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PET Onboarding Version 2.14 [01/11/2021]
  • Added more exception logging.
  • Updated the Copyright message to 2021
  • About screen: Preventing crash if PDF version has an error.
  • Correcting errors when taking and saving pictures.
  • Importing from the field of “Needs Translator or Preparer” of the Employee record from the Windows server.
PET Onboarding Version 2.13 [12/30/2020]
  • Prevent Invalid SSN exception.
  • Combine logging procedures
  • Replace Account screen with About screen
  • Send logs to Orange Support.
  • Allow delete of Employees from Menu only after login
  • Prevent errors in PDF forms from crashing the program.
  • Log additional information when a PDF configuration mapping fails to help troubleshoot
  • Import QualifyingChildrenUnderAge17, and OtherDependents from windows PET to be displayed/used.
PET Onboarding Version 2.12 [12/07/2020]
  • Add button for Windows Signature.
    • Import data when user clicks on the button
    • When only one employee exists show the signature screen
  • Allow connect to orange mail server when VPN is connected. (Windows UWP)
PET Onboarding Version 2.11 [10/07/2020]
  • When an exception occurs during export, log the crash and mark the failure so user can try export again.
  • Import any available setup data at user login (Show message only if fails).
  • Update all libraries
PET Onboarding Version 2.10 [06/02/2020]
  • Expiration date of List-C is set to Empty if SSN or Birth Certificate is selected.
  • Allow changing language of Government forms.
  • Correcting clicking of the Back button of Training pages.
  • Correcting the import of employees without Date of Birth. When missing use minimum date of date of birth.
  • When no training documents exist, mark employee as trained when moving to a new employee or finishing government forms. Do not update all employees as trained when one employee signs a form.
  • The Clear button is only enabled if the form was not a previously signed.
  • The Next button is only enabled when all the signatures are done.
  • Correction of hiding the audio controls.
  • Set title on PDF forms with count, employee name, and form-name.
  • UWP version: Do not start in full screen for in debug mode.
  • Android version:
    1. Always use the same path if debug or release mode for storing database files.
    2. Fix the packages of Unit Tests project to make the version compliable.
  • Cache setup data without having to access Database always.
  • Show Signatures done of total-signatures on signing page.
  • Show total employees selected and current employee position in the title on signing page.
  • Keep the Employee's forms signed status when viewing data.
  • Language Selection
    1. Do not show the drop-down if only one language is available.
    2. Reset the preferred language after finishing the current employee or current batch of employees.
  • Preventing crash when Employee is not eligible for rehire.
  • Assuming that employee is eligible for rehire if the item is not included in the export file.
  • Show missing data instead of password error when there are no users in the database.
  • Selecting an employee from Current Employee list:
    1. Show training forms when view if signed forms and not yet trained.
    2. Mark employee as trained if there are no valid training documents.
  • I9 Form:
    1. Correction of handling 'Needs preparer or translator' status when opening the employee again and when signing I9 form.
    2. Do not save signed employee data when reviewing on I9 page.
  • Correction of handling error of Stream disposed exception, when transitioning between pdf forms
  • Correction of determining the whether the Export Identifier is editable when using Reusable badges for employee already signed forms.
  • Setting Clear buttons to read-only when dropdown is read only.
  • Storing the Document title and find the signed document again with the title instead of file-name
  • W4 Page: Adding “Authorized to Work until” field.


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