Determined by End [OSR Mesa]
  3. Allow import of Alias Field records for Non-SU users also (Useful when sending alias sets for new customers)
  4. Onboarding Export: Send all Employees regardless of active and working status
  5. Time Card screen available with Oracle Module
  6. Remove un-used Famous preference 'Combine Piece Jobs for Summary'
  7. 'Hourly Base for Overtime and Double-time' - Add options Daily (No Idle-Time), and Weekly (No Idle-Time)
  8. Crew screen: Clarify naming of Group Rounding items
  9. View Job Card screen: Change caption for Week End to 'Last Work Day' (Clarify name)
  10. Scan Device Screen: All Grids allow Copy-to and Copy-from
  11. Time Card screen: Show reports from Time-In screen
  12. Trion 1: Location (Field Export ID) - Export the section of the Export ID before the $ sign if exists
Version 12.32 [12/12/2017]
  1. Added ability to enter text into Oracle info items in the Job record
  2. Added Orange Menu option to Start Update.exe for SU user
  3. [Update.exe] Add menu options to update real-time services as part of Program update.
  4. Fix Send Web Mail to all devices in the Orange Menu
  5. Fix Report selections on Job Card grid screens when the report's data is generated within the program. Regression from version 12.21
  6. Export to Sage MicrOpay: Fix Summary Exports (Totals of Units), and multiple Employee header lines when using Date then Employee ordering
Version 12.31 [12/05/2017]
  1. Fix exception when calculating 'Overtime as Average (Rate)'
Version 12.30 [12/05/2017]
  1. Job Screen: Allow 40 characters of Barcode
  2. Fix: Export of Export Identifier of setup records to devices other than PDA (Server, Standalone, Onboarding, etc.) when Item in Keyboard selection preference is not 'Export Identifier'. Regression since version 12.21
  3. Job Card screen: Field not required for Payroll Concept jobs
  4. Job Card Description caption - 'Overtime as Daily Average (Rate)' changed to 'Overtime as Average (Rate)'
  5. Overtime as Average (Rate): calculation use minimum wage when necessary to calculate total-amount as regular
Version 12.29 [12/01/2017]
  1. Add help context id for Expected Bin Number of Piece in pocket/scan and scan device preferences screen
  2. Overtime Rules screen: Holidays are Month and year by default. Holidays include Year when paying premiums only.
  3. Rename Restore menu to 'Restore or Reverse'
  4. Allow restoring before backup for Create Weekly Job Cards
  5. Accumulate Double days [Mexico Oracle Sync]
  6. Fix Shifts for Bonus Job-cards [Oracle Module]
  7. Add First Date in View job-cards screens
  8. Fix Crash when opening Weekly Job Cards grid screen when Employee Lookup Contents are combination of two items
  9. Change job barcode to be 40 length
  10. Add VAT-RATE to the job record and Job screen in OracleInfo tab
  11. Add exporting to accounting for Meta4
  12. Fix progressbar hang during export to accounting
  13. Department during export is taken from jobcard instead of employee when Oracle module exists
  14. Add performance compensation earning code
  15. New Export format: Meta4
  16. Payroll Concept screen: Add Non-harvest Productivity Bonus Tier Schedule (No longer taken from Job record)
  17. Add checks for Tier Schedules in Payroll Concept computations
  18. Add payment-type 'Payroll Concepts' [Works similar to Bonus]
  19. Delete Previous created Payroll Concept jobcards with they are not imported.
  20. Add preference 'Imported Payroll Concepts Job Group'
Version 12.28 [11/21/2017]
  1. Payroll Concepts: Seventh Day Proportional, Holiday Worked, Holiday, Vacation Proportional Payment, WorkedDayOff, Vacation Bonus, Christmas Bonus, Non Harvest Productivity Bonus, Weekly Piece Bonus, Picker productivity Bonus Concepts
  2. Department menu moved to Administration Setup
  3. Added ConsiderUnworkedHolidaysAsWorkedDays field into PayrollConcepts table
  4. Add F_JobCardComplete for importing complete jobcards without any recalculation
  5. Add Create Payroll Concepts Grid screen
  6. Fix the description for Holiday and WorkedHoliday concept.
  7. Move field on workedDayoff to be consistent with other payroll concepts
  8. Clean up 'Create Payroll Concepts' grid screen
  9. Correct the log message for Payroll Concept records created
  10. OverTimeRules screen: Change 'Use Premiums Only' to 'Use Payroll Concepts'
  11. Fix overtime rules oracle screen to show Mexico items
  12. Total-Time, Double-Premium, and Triple-Premium shifts for Mexico over-time-rules
  13. Add Comment to Tier Schedule
  14. Add Hire Date to Employee Rate grid [Oracle Sync]
  15. Weekly Piece Bonus, and Picker Productivity Bonus are separate grids
  16. Show complete date in Holiday grid of Overtime rules
  17. No Holiday 150% when Paying by Premium shifts only [Mexico Oracle Sync]
  18. DataTech 6:
    • Non-labor job-cards can also be exported.
    • Fix: Export multiple shifts from Time job-cards if exist
    • Use preference 'Use Hardcoded Earning Codes' for Time Job-cards. ["RH,PW,OT,PO,DT,PO"]
    • Non-Labor job-cards always use Earning code defined by user.
    • DataTech import configuration file needs to be changed to support updated DataTech6 format. Added new item WageType to differentiate Non-Labor, and Time jobs.
  19. Performance compensation shift is created when the rate is assigned
  20. When using Total Shift, the piece-count total from Shift records is not expected to match the Job-card's Piece-count
  21. Ceridian 1: Docket column is left Empty. Labor Metrics Column is: "Phase":"JobExportId","Docket":"fieldExportId" (with escaped quotes)
  22. When pieces exist in Job-card, there will be no Double Premium, and Triple Premium shifts [Mexico Oracle Sync]
  23. Performance compensation shift is only added when Pieces exist in the Job-card [Mexico Oracle Sync]
  24. Create backup file for Weekly job-cards
  25. Job Card Screen: Change Piece underpayment to underpayment
  26. Non Labor Time Card Screen: Change Number of pieces to Units if job payment type is Bonus
  27. Time Card Screen: Change Number of pieces to Units if job payment type is Bonus and data-tracking and to Number of hours if payment type is Non-labor
  28. Add Absence job group into default preferences
Version 12.27 [11/13/2017]
  1. [Oracle Module] Add VacationBonusPercentage to Payroll Concept
  2. Over-time-rules screen: Move holiday grid to be on a separate tab
  3. Allow creating Bonus Job-Cards from Non-Labor Time-cards with Bonus jobs
  4. Job Screen: Job-Group is moved to be a grid on Job-screen
  5. Export to Scan Devices: Job-Group export to changed to used job-group grid
  6. Add Job grid to Job-Group screen
  7. Job-Card screen: Allow multiple zero-time (Bonus, non-labor) job-cards for an employee at the same minute
  8. Time-Card screen: Allow multiple Signature or Non-labor time-cards for an employee at the same minute
  9. Add Spanish Localization to some of the screens
  10. Add default Signature Job Group to default preferences
  11. [Oracle Module] Fix Multi-new Job-Cards
  12. Use default job group in preferences instead of getting signature job group from JobGroup table.
  13. Fix: Crash in program when program closed without user logging in
  14. Fix: Crash in program when closing program without logging in on a new database (without any users other than SU)
  15. Move Payroll Concept to Administrator Setup
  16. Export to Scan Device: Do not export JobRateHistory, and JobJobGroup tables
  17. When exporting to scan device and add Signature Job Group element if Job Group grid has signature job group.
  18. Fix Import of Jobs when Job Name and Job Alias are the same
  19. Add in help contextID for Import Piece File Format 1 dialog
  20. Add in Payment Type Time & Piece is handled as Time or Piece field to Department screen
  21. Export Bonus Jobs also to Scan Devices
  22. New databases will default to 'V2' server
  23. Set the correct Differential Rate when Differential Pay type is 'Add to Amount'
  24. Tier Schedule - Allow 0 in Piece-Count
Version 12.26 [11/06/2017]
  1. Added on overall helpcontextID for EmployeeClass screen
  2. Change title on 'Import Piece Format File 1' date entry screen
  3. Onboarding Documents Default folder changed from 'Enrollment Documents' to 'Onboarding Documents'
  4. Handle when enrolling onboarding employee, reuse the generated onboarding employee record for a new employee.
  5. Fixed the issue on check uniqueness of employee such as SSN when enrolling employee.
  6. Rearranged the tab order for Crew-Time-in to have 'use employee crew' after 'time in' field.
  7. Added in help context id for 'Based on later time cards' field.
  8. Change preference 'Check Minimum Wage when Paying by Time Only' to 'Include Payment-type Time in Minimum Wage Calculation'
  9. Real-time service installed as Local System instead of Local Service
  10. Add Payroll Concept screen [Oracle Module]
  11. Job Card screen: When showing Bonus Job, change captions of Pieces to Units, Piece Rate to Rate, and Piece Amount to Amount
  12. Removed the 'Printed Forms' screen from the DEBUG mode also
  13. [Oracle Module] Job Rate Grid - Add Column 'Performance Compensation Rate'
  14. [Oracle Module] Overtime Rules screen - Add MaximumDailyRegularHours, MaximumWeeklyDaysOfDouble, PayOvertimePremiumsOnly, MaximumDailyDoubleHours
  15. Added scan device preference "Expected Bin Number of Pieces"
  16. [Oracle Module] Add Overtime Rules, Payroll Concept, Maximum Weekly Amount columns to Department
  17. [Oracle Module] Add DoubleDays to Job-Card
  18. Remove the Email section in Connectivity menu (used for sending and receiving web-messages) [Previously available only in DEBUG mode]
  19. [Oracle Module] Add new Shift Types - Total, Double Premium, Triple Premium, Bonus, and Performance
  20. Non-labor screen: Allow Bonus, and Non-labor jobs
  21. Job Screen: Show Tier Schedule for Bonus Payment type
  22. [Oracle Module] Show Overtime Rules, Payroll Concepts, and Weekly Maximum Amount in Department Screen
  23. Fixed the tab order in preferences pocket/scan and scan device preferences screen
  24. Move Overtime Rules, Customer Type, Employee Class, Equipment Type, Job Group to Administration Menu
  25. Move all setup menu screens under Administration menu to a sub menu Setup
Version 12.25 [10/26/2017]
  1. Optimize processing Crew Piece Out records while doing Transfer to Job-Cards
  2. Fix: Multiple Multi-edit of Crew-Piece-out records from View-Time-cards and Transfer to Job-Cards
  3. Fix unhandled exception during Idle-Time average rate calculation, if the employee does not have any other job-card during the period.
  4. Fixed the issue to handle importing onboarding employee which has the same name of employee record in recyle bin
  5. Added in help Context Id to EmployeeClass screen
  6. Fixed the case to allow when new enrolled employee has the same uniqueness field such as SSN, Alternatecode, etc... with recycle employee record.
  7. Optimize processing Crew Piece Out records while doing Transfer to Job-Cards
Version 12.24 [10/25/2017]
  1. Empty Alien Registration Number when duplicating employee record
  2. Fixed duplicate record error on using generated onboarding barcode when importing employee enrollment data from Enrollment device.
  3. Restore Transfer to Non-Labor, and Signature records - Regression from 12.21
  4. Job-Card screen: rename 'Paid Pieces' to 'Paid Hours' when Non-labor or Data-Tracking job
  5. Use Report Localization file, if exists when generating a report
  6. When importing a returning employee from Enrollment App, and barcode is from a Temporary Enrollment Employee record, copy any existing input records from that employee
  7. Famous Employee Export - Change Address1 and dependents field to 'Not Required'
  8. Fixed the unhandled exception when trying to write audit log when new table is added into DB.
  9. Enrollment Device Export - Don't export employees without SSN
  10. Paycor 1: TempDept item - Part 4 (Department.ExportId) use complete value instead of substring starting at location 2.
  11. Import Piece Count file from Packer Machine - Format of the file: Cost Center,Employee ID,Employee Name,Phase ID,Pieces
  12. Fix exception during Transfer to job-Card when 'Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime' is not None, and Piece Underpayment method is set to Each JobCard
  13. Import Piece File Format 1: Do not process data Lines if Header line does not match.
Version 12.23 [10/18/2017]
  1. Fix Typo for Enrollment Documents folder
  2. Add employeeClass field to employee export to Famous.
  3. Add employeeClass screen
  4. Add employeeClass to employee screen
  5. Calculation for Idle-Time Average, and 'Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Doubletime' is tweaked to look at underpayment also
  6. Dispose ReportDocument after exception
Version 12.22 [10/13/2017]
  1. Do not export preferences OracleSyncLastExportTime, FieldJobNextBarcode, EquipmentTypeNextBarcode preferences to scan devices
  2. Fix app.config of ReadBioDevices projects (Error when loading Handpunch dll)
  3. Add Pocket Alias 'UseEmployeeHomeCrewAlias'
  4. Time Sheet Entry screen: Application column is always visible
  5. Fix Help Context numbers
  6. Add menu item to open Documents folder from 'Program Folders' menu
  7. When Employee is duplicated, do not copy - Export Identifier, SSN, Alternate-Code, and Documents folder
  8. Employee Screen - Allow double-click on documents folder to open the folder [SU User only]
  9. Paycor, and Ceridian Export formats use the default extension csv
  10. Export to Accounting - If a non-default file extension is used, it is shown as one of the items in file-type dropdown of save dialog
  11. Added Menu item 'Add Multiple Onboarding Badges' in File->Administration->Preferences->Employee to generate multiple employee badges during employee onboarding process. The name of employee is prefix with 'Employee'
  12. Create Document Type for I9, W4 form if not exist during database update.
  13. Create missing document type when importing employee documents.
  14. Changed Paycor1 export format. Changed part1 of the "Temp Dept" column to use the Crew Export Identifier. Changed part4 to take the third character and beyond of the department export id. Differential Shifts are not supported in this format.
  15. Fix - When setting Employee Unique Item back to 'Name' (Previously changed to Export ID), Export Identifier should be allowed to be Empty
  16. When generating employees (Temporary/Onboarding), export ID is always set to be the same as barcode
  17. Real-time - Write to log, if any crash occurs in the background thread
  18. Fix Exception when selecting Export value for Employee, if the Export Identifier is NULL
  19. Fix Backup before multi-delete, multi-edit when Employee Export contents are combination of multiple items
  20. Fix Restore before multi-delete for Input records (Ignore preference: Allow Import Deleted Input records)
  21. Fix Import Sync files - Always reject re-importing deleted records (Ignore preference: Allow Import Deleted Input records)
  22. Fix Employee Last working Date: If Hire-date is later than the LastWorkDateFromInputRecords, consider the employee has a rehire and use the Hire-date as the last-work date.
  23. Modified ADP 13's export format: Removed leading zeros from the second part of the Temp Cost Center and round all hours to 2 decimal.
  24. Add link to Enrollment Documents folder from Program Folders menu if Onboarding module exists
  25. Fix access to Log, Backup, and other folders based on database-name
Version 12.21 [10/05/2017]
  1. Fix Export to Personal devices. The files exported to Personal Devices should exactly match the files sent to PDA devices
  2. Fix Database updates (without having to open the program twice)
Version 12.20 [10/03/2017]
  1. Import Piece-outs with Alternate Label Traceability code
  2. Allow multiple piece-outs with the same Alternate Label Traceability code
  3. Allow Multi-edit of Time-outs to empty
Version 12.19 [10/03/2017]
  1. Fix importing Pieces with Rows
  2. Remove background image if Oracle Module exists
Version 12.18 [10/03/2017]
  1. [Oracle Sync Module] Fix Department when duplicating Job-Cards. Always set department based on Work-Crew
  2. Import Documents from Onboarding App
  3. Folders under EmpTrack (Import.Old, Log, Etc.) will be divided into folders with database names. This will temporarily cause disruption in clearing old files.
  4. Added preferences show job group in main menu, alternate code prefix and length.
  5. Fix: Exception when running reports without any selection
  6. Preference 'Piece-Rate for Row Jobs defined per Units' allows floating point number
  7. Write Log to both screen, and file when running real-time as windows app.
  8. Send clear attribute even when the default screen is set to 'Kiosk'
  9. Add comment when using 'Row Length Rate Per Units' preference when importing piece-outs
  10. Always divide by 'Row Length Rate Per Units' preference when importing piece-outs
Version 12.17 [09/26/2017]
  1. Job-Card Time Sheet report: Show Home Crew instead of Work-Crew
  2. Add ADP 13 Export format
  3. Add Georgia Tax deduction types in Tax Table for new databases
    • Single
    • Married Filing Joint - both working
    • Married Filing Joint - one working
    • Married Filing Separate
    • Head of Household
  4. When Verification Module exists, and importing a Time-In from pocket device with Verification Job (set in Preferences > Default), the record is converted into a Verification record.
  5. Orange > Database Information - Shows database version and size [SU User only]
  6. Do not try to create backup during Empty recycle-bin when preference is set to No-Backup
  7. Do not try to create backup during Empty Audit when preference is set to No-Backup
  8. Send Verification Job to pocket devices if selected in preferences along with other job preferences
  9. Do not try to create full backup when using File > Administration > Time-Cards > Delete Crew Time-cards without Time-Ins. File backup is created
  10. Do not try to create full backup when using Orange > Fix out of order Time-Cards. File backup is created
  11. Create a file-backup when importing data from bio-metric devices and running Fix out of order Time-Cards procedure
  12. Fix Crash [with Oracle Sync Module] when View Time-Cards for User without permission to view Confidential Employees
  13. Oracle Sync Module
    • Hide Home Crew in Employee
    • Hide Rate in Employee
    • Employee Rate is always considered null for calculations
    • Fix Minimum Wage access from Employee's Department based on Rate-grid
    • Fix access to Department (Always from Employee grid) during Job-Card calculations
  14. Crew-In screen: Add check-box 'Based on later Time-cards' (Available when 'Use Home Crew' is set to no)
  15. Fix: Ignore comments tags in XML import
  16. Fix: Importing Employee First, Middle, and Last names. - (Bug from 12.15) (Was overwriting with split of Employee Name instead of using values in import file)
  17. Oracle Sync Module: Do not use Piece-underpayment for Jobs of Payment-type Time and Piece and Piece-rate is 0 or empty
  18. Add logging with file-name when importing of an XML file fails
  19. Fix exception when splitting large files during upload to webservice
  20. DataTech Export - Add preference: Use Previous Job's Export ID when exporting Paid-Break
  21. Yes: When exporting Paid-Break Job-Cards, use the Export ID of the Job prior to Break. If no previous Job-Card exists, the Paid-Break Job's Export Identifier is used.
  22. Fix Backups and restore before multi-edit for Time-Cards, Job-Cards, and Verification records
  23. Oracle Sync Module: Tier Schedule Rate is always considered as Hourly-rate irrespective of Payment-type.
  24. Add name as selection in ItemInKeyBoard selection preference
  25. Add Paycor Export format
Version 12.16 [09/20/2017]
  1. Fix Stack overflow exception when importing 10's of thousands of setup records (Generate barcodes is a loop instead of a recursion)
  2. Fix error when showing reports generated in the program (Bug from 12.15)
  3. Increase the size of Crew Name column from 25 to 30 characters [Oracle Sync module]
  4. Group Time-cards by Department during transfer [Oracle Sync module]
  5. Do not add User Department and Crew filters by Employee during transfer and export for Oracle Sync module
  6. Fix program hang when importing setup records from Oracle [Oracle Sync module]
  7. Fix Imported record count when importing grid lines without form lines from csv file
Version 12.15 [09/18/2017]
  1. Oracle Module - Show log file after import from Oracle
  2. Time Sheet Entry, and Time Sheet Entry lines Import: When importing a Sync Export file, use the 'Employee Present' value from Time-sheet-entry section in the Time-Sheet-line section
  3. 'Use Auto Break' on Department and Preference - defaults changed to None (previously: Single)
  4. Employee Time-Sheet - Time Sheet Line grid: Add column 'Badge Scanned'
  5. Increase the size of Polygon columns in Ranch and Field screens from 500 to 1500
  6. Allow filter Empty for Yes/No columns that can be empty
  7. Report Filter by grids - Selection statement uses the grid table instead of the main-table's in-clause when grid table is present in the report
Version 12.14 [09/14/2017]
  1. Remove End-date from Employee rate history grid
  2. Change json to xml for Oracle view config file
  3. Oracle Module changes
    • Fix import of Employee Assignments
    • Fix Sick Leave verification
Version 12.13 [09/11/2017]
  1. Create Time-in from Piece-out (Fixed Time): Use the Time defined in the Scan Device record or preferences when creating the Time-In
  2. Fix: [Bug from 12.12] Job-Card grid, Time-Card grid: Employee Lookup filter does not work when Employee lookup contents are not single item
  3. Ceridian export: When the job is piece only and the piece rate equals to zero export only underpayment line
Version 12.12 [09/08/2017]
  1. ADP 9 Export - When Export Each Job Separately, considered even when only one package-size is used
  2. Search Panel items filters along with the screen filter
  3. Oracle Module: Fix invalid cast exception errors on Job-Card screen, Time-Card grid, Bonus creation, and Job-card grid screens
  4. Ceridian export: When the job is piece and time and the piece rate equals to zero, export only time line and no piece line
    • When there is underpayment, set earning code to the PieceUnderPayment from the preference
    • Changed Ceridian preference to say "Ceridian Piece UnderPayment Earning Code"
  5. Fix: [Bug from 12.10] Job-Card grid, Time-Card grid: When filter lookups are used for Employee or Crew - Employees and Crews are filtered until restart everywhere in the program
  6. DataTech Export - Piece Decimal Accuracy for Program preference is used for exporting pieces [Default 4]
  7. Fix Multi-edit Time-outs and Multi-edit Time-Cards [SU] from Time-card grid screen for users with Department filters and Crews with Departments [Bug from 12.04]
Version 12.11 [09/06/2017]
  1. DataTech Export - When Export Each Job Separately, considered even when only one package-size is used
Version 12.10 [09/06/2017]
  1. Consider Field in Crew-Piece-out records during transfer to job-cards
  2. Time Card screen [SU only] - Allow editing Crew-Piece-out records
  3. Command line parameter AllowEditGpsCoordinateOnRanchAndField to allow editing the GPS coordinate textbox
  4. Allow entering GPS coordinate on Field and Ranch screens as Degrees-Minutes-Seconds before capture to zoom to the area.
  5. Transfer to Job-cards, Export to Accounting, View Time-cards, View Job-cards - Home Crew filter only shows crews used as Employee's Home crews
  6. Crew In Screen - Crew combobox shows only Home Crews if 'Employee Home Crew' is checked.
  7. Ceredian Export - Change Job Export ID column "JobId":"JobId -> """JobId"":""JobId"
  8. Home Crew Filters - Consider User's allowed Departments in Employee records, and Crew record
  9. Fix database update issue from before 12.03
  10. Transfer to Job-Cards and View Time-Cards: Filter lookups show only Employees and Crews selected in the grid
  11. View Job-Cards, Export to Accounting: Filter lookups show only Employees and Crews selected in the grid
Version 12.09 [8/31/2017]
  1. Changed the column "Pay Period for Tax" -> "Pay Periods for Tax" for Ceridian export
Version 12.08 [8/30/2017]
  1. Modifications of the Ceridian Export. Added header to the export file. Moved some columns around. Added " to the Labor Metrics column.
Version 12.07 [8/23/2017]
  1. Correction of computation of Job card start in when employee has an earliest start time - Always Considering Earliest start time and Preparation Start Time
Version 12.06 [8/18/2017]
  1. Correction of export format Sage MicrOpay
Version 12.05 [8/18/2017]
  1. Add Accounting Export format Famous 120.03
    • Hours can be exported with decimal places. Will use the Time Decimal Accuracy preference
    • Rate can be exported with decimal places. Will use Piece Rate Decimal Accuracy, and Hourly Rate Decimal Accuracy preferences
  2. Pieces-as-Time Calculation-Description: Show time in decimal (Eg: 12.50 instead of 12:30)
  3. Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Double time Calculation-Description: Show time in decimal (Eg: 12.50 instead of 12:30)
  4. Job Card Grid: Non-Labor job-cards, show amount in Time-Amount column
  5. Transfer to Job-Card screen: Do not include Non-labor hours in total Piece-count
  6. Transfer to Job-Card screen: Filter Job-cards along with Time-Cards based on Employee and Crew drop-downs
  7. When exporting changed records only Deleted and Inactive records will be exported with delete command (attribute Purpose="Delete")
    • Windows mobile PET 10.49-breaking change, needs an update to interpret delete command
    • Android and IOS need tests to determine if breaking change
  8. Clear Business IT Email address with Clear-Customer-setting action
  9. Fix Tax Screen: Exception on New when default State is not defined in preferences
  10. Time-Card grid, Non-labor hours are shown in a separate column
  11. Scan Device: Last export Time (saved time) is the time when the export started not when the export finished.
  12. Without Oracle Module All Sick Leave is always approved
  13. Sage MicrOpay: Put Job Export ID in two locations: (1) 3rd column and second to last column
  14. Sage MicrOpay: Fixed exception when ordering Summary Date then employee
  15. Fix Export of preferences twice to Scan Devices in the Export file
  16. Oracle Sync: Use Sick Leave view to get available sick leave hours
  17. Modification of the payroll export format SagemicrOpay.
Version 12.04 [08/16/2017]
  1. SageMicrOPay Export
    • Put Job Export ID where Field Id used to be
    • For the Job Code, changed to Not Exported
  2. Add BarcodeScanned column to TimeSheetEntryLine table (nullable - Existing records will have null)
  3. Set Paid-pieces column to the sum of pieces from grid during database update
  4. Show paid pieces column in job-card for SU user
  5. Time and Determined by End Payment-type changes:
    • User can enter the Piece-rate
    • User can enter the Minimum Pieces per hour
    • If Piece-rate is defined in 'Time and Determined by End', the piece-rate from individual package-size jobs is not used.
    • If Minimum Pieces per hour is defined, the behaviour is similar to 'Time & Piece' payment type, NOT 'Time & All Pieces'. Only the pieces ABOVE the minimum required are paid.
    • When exporting to Famous, the rate is the piece-rate at which the pieces are paid, not the Package-size rate (when exporting each job separately)
  6. Fix: Importing Billing-Center Fields
    • Choose combination of Ranch and Field to find the Field record to be used in the grid.
    • Previously using only Field record and if there were multiple Fields with the same name a wrong field was chosen.
  7. Fix Filtering of Crews based on User's Departments during Transfer to Job-Cards and View Time-Cards
  8. Fix Filtering of Crews based on User's Crews during Transfer to Job-Cards and View Time-Cards
  9. Job-Card grid: Show Non-labor hours as Time in the View Job-card and Export to Accounting grids. The totals are separated by Labor and Non-labor payment-types
  10. Rename the preference 'Crew must be defined in Input screen' to 'Crew Required in Input screens'
  11. Rename the preference 'Field must be defined in Input screen' to 'Field Required in Input screens'
  12. Non-Labor Screen: Use the Crew Required in Input Screens, and Field Required in Input Screens preferences
  13. Signature Screen: Use the Crew Required in Input Screens preference
  14. Time-out screen: Fix use of Crew Required in Input Screens preference
  15. Oracle Sync Module: Job Rate History - Add Column - Consider Employee Rate (Default: Yes)
    • Yes - Consider preference 'Consider Employee Rate for Payment-types' preference
    • No - Employee rate is considered to be 0
  16. Remove preferences 'Camera for Scanning', and 'Built-In Scanner' and consolidate into 'Barcode Scanner type'
  17. Scan Device: Remove 'Camera for Scanning', and 'Built-In Scanner' and consolidate into 'Barcode Scanner type'
  18. Preferences 'Camera for Scanning', and 'Built-In Scanner' are still exported since existing Scan devices do not understand the new preference yet
  19. Preference 'Hourly Rate Base of Overtime and Double time' - When calculating the base rate Idle-time jobs are also included
  20. Fix Export of Lookup preferences (Minimum Wage, Break Job, Meal Job, etc.)
  21. Clear Piece rates in Jobs of Payment-type 'Time and Determined by End' because Piece-rate in these jobs takes precedence over rates in Package Sizes
Version 12.03 [08/10/2017]
  1. Add Onboarding Module
  2. Catch error when splitting large files during export with real-time service
  3. Fix Error creating famous summary file
  4. Fix in Export Pieces to Accounting when Piece-outs-with-Job and Piece-outs-without-Job of the same package size are included in a job-card with the preference 'Treat Jobs of Payment-type Piece as Determined by End' set to Yes
Version 12.02 [08/08/2017]
  1. Fix: Crew Piece-out screen allow decimal in Number of Pieces
  2. Fix: Department drop down in setup screens shows only allowed departments for the logged in user
  3. Fix: Task hang when accessing biometric devices
  4. Show more details in the log file when exporting templates to devices
  5. Log COM exceptions when accessing Fingertec devices
  6. Crew 'Individual Pieces Distributed to the Entire Crew': Copy job from the Piece Time-In before the piece-out
  7. Allow Cost Accounting Export - Job Burden Increment Id to be Nullable
  8. Allow 0 in Cost Accounting Export - Job Burden Increment Id to be Nullable
Version 12.01 [08/07/2017]
  1. Fix null reference exception when Importing templates from biometric devices and All-on-device codes are less than max number of pieces preferences
  2. Fix null reference exception when running reports in real-time
  3. Save mail downloaded files to Pending\Import folder instead of Temp\Download folder
Version 12.00 [08/05/2017]
  1. Use combined Summary Exports for Famous, SageMicroPay, Sage1, BlueSky AgData, Paylocity, QuickBooks, Carvin1, Carvin2, Oracle1, and DataTech-1,2,3,4,5,6 formats
  2. Remove old QuickBooks Summary export [Deprecated in version 11.31 Dated June 2016] [/UseOldSummaryExport is ignored]
  3. Convert preference 'Use Piece Underpayment for Time and Piece Jobs' from Yes/No to an Enum
  4. Export to scan devices - Do not export Crew's Preparation Job and Length
  5. Crew: Add 'Individual Pieces Distributed to the Entire Crew' - [Default: No] - When Yes, any piece-out imported for an employee with the work-crew is imported as Crew-piece-out
  6. New accounting format Ceridian 1
  7. Fix Database Name in Export file header when using Database commandline parameter
  8. Fix Export preferences to Scan Devices
Version 11.99 [07/31/2017]
  1. Close program when Aborting backup before Database update
  2. New Preference "Unpaid Work Preparation Time [Minutes]"
  3. Employee - Earliest Start Time
    • When defined, Employees starting X minutes earlier than 'Earliest Start Time' defined in Employee record will have their Time-In for the first Job-Card moved to 'Earliest Start Time'
    • Employees starting with-in and after X minutes of 'Earliest Start Time' have their Time-In moved by X minutes
    • Other Rounding preferences are not used for First Job-Card of the day when this preference is set and used
  4. New Export Format: Sage MicrOpay
  5. Create Export file for Enrollment devices
  6. Validations - Create a Time-Job from a 4 character validation code when imported
  7. Time Sheet Entry - When Transferring to Job-cards, if the validation code is only 4 characters long assume the validation code to be for a Job of payment-type Time
  8. Check for Field required when transferring Time sheets
  9. When importing and parsing Validations, Fields created will not have the prefix 00 for the export-identifiers
  10. Export List B, List C documents to Enrollment devices
  11. SSN is created as unique column in database for new databases
  12. Add Enrollment devices to be selected in Connectivity >> Export to Scan Devices
  13. Fix - Restore before multi-edit of Job-Cards
  14. DataTech 2,4: Ranch Export ID length is no longer checked
Version 11.98 [07/21/2017]
  1. New Minimum Wage methods 'Each Day Per Job Per Field', 'Each Week Per Job Per Field', 'Each Day per Field', 'Each Week per Field'
  2. Show preference 'Print PDF handled by External Program' - Default: Yes, SU user only
  3. Add preference 'Limit Time-Card Matching to Day Start' [Default: No]
  4. Fix program hangs during database backups
  5. Filter Crew Piece-outs with User's allowed Departments and Crews. For Crew Piece-outs, selected crews will work as Work-Crews instead of Home Crews
Version 11.97 [07/18/2017]
  1. Time-in Screen: Do not Allow selecting Non-Labor, Bonus, and Data-Tracking Jobs
  2. Time-out screen: Allow only Piece, Time and Pieces, Time and All Pieces, Pieces as Hours payment types in Package Size (Job)
  3. Time-In Screen: Fix filtering of allowed Jobs by Field-Crop and Job-Crop
  4. Create Tables in empty database using command line parameter /CreateTablesInDatabaseIfMissing
  5. New Databases: Do not allow Code column to contain duplicates on Not-Deleted items
  6. Increase Max Length on Employee Export id Maximum Length (was 25, now allowed to 60)
  7. Add preference 'Employee unique Item' (Name/Export id) [Default Name] [SU User only]
  8. Time Sheet Entry Screen: If the validation code entered is only for a Time-Job, and the Employee has a default field, use it when creating job-cards
  9. Fix Importing Job-Cards with Oracle Module
Version 11.96 [06/30/2017]
  1. Fix accumulation of Crew Piece-out records for 'Pieces as Time' payment type
  2. Filter Crew by Department [Oracle Sync Module]
  3. Fix Import before log-in for Standalone configuration
  4. Use Alias for Department in Ranch, and Field screens, and in error messages during Export to Accounting
  5. Employee Rank Multi Jobs - Send "Proportional Time" for each Job
  6. Fix Employee Rank Multi Jobs - Proper splitting when Job-Card job is Determined by End
  7. Fix Crew Grouping for Time-Outs when multiple time-outs exist for an employee in a day
Version 11.95 [06/23/2017]
  1. Include All Billing Centers and Customers when exporting Job-Cards to Orange Support
  2. Move preference 'Pocket Total Receipt Method' from 'Electronic Token' tab to Pocket tab
  3. Fix - Restore deleted records was not available for 'Headers and Footers', 'Users', and 'Scan Devices and Boards'
  4. Fix - 'Headers and Footers', 'Scan Devices and Boards', and Users were not available on the Reports menu
  5. Fix - Piece rate when adding pieces (Piece-out-with-job) to existing job-cards (Job-cards created with multiple package sizes, and the new piece-out is the same job as Job-card)
  6. Fix - Limit piece-out records to Employee day start.
  7. Allow importing file with Automation tests
Version 11.94 [06/16/2017]
  1. Add VerificationJob preference, and also add the Verification Job control on Preference->Default Screen
  2. Fix - Generation of Comment for Crew Piece-out with Job records
Version 11.93 [06/15/2017]
  1. When grouping Time-Cards to first time-card of Crew, select only one time-card per employee
  2. Verification Screen - Allow all payment-types
  3. Employee should ALWAYS make Minimum Wage
    • Employee's total is less than Minimum wage to be paid. Always add the difference
    • Employee's total is more than Minimum wage - Change only if difference is a cent or more
  4. Change in Oracle Views Json format
    • Removed not-required items in OracleViews Json file
    • PET Date Time format is in the code instead of config file
    • If Oracle Date Time format exists in the config file, it is assumed the updatetime column is a string column
  5. Transfer to Job-cards - when transferring Piece-outs with matching Job, filter by the Field of the Last Job-card before the Piece-out
  6. Fix Employee Rank Report - Allow Job-Cards with Payment types - Determined by End, Determined by Pool, Time and Determined by End
Version 11.92 [06/12/2017]
  1. Famous Export- Fix - Divide by zero error during exporting Job-Cards with Splitting Pieces and Exporting all hours in the same line
  2. Add Tier Schedule Grouping option: By Field and Job Daily
  3. Rename Tier Schedule Grouping options - By Job -> By Job Daily, By Tier Schedule -> By Tier Schedules
  4. Exit with Error Codes if errors during License check or DB login fail
  5. Default of Maximum Working Period preference is 14 hours
    • Employee does Piece work with Matching Jobs on Day 1
    • Employee does Determined by End Jobs on Day 2
    • Pieces on Day 2 are using the same Job done on Day 1, causing the pieces to match the Job on Day 1 and be assigned to Day 1
    • Reducing the Maximum working period in this case will not bring in previous day's job-cards to be matched with day2's Piece-outs
  6. Changes to preference 'Distribute Pieces throughout the Day' - Matches Field in Job-Card. Pieces will only be distributed to Job-cards of a single field
Version 11.91 [06/08/2017]
  1. 'Piece out Display after Save' options changed Totals -> Employee-Totals, Count -> Palette-Count
  2. Add Attribute ExportValue to explicity mention export values when display names or enums change.
  3. Fix - Pieces not assigned to some of the jobs using Crew-piece with Job
  4. Fix - Time and Determined by End job-cards were not being assigned Time-Rate
Version 11.90 [06/06/2017]
  1. Fix Oracle Sync issues
Version 11.89 [06/06/2017]
  1. Catch Exception if happens when getting installed printer list
  2. Add UI for Oracle Sync Preferences
  3. Remove separator characters from Phone number before trying to send SMS for Electronic token
  4. Remove Internet update option from Administration menu
  5. Separate Program Backup folder vs Database backup folders
  6. Command line argument /AllowSkipDatabaseBackupFromProgram to skip database backup from within program. When Set, PET will show an option 'No Backup' in Backup type preference
  7. Make destructive operations in Orange Menu to be SU user only
  8. Computech Export:
    • Remove the 4 character limit on Employee ID
    • Remove the 2 character limit on Crew Export Identifier
  9. Remove preference 'Item in Keyboard Selection [old]'
    • New preference used in Android version 11.23 and above [10/24/16]
    • New preference used in iOS version 15.18 and above [10/14/16]
    • This preference is no longer exported to scan devices
  10. Rename 'Item in Keyboard Selection [New]'
  11. Drop column 'Item in Keyboard Selection' from Scan device screen
  12. Date In Range Filter - Always add 59 seconds to the end time to include records with seconds
  13. oeError file will have the name of the database as a prefix.
  14. Inactive Billing Centers are not selected for Split Billing
  15. Split Billing during Export to Payroll - Fix the rounding of net-time
  16. Oracle Sync Export of Employees - Fix: Only include Employees with Home Crew defined in the Assignment Grid, not in the Employee record.
  17. Copy Equipment for Job-Cards created after Auto-return from Meals, and Breaks
  18. Change Caption 'Refresh Freq (sec)' to 'Refresh Freq (Min)' on Map report selection
  19. Add Audit on Multi-edit


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